Saturday night Brooke had the third annual girls Christmas party and success is an understatement. We all met at Brooke's parents house (because there were simply too many girls to have it at Brooke's lovely humble abode!)... We had our gift exchange where I received a LOVELY new pair of pajamas.

me, jess, tiffany, and liz rockin the couch.

So you may think we are all civilized and normal and stuff...but.... really, we're all jersey shore fanatics...
we thought it was a GREAT idea to sport THE POOF all night at the bar. We started at a small hole in the wall bar called New Directions and let went to St Matthews to Gerstles.
For some reason, they gave the microphone to Jessie, who was born to sing. {sarcasm}
Aren't we pretty??
Shannon... pooooof
all i can do is laugh. we're normal...
but what an amazing night.
so proud of my sissy.
and there's THE POOF.


i'm comin out

Okay, so I'm not really but I want to show y'all my hard work!
I was off work yesterday to heal my sore throat and instead of staying in bed like I should've, I was busy bustin' my butt in my closet. It got to a point where I couldn't even look in my closet without getting overwhelmed.. enough is enough.
So here is right when you walk in. DISASTER ZONE. I mean, this is miserable.

This is where I keep all my shirts and stuff and then shoes. And yes, that is a stuffed animal hangin from the top. My sisters made her for me when I went to college and I slept with her everyyyy night but now I'm "too old" for that...
I took everyyything out of my closet and re-did ALL of it. This is the ginormous pile on my couch. I had like four piles that looked like that...
(and yes, i'm very into myself which is why i have two separate paintings of myself in my room... sike!! ...my grandmother, Beverly Erschell, painted the one above my fireplace and the other one was my maid of honor gift from my sister, which is painted by a local artist, Carla, aka "Twiggy"...) I'll eventually put them in two different rooms when I buy my own house, I promise.
I apologize about the terrible lighting but it was on my phone so it's the best I have.
And yes - that is a stepping stool because I'm only 5'2'' and can't reach anything in the world.
Don't hate.
Yup, color coordinated. what. what.
The hilarious part about this is that I hardly EVER wear t-shirts anymore. So why I have over one million is beyond me. I guess you'll be seeing me on Hoarders sooner than later.
So there's my hard work.
If you need me to come fold your clothes, let me know, I'm a mere $1700 an hour. Totes worth it though...


vest stories

Relax...it's story time.
So in high school, I was dating this guy, where I won't go into detail other than he was wearing a Sean John t-shirt. We went to my dad's office and I introduced him to one of my dads co workers. This is the conversation:
coworker: Hello there. What's your name? Sean John?
hsbf (high school boyfriend): No, what's yours? Sweater vest?
Needless to say, he didn't stick around...
I love vests and anyone that can pull them off...
Carrie Underwood, I love you.
And I'm sure I've mentioned before, I love you Kristin Cavallari. I mean, the entire outfit is to die for. D.I.E. for. Total bananas.
Lit.er.al.ly I die.
I've tried and tried to make a do it yourself fur vest but apparently I'm a busy gal. I'm full every night until January 3rd, 2010! shoooweee!


lazy fun

I thought it was a lazy weekend until I thought about what I did.
Starting with Thursday, I had a work Christmas party and then met my mom and sister at Mojitos Tapas Restaurant which was amazing. Of course I didn't take any pictures of people, just the food and wine. Typical.
Friday night I went to my friends Curt and Cat's house for a little wine night!
FUN FACT: I was playing match maker THREE years ago when I set up Curt and Cat and now, they are happy in L.O.V.E. and even live together! I'm so proud of myself...

After some vino, I went to watch movies at my sisters house since I had to work Saturday morning (boooo) ....but I thought I would show y'all her neighbor's house...

BA BOOM!!! They work on these lights for three solid weekends in a row and there are constantly people driving by and stopping to check it out. It's a miracle that we can sleep at my sisters with the Griswold's livin next door! :)Now a little show and tell...My mom bought my step dad this golf cart to keep down at Jupiter Hills but its pretty awesome if I do say so myself! Thats my step pops rockin out his new ride! On Saturday I worked then shopped til I dropped. We went to Asahi for some sushi dinner and then out for a few drinks. Whoops, no pics for y'all! I'm workinnnn on itttt!

Sunday - woke up and went to Lynn's Paradise Cafe with Billy, Jenny, and Chas. Then we went to Billy's mom's theater and watched movies ALLLLL day. It was so perfect! We finished the weekend with watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. I would also like to note that Kourtney Kardashian had her little baby today - a little boy named Mason Dash Disick! WOO HOO! :)

Did y'all do anything amazinggg this weekend?!


dogs and crocs.

black lab
110 pounds
lap dog
Reggie is one of the two black labs that runs the household. He is obvi huge but seriously sits on peoples laps like he's a small dog. This is Reggie and me snugglin in a little chair. Reggie refuses to go outside when its raning, doesn't sleep on the floor because only a bed will do, if you walk 3 feet across the room it is known that reggie will then walk 3 feet. I wake up with Reggie sharing my pillow and he won't fetch a ball when ya throw it. He really expects you to go get the ball that you just threw.

To say that I expected hell to freeze over before I ever saw Reggie with a squirrel in his mouth would be an understatement.
After flirting with death in order to catch this beast, I felt it was only right to post it on this here blog because he definitely deserves his 15 minutes of fame..
No, this next part is totally unrelated and it does not end with them "there was an old woman" poem ....
There was an old woman who swallowed a cow,
I don't know how she swallowed a cow!
She swallowed the cow to catch the goat,
She swallowed the goat to catch the dog,
She swallowed the dog to catch the cat,
She swallowed the cat to catch the bird,
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her,
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly,
I don't know why she swallowed the fly,
Perhaps she'll die.
So no, the alligator did not eat Reggie. But, when we were at Colleton River, we saw this gator and he crawled into the pond and I captured it.
Check check check it outttt....
See the sneaky little bitch? Luckly he didn't attack us...
This is when we got out of the pond and didn't go swimming anymore. NOTTT why would we swim in a gross pond? yuck.
I love my Reg but I don't love that little gator that was creepin all over the place.



You may think the following pictures were taken by my personal photographer that followed me for the two weeks that I spent in the Greek Isles last summer however, you have been fooled. Those pictures are my own personal pictures. Except now that I think about it, my step dad took them. So I guess you could say it was my own personal photographer. Hmpf, please disregard this entire paragraph.
So... my sister, Jessie and her lovie, Taylor, got married on July 5, 2008. Instead of the traditional honeymoon where the two of them would spend too much time together and yada yada, my entire family joined them in the "familymoon"...I recommend it. We went to the Greek Isles: Crete, Croatia, Santorini, Venice, Turkey, and Corfu. I can't believe I ever came back to America because these places were better than any lemonade stand or UFC fight that America has to offer.

Does this picture look familiar?! AHHH, that is the one and only Kentucky Blonde herself in Santorini, owning the worrrrlllddd! ...and my little sistah (I know, she's technically taller and blah blah than me but I'm still older!!) Sammy.
Moi, Sam.a.lam.a.ding.dong, JerrBearr, apparently rockin the hand on the hip pose, we're so cultured.
The love birds in Santorini.
Mi familia. And you may think that is Sam's nip in the green dress but I promise, it's not. Deceiving, I know.
maybe i'll add posts about all the places on the vacay, but you'll just have to wait and see. that, my friends, is what we call a cliff hanger.
p.s. the cats play #12 uconn at madison square garden tonight at 9:30. go cats.



I never wanted this weekend to end, partly because it was the fastest weekend of my entire life! It was full and fun and the games that were on this weekend were the best!
Friday night, my grandparents were in town for another book signing for my grandmother. So we (my grandparents, mom, stepdad, alex, jessie, taylor, billy, and I) went to Mitchell's Fish Market for dinner.
After dinner, we (jessie, taylor, billy, and I) were trying to figure out what to do so we ended up going to Horseshoe Casino in Indiana, along with Logan and Chas. We played some CRAPS and some blackjack and won won won! All the guys won over $200!
Saturday morning, we woke up (early) and got ready for the Kentucky basketball game in Lexington. Billy, his mom, his step dad, uncle, and cousin went to the game. UK vs UNC. After a heart attack, Kentucky won!! GO CATS!

This here is the inside of a strangers jacket. As my brother in law stated- its like a mullet: Business on the outside, Party on the inside. So naturally, that's what taylor wants for Christmas! I'll admit - it was stylin'...

So we left Lexington and headed straight to Fox and Hound for the Alabama Florida game...SEC Championship...costume change in the car. It got wild!
Here's Shannon, yours truly, JULIEEE, and jessie. This game wasn't as exciting as the Kentucky game but it was still great.

I wasn't going to post this picture because let's face it, it's mean. But I couldn't help myself. I'm sorry if you are a Florida fan...Sorry Tebow. I hope you're not reading this...
After the game, we all (982734 of us) went to Bluegrass Brewing Company, BBC, where we celebrated and got a little crazy. You're lucky I didn't take pictures because trust me, it wasn't a pretty sight. Sunday was a boring/absolutely perfect day full of staying in bed and eating in bed and then eventually making our way to eat dinner at Billy's madre's house.
P.S. what are y'all asking for for Christmas because I could really use some suggestions! :)



These are my book club girls that I love so dearly!
I know I've mentioned them a million times but I've never included a picture so I thought you may think that I was lying about it.
See it. Believe it.
The first Thursday of each month, we meet at a different girls house and "discuss" the book we "read"... so last night we met at Tiffany's new house. Tiffany and her new husband just bought this new house and it is lovely! It makes me want one... a new house, not a new husband.... ummm, what?
...what was i saying?...
So in case you're interested in names, here they are from left to right in the picture:
Dana, Laura, Tiffany, Allison, Lauren, Julie, me, Jessie, Casie, Jennifer, Briana, Alyson, and Liz!
Unfortunately, blackout club book club was such a success last night, I now am stuck with a headache that feels like I have monkeys jumping around in my brain. My eyeballs hurt and even my hair hurts.
Que lastima.



Last night was my last class of the semester...OW!!!!
Totally dunzo until January 6th and it feels SO good!
I never imagined myself ever being in grad school.
But now that I am off school for a solid month, I am so happy and have no idea what to do with all my extra time. Hmm.. Christmas shopping, Chistmas planning, Christmas dinners, relax, catch up on my reading (*i have book club tonight...YES!!*), play with my doggies, dinner with my group, get my hair done, pamper myself with a mani and pedi, create my Christmas list, hang out with my little sister, go to West Palm for New Years, visit friends that will be home for the holidays, blog, go to basketball games, do some arts and crafts, wrap presents, laundry, decorate cookies, get an Angel Tree, fit in hang out sessions with all five sisters, take pictures... well now I'm officially stressed due to my list..but I will be grateful for this day..
And after saying my list and realizing that my life isn't as boring as I was hoping it would be with a break in school, I guess I need to remind myself of balance...

Life is also kinda like a hangover AND a bike... you have to keep moving, just like you have to keep drinking or else you'll just feel miserable and hungover. ...Isn't that right? Or am I confused?

....It's the holiday season. It's going to snow any minute here, which makes it official. 7 o'clock can't come soon enough, blackout club book club makes my week! :)


they're hungry

Dear Victoria's Secret,
I'd like to thank you for having your Fashion Show right after Thanksgiving. It makes me feel really good about myself that I can eat whatever I want and not have to eat slices of air in order to look like Miranda, Marisa, Heidi, and Anna. Who would want those perfect boobs, 6 pack abs, ripped legs, perfect hair, professional make up, and costumes that are out of this world?? UGH...not this girl!

Miranda Kerr...
Mary Nalinchuk...who else thinks these costumes are unreal! I love them.
Words cannot describe Marisa Miller.
California supermodel Kylie Bisutti is the lucky winner of the Victoria's Secret countrywide contest for the next runway angel.
Marisa Miller again. I love you.

Dear Anna Jagodzinska,
Don't worry, I ate a turkey for you.
It was good and I loved it.
You missed out.
HMMMPF, there ya have it. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Honest Question: Does this make you want to go eat a hamburger, you know, for them...or make you never want to eat again??
((...as for me, I gotta run, meeting my pops for lunch....))



Since I gained a healthy 100 pounds over the weekend,
I am in no mood to be photographed in any way.
Therefore, I basically have no pictures from the weekend.
My bad.

After workin all day, I went to my dads house for my
first Thanksgiving feast with four of my sisters,
cousins, my brother in law, my boyfrand, and
a million extended family members...

After spending some hours with them,
we were in dire need of alcohol so we went to the bar.
By the end of the night, my cousin looked at me and said "must. go. now."
so we left.

happy thanksgiving!
We woke up bright n early and went to our friends house for Thanksgiving breakfast
& then got re-ready and went to Churchill Downs for some afternoon racing.
I lost money. I was sad.
I got re-drunk. I was happy.
I can't believe I didn't take any pictures so I apologize, really, I do.
Major bummer.
After the track, I went home, showered, put on my faciest dress (dresses=eat more)
and got my game face on for some real eatin'...
Thanksgiving food was delightful.
I talked myself out of a nap which was a great decision since my mom bought this amazing new karaoke machine. Let me tell you, my family is full of talent....

Way past my bedtime, we decided to get a few last drinks at Selena's. UGH.

I worked. All day. FML.
Friday night, Billy and I went to see Kevin Hart at the IMPROV which was hilarious and a perfect way to spend the beginning of Friday night.

P.S. Billy's the best.
Then we met our friends at Molly Malone's for a few more drinks and finished the night with a burrito. As if we hadn't eaten enough...

This day brought quite the predicament - it was my brother in laws birthday but it was also their (as in my brother in law and sisters) 10 year reunion AND there was a Kentucky game!! After much debate, Jessie went to the reunion and Taylor went to the game.
We ran to Target to get some warm clothing for the game and Billy just haaad to do this...
Unfortunately, Kentucky lost.
But - here's a picture!!
After the tragic loss, Billy, Taylor, Chas, Frank, Tricia, Curry, and I came back to Louisville and went to Gerstle's where we met up with all the people that went to the class reunion.
But first we had to get a Crave Case from White Castle. YUM.
Here's Julie and me...just cuz I love her dearly. I promise to never let y'all down again by taking more pictures...but I guess it's better than all those golf pictures.. ;)
Billy & I had breakfast and then I met with my group for my *final* presentation tonight! I have this class and one more on Wednesday and then the semester is OVER! YESSS!!
Then we watched The Ugly Truth. It was okay.

I had a great weekend. Another great weekend to be exact. I am so blessed and this Thanksgiving is one that I am truly grateful for.
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