LAS VEGAS!  WOW!  As I reflect on the weekend Stacey and I spent in Vegas, I really don't even know where to begin.  That city is overwhelming, amazing, bright, full of cultural differences, and beautiful.  We had an absolute blast and I would love to go back every weekend for the rest of my life. 
We stayed in The Venetian and it was incredible.  This was our suite.  We had a full living room, stairs, two flat screens, and a great, huge bathroom too.  The beds are on the upper part on the right with beautiful canopies above them.  loooovely.  The rest of the hotel was just as gorgeous.  It was a great location, clean, and just perfecto!
Friday night, we were walking down the strip figuring out where we wanted to go, feeling very lost in the huge city.  As we were becoming frustrated, we looked over to the right and saw a group of guys flying down the stairs acting like drunk idiots.  Needless to say, we quickly befriended them.  
As we got to talking, we found out that we were actually neighbors in the hotel!  Not just on the same floor, but EXACTLY STRAIGHT across from each other!!  We ended up hanging out with them the whole weekend and had an absolute blast.  
Sunday was spent out by the pool.  And quite the pool it was.  Vegas certainly knows how to party.  Adrian Peterson (a running back who plays for the Vikings) was also out by the pool.  We felt so famous.  But really, it was the perfect day.  Not a cloud in the sky and we had some great company too!  I didn't get a picture, but I also saw my cousin Courtney out by the pool too!  WILD!
We never wanted to leave Vegas but since we had to, we thought it was appropriate to get a nice group picture (minus Matt) in front of the fountain.  I LIKE YA OUTFIT.



I'm officially counting down the hours until I leave.......LAS VEGAS!!!!   Stacey and I are leaving for Sin City on Friday and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!  
As for now, I'm busy packing and being totally OCD along the way.  I don't really mind packing but I just drive myself crazy with making sure I have every single detail covered.  The weather for the weekend in Vegas is around 95 degrees, sunny, and basically a dream come true.  But, I'm prepared for a blizzard, tornado, hurricane, perfect sunshine, lounging gear, snazzy nights out, and an elaborate ball.  I always overpack but still somehow find a way to have "nothing to wear" no matter where I go.  I found this on ... www.lobotome.com ... and I've decided that I definitely need it.  Instead, right now, I just have millions of little lists that I have to combine to make sure I have everything.  So, all you thousands of readers (ha!) ...do you have any suggestions of what I need to wear/do in Vegas?!  I've never been before so I could really use some helpful tips!!  :)


The Weekend

On Sunday, my dad, my sister Jessie, and I went on a Garden Tour which is where we went to 6 homes and went through the beautiful homes and also saw their beautiful gardens.  I'll admit, I'm not that into flowers and stuff but these were amazing.  

6 beautiful gardens  •  1 beautiful weekend 


Kilgore Garden Tour

 Flower jpeg

Saturday and Sunday, May 16 & 17

10 to 5 o’clock – rain or shine! 

This house was the most breathtaking because of the amazing pond.  It is placed below a gorgeous pool and there were about 239487 different parts to the pond.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but I was standing at the bottom looking up.  I wish everyone could've seen it!  

Then we went over to watch the end of a bike race that was going on around town.  I couldn't see because the sun was so bright.  But I'll share anyway...
Here is my lovely Dad.  Isn't he so cute?!  And please, disregard me.
And here is my puppy Reggie.  I can't figure out how to rotate it but he's the cutest thing (little) ever.
My dad is holding my sister Paige's new little puppy.  He is a miniature chihuahua named Teko.  He is roughly 1 pound 6 ounces.  Standing next to Reggie and Dexter, you can barely see the little guy!  

Alex, Cat and I went to 4th Street on Saturday night.  Curt, Cats bf came too but I didn't get a picture with him. :(  As you can tell, us girls were having our own photo shoot and couldn't share the camera.  
We entertained ourselves in the cab on the way there.  For your entertainment...

Heavy and David.  :)
Hope y'all enjoyed my weekend.  I'll start posting more interesting stuff from now on.  :)  HAVE A GREAT WEEK!



This is my sister, Jessie.  She is my bestest friend and sometimes confused for my twin.  We are actually 5 years apart but still can't tell sometimes!  Good for her, not so good for me.  :)  This picture here was from her bachelorette party that we had down in West Palm Beach.  

Heather and Mallory (the little munchkins) were two of the three flowergirls in Jessie and Taylor's wedding.  They are our aunt Heidi's kids and the coolest girls ever.  Jessie and I love em soooo much!
I was the maid of honor in Jessie's wedding...  Jessie, me, Alyson, Maggie, Brooke, Julie, and Lauren!  Jessie was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen!
This picture speaks for itself...isn't she beautiful!!!  I'm so lucky to have Jess around because I would be totally lost without her.  I call her everyday to make my lunch decisions for me, and we love taking the dogs on a walk by the river, and talk our secret language on the phone for wayyy too long but make total sense to us, we both keep each other sane (or something like that).  I am so blessed.


Meet Jayme

I'm a  graduate.
I'm a http://hoopedia.nba.com/index.php?title=Louisville_Cardinals fan.
I have two sets of family...
my moms side 
and my dads side

If I could only wear one pair shoes forever, they would be my cowboy boots. 
My favorite day of the year is  the first Saturday in May. DERBY.
I'm obsessed with my two black labs, 
I love  ...especially when I watch it with my sister Sam.
I couldn't survive without my friends ... like Stacey and Catherine.

I love to travel and have been to many a places around the world.  

Mothers Day

As always, we celebrated Mother's Day in Northern Kentucky with my grandma and aunt.  I love spending time with them since they don't live around us. 

This is my lovely brother in law, Taylor.  He's showin off his pearly whites.  Taylor teaches me a lot...

...Like this.  Taylor taught me how to tie a tie.  

This is my cousin Cameron.  He's much more like a brother and I definitely wish we lived closer.  

This here is "acorn head".  This was my mom's attempt to have a "different" Derby hat this year.  If ya ask me, she nailed the term "different"...but whatever, she's cute anyway! ...Sometimes we call her Donkey.  I'll explain that later.  :) 

And last but not least....my grandmother.  This is my mom's mom.  She is an artist and everything that entails.  She's creative, smart, crazy, and a total kid at heart.  She is always making everyone laugh and loves being the center of attention.  I love her.  

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