Taylorsville Lake

Taylorsville Lake is where we've kept our boat for over a decade. Taylor proposed to Jessie here. And countless memories have been made here! Since we started spending our summers here, the marina has really expanded as they've added boat slips and cabins. So this weekend we (read: Julie put in a lot of work and effort to get us all together) rented a few cabins and spent a few days relaxing here!

After the sushi and the Journey concert on Friday night, the gals drove out there to begin the celebration on Friday night. Here's JJJUULLLIIIEEE, me, and Jessie in the kitchen during an intense game of flip cup!

Captain Jayme

Our family reunion picture on the stairs.

A break from flip cup continued. Brianna, me, JULIE, Jess, Taylor, & Sean. Isn't my date smokin hot?! (julie!!!!!!)

Alyson & Ted <3 they're gettin hitched in May!

AND THAT SUMS UP THE LAKE! I only added a few pics as I am at work and I have limited time...HA!


michigan. again.

I'm still waiting for more pictures from other family members from Michigan but I'll share what I have!  

This is a picture off all the grandkids.  ...My brother in law Taylor, cousin Maggie, cousin Cameron, sister Jessie, cousin Riley, yours truly, sister Sam, and brother Alex.  
My mama, sis Jessie, Ricky, me, sis Sam.
Cousin Riley, cousin Maggie, bro Alex, sis Sam, and meeee.  We had such an awesome time and went to extraordinary places each night for dinner.  We're so lucky.
Maggie, Sam, me, Jessie.  
Me, Alex, Sam.  
Hopefully I'll have more pictures to share sometime soon.  But I hope you can get an idea of the week of relaxation we enjoyed!  

What vacations have you gone on this summer??


Big stuff is going on in my world these days.  I got my wisdom teeth out this morning, I start grad school next week, two of my little sisters head back to college next week, and my job is going through some changes.  

But, while I'm in bed and recovering from this morning, I've decided to add some pictures of my real life instead of design stuff.  

My sister Jessie's birthday was on August 3rd.  However, we just got around to celebrating last night, a solid 10 days later.  We have busy lives I guess you could say!  My mom and brother are great chefs so they made the dinner, which was fantastic.  I nominated myself to make the dessert (with the help of mi madre) but I knew Oreo Cheesecake would be a winner.  I am proud to say it was a huge success!  

The birthday girl gave it a thumbs up too!  It really was delicious and it was my first time to make a cheesecake so I was happy!
And here are some pictures of my pup Reggie.  He's the most spoiled doggy ever but I love him so very much and wouldn't have it any other way!
ohhhh Reggg!!
I hope you enjoy the catching up pictures....there are many more to come!



Every girl loves pink and I'm no exception. I'm not referring to the Victoria's Secret line, although that is very cute too. But I'm talking about designing, clothing in general, the feel of feminity that comes along with the color. Baby girls come wrapped in pink blankets, the singer Pink is a girl, soft pink nighties come with an angelic feeling, all things about Barbie are pink, and kisses are often a shade of pink.

Introducing....my favorite pinks...

(this is my sister and me in pinks...i just haddd to add it!)


(via loveyourchaos)


I love quotes. I could read quotes all day every day, which I pretty much do. I also love Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn...so as you can imagine, I especially love quotes from them! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

And how could you not adore this quote written here in this house? I want. Using quotes as a decorative piece is so beautiful and meaningful.
I'm not a fan of roller coasters but I still like this.

I love this. But my sister told me she doesn't like it because she says you should always color in the lines. I'm not an artist so I think its okay to color outside. Whatever...take it how ya want it. :)

I believe in all of this stuff too...

What's your favorite quote???


the blues.

These are the types of blues that I prefer.

Have you ever seen a prettier picture? shoooweeee.
I love shower curtains. Weird? I know.

My future bed room color.

I would love to be stranded there. Really, I would.

Not only is the blue great, but I love the tall ceilings and all the white and the curtains and the bed and the flowers and the lamps and the decor and the table and the floor and everything!!
PS I felt like I should tell you guys that I got into grad school and I start in a few weeks! yay!


al fresco.

One of my all time favorite past times...dining al fresco. Nothing is better than enjoying the weather with a nice glass of pinot noir, fresh salmon, and lovely company. I love Kentucky summers, even though they are very hot. I can count the number of times I eat dinner inside during the summer on one hand, including the days of rain... okay fine, not rainy days. Spring and fall create the perfect evening as well.

Introducing my back yard.....ahhh, I wish. how lovely!

And my vacation home.... not really, but a girl can dream!

Touch of yellow in the midst of green and brown? I'll take it! I am afraid I would never leave such a place!

ahh, yes...beauty.

In my opinion, saving the best for last! This here is my definition of "dining al fresco"...so beautiful and relaxing and unique.
What do you love about dining al fresco? What's your ideal meal?



For 26 years, my mom's side of the family has gone on a vacation each year and it's something I look forward to every year. This year, we stayed at The Homestead in Glen Arbor, Michigan. We had 4 cabins between the 14 of us and as expected, it was a fantastic time.

This here is a view from our cottage. It was so nice to wake up to something so beautiful. Although the weather was quite chilly, it was still very relaxing and gave me time to read a book that I definitely recommend -- Sarah's Key.

My view. On the beach. With a Summer Blonde and shades. awwhhh. Pure relaxation. I enjoyed spending the time with my family so much and I'm so lucky to be able a part of this tradition.

And that there is my brief excuse for the lack of bloggin. :)
More to come sometime soon.
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