UofL UK game

I know I'm a little behind, but it's better late than never! The University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky played football on September 19th and it was awesome. The two teams are the rivals of all rivals which makes the football and basketball games some of the best days of the year.

JUUUULLLIIIIEEE and me at the game. She's quite the photographer!

This is me, Robbie, Taylor, and Jessie. Jessie is my sister. Taylor is Jessie's huband. Rob is Taylor's brother. I think that makes us all related? Rob is getting married to Elizabeth on November 14th and we are all sooo excited!!

Another family photo op...Taylor, Billy, me, my papa, Jessie, Robbie. I think this is right before my dad shot gunned a beer. 1.4 seconds, it was unbelievable. really, it was.

Billy & me prom pose.
This is a view of our set up. It's quite an extraordinary tailgate if ya ask me. Multiple flat screens, full 12 course meals, music, speakers, ipods, beer, bourbon, flags, and fun!

Julie and Davy. awwwwwwww
See...Flatscreens, speakers, music, beer, shoes, the best of the best.

Most of the gals. Jessie, me, Julie, Jenny, Tricia. The four J's were all part of TEAM TIGHT ROLL !!!!!!! Sadly, but fortunately, there are no pictures of team tight roll. yikes!
Frank's a model.

Tricia, Julie, Jessie, Alyson, me. Inside of the game. goooo catssss.

and I'll leave you with this image. Sorry ladies, he's taken. This hot fella just happens to be my brother in law. OW!!



I like stripes.

Even when they're unexpected.

Like this.
Or the main focus of a room.

Or totally random...

I just like stripes.
But I don't like being sick...which I still am. Bummer.
{justbesplendid.tumblr.com, maluna.tumblr.com}



Well. I'm sick. I tried to not think about it in hopes it would just go away. But nope, it's here and full force.

I wish that I could be riiiiight there and sleeping all day long. But instead, I'm still at work. Miserable and in need of soup, sweats, and sleep.



yellow there.

Yellow there. Yellow makes me happy. I wore it basically every day this summer and now that today is the first official day of fall, I feel like I need to give a shout out to my ever so loved yellow.

I love adding yellow to plain outfits to give it a little splash. And now I love it in a room to give the room some added splash too! Plus I love this tall room.
Now I'm not so sure I could pull off having this door, but if I did have the door, it would definitely be this color. I love grey and yellow together. It's my thang.

This is a whollle lotta yellow. It's more a gold kind of, but I still like it.

I can't even tell you my favorite part about this room. I LOVE IT.

A splash of color? Try an entire rooooom of color! The blue and yellow go perfectly together. And who know that throwing the black and white rug in there would complete the entire look?! I guess taking chances really pays off sometimes! I can't wait to have this room in my house someday!

Which is your favorite?? And will you be wearing your yellow into the fall season?!



According to dictionary.com, trinket is a noun; a small ornament, piece of jewelry, etc., usually of little value or; anything of trivial value.

Something about these little trinkets make me happy. and i'm not even much of a trinket type of gal...

yea trinkets !
p.s. the pictures are from sweethomestyle.tumblr.com & justbesplendid.tumblr.com
yea trinkets !



I'm not sure if you've picked it up yet, but I like to travel. You could even possibly say it's my favorite thing ever. I love looking at beautiful scenery, learning about other cultures, tasting different foods, and smelling unknown scents. There's something magical about ending the day in a different place and reflecting on the days events. I just love every single thing about travelling.
Someday, I hope to take photography classes and learn how to take breathtaking pictures. Until then, I'll resort to the internet and share neat pictures with y'all that other talented people have taken. These are some types of images I think of when I hear the word "paradise"...
A real big beach with a lot of real little people....I can see it now... a pina colada, an InStyle magazine, and a straw hat. PLEASE!
I could sleep forever here. Could you even imagine being there in real life?! I feel like I have a pretty nice life.... until I look at this. Why am I not there?! The clouds make this place look even more like heaven. I love the stairs and the neverending blue. Drink of choice here: patron.

Beautiful. We went to Santorini last summer and it is amazing. It's easy to say pictures don't do this place justice. Being able to see (and smell) the donkeys and the views make this place unreal.

Need I say more?

I mean, really?! In order for someone to take this picture, it means that this place really exists! Corona? Pure perfection. Not a care in the world. I love Kentucky, I really do, but until we get a beach like this, I'll still dream about my travels!!
Drumrollll please!! ...the ultimate waterbed!! :)
The only thing that would make this place better would be to remove the ceiling, duh! How awesome!
Which one is your favorite?


Labor Day Weekend

As I mentioned before, Stacey and I spent the weekend in West Palm Beach. As always, it was beautiful and perfect.

We started the weekend in true vacation fashion...a drink at the airport before our flight and continuing on the plane!

We arrived around 11pm and went to go pick up our rental car. Somehow, we still don't know how, we got this:

A 2010 mustang convertible! The 'stang was so nice to have down there! It was a lot nicer to get lost in the car while gettin a tan at the same time!

Friday night, we decided to go out but didn't even get to the bars until like 2:20. We stayed for a few drinks and then went home to get some early sun!

Saturday morning, we woke up with some mimosas and headed to the beach. It was a great day and perfect for lots of drinkin! We relaxed, gossiped, drank, and laughed. Then two of my friends from down there (oops, I forgot to take pictures of them!) Scott and Justin came over and we hung out and caught up on old times. They left to go get ready for the night while we did the same.

Saturday night we hit the town. We went to Clematis Street which is right across the bridge from Palm Beach. It's a great little street full of bars. We went to a place called Bradley's and then Dr. Feelgoods. Both were a ton of fun and PERFECT for people watching! We thought it was time to leave when the bar closed...hmpf, I loved it! Sunday morning, Scott called bright and early to tell us to get ready for the boat! There is this little island called Peanut Island where people dock their boats and paaarty all day! 14 of us got on Justin's boat and nursed our hangovers with hot sun and cold brews! It was so awesome to party with 4,500 people! It was beautiful and fun!

Monday we spent all day on the beach and loving every second of it! Against our will, we said good bye to our ever so loved 'Stang and continued our drankin on the plane. Don't worry West Palm..we'll be back before ya know it!!

I get sad everytime I have to leave West Palm but I'm excited that I get to go back in December for a whole week! And I'm soo sorry that I forgot to take pictures of our place! :( dummy! I'll remember next time! What did y'all do for labor day weekend?!


west palm beach.

Today, Stacey and I will be heading to West Palm Beach to celebrate Labor Day Weekend. I am sooo excited for the beach and relaxing and partying!!
Here's a picture from the last time I was down there. ...It sometimes makes me wonder why I don't live down there allll the time! :)

And another one. I'll have some fun pictures when we return to put up here!
I hope you all enjoy your weekend! As for our family- we'll be all over the place - Los Angeles, Vegas, West Palm, Austin TX, Cincinnati, and Charleston! crazzzziness!
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