the hills.

So I have something very important to discuss today. ...I was watching The Hills last night and as most of y'all know, there's drama goin on between Kristin and Justin Bobby and Brody and Jayde. (which by the way - UGH - can Jayde get ANY worse?! srsly...)

Anyway-- when Justin Bobby arrived to Kristin's house after he said "Sorry Boo - Strike Two" or whatever the lam-o said, he did everything to make me hate him even more! Right when I thought he could be somewhat attractive, he proves me wrong!

There was a second that Brody and JB were talking on the porch and I honestly thought they were flirting. It totes def would've been a twist in an already boring and predictable interesting and powerful drama scenario.
Did anyone else feel like the two boys would've been better off together with no Kristin at all or is it just me!?
Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone watch this show or am I all alone?...



I am so proud of my grandmother. Her name is Beverly Erschell and she is an artist. She is extremely talented and such a hard worker. She always has a sketch pad and pencil and is constantly drawing anything and everything in sight. Recently, she has been featured in numerous magazines, web sites, art shows, and everything else in the art world.

As a matter of fact, she just recently had her very own book published with all of her art work. It is an absolutely beautiful book and I'd be happy to share more with y'all. So Friday night led my family and I up to Cincinnati for my grandmother's book signing. Isn't she the cutest little thing you've ever seen?!

My mom, Jessie, and I bored in the car on the way up.

Jessie and I at the book signing. The signing was at Closson's, a beautiful well known art gallery.

(you can check out some of my grandmothers work here)

At dinner afterwards. This is Cameron, my cousin. We are so much alike and he's basically my brother. I love this kid soo very much!

Saturday night I had a girls night with Jordan, Alex, Lizzie, Lee, Claire, and Carson. It was a blast and then we went to Jim Porter's. I can't even explain this place because it's the weirdest/coolest place EVER! The average age is around 109 and it's a HUGE building where every room has a different theme!

Moving on...Sunday - Chaz, Jenny, Billy, and I went to Huber's. We went to the pumpkin patch(which was a sad disappointment), ate country style cookin, and walked around and people watched. It's an awesome place. The drive up there was exxxxtraordinary! Absolutely beautiful!

I LOVE Kentucky fall. Someday, I hope to be the proud owner of an awesome camera, preferably a Canon Rebel. I must've said "I'd take a picture of that with my Canon Rebel" at least 239874 times!

Chaz, Jenny, me, Billy.
See what I mean? Pictures don't do it justice though.

This is just funny - we were at the intersection of Dow Knob and Rake. Say Dow Knob out loud. HILAR.
How's this picture sneak in there? Oh yeah, no post is complete without my precious puppies. :) Jessie and I with Reggie and Dexter. Reggie, the 110 pound lap dog is all across Jess, along with my legs.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY !!!! You are the greatest little sister I could ever ask for! Thank you for being amazing and my bestest friend! I LOVE YOU! Here's a million pictures for you to make sure you remember your big sis... :)

Our flower in Venice.
Going to dinner in Charleston.
I don't remember where this was but it was fun.
Jessie and Taylor's wedding. You were the best little program girl everr!
My partner-in-crime in New Hampshire.
you animal you.
My date on the familymoon. BEST DATE EEVVEERRRR!! I love my spammy!
In Venice, yet again. Spam, me, Jess, my mama.

My wittle sissy...
We're such a cute couple.

The fam. Taylor, Jess, yeaaa, mama, Ricky, Spammy, Alex.
The grandkids in Michigan.

Visiting Alex at Washington and Lee. Can you say The Sweetest Thing?? We totally fit in...NOTTT!

I LOVE YOU SPAMMY AND CAN'T WAIT UNTIL YOU COME HOME FROM SCHOOL SO WE CAN CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!


check it out.

Check out the blog Pink Julep for a great giveaway! :)



This weekend was perfect.
It started Thursday night and it was packed with eventful activities!

I'll start by saying I went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday night, which I will later dedicate an entire post to the pictures. It was so much fun.

On Thursday night, we (Billy and I) went to a little pre party for the bride and groom. I knew I had a long weekend ahead of me so didn't stay out tooo late.
Friday I woke up and did some shopping since I was off work.

Friday night, Rick, Taylor, Jessie, Billy, Rob, Elizabeth, and I went to Merrick Inn in Lexington before heading to Big Blue Madness. If you know anything about basketball, you know about Kentucky. John Calipari is the new coach and let me tell you...He is a legend around here. He's the greatest thing to happen to Kentucky since...welll...me! I kid. I kid.

Here are some pictures from Big Blue Madness. I forgot to take pictures of us, the people attending, the court is just as, if not more, important than us! John Wall aka The Greatest Basketball Player Ever is number 11 and apparently something special.

At times, it was so loud I couldn't hear myself think. And then, there were times you could hear a pin drop. Everyone is so excited about this year basketball's season!

I can't wait for the games to begin! We drove back to Louisville Friday night because I had got to work Saturay morning.

Saturday night was the wedding. Will and Eli got married in our little town church with the reception just right next door in the "downtown" area, even though it's tiny. The boys wore brown suits and the girls in navy dresses with fall-ish flowers. They were all gorgeous and everything looked perfect. I'll go into more detail later...

This is my brother in law, Taylor and me. We matched and we totally didn't even mean to!

Here's Billy and yours truly at the wedding.

We woke up Sunday morning.
Yes- I felt the need to make that a statement because it was iffy. We all had a sleep over at my mom's house and she made us an amazing breakfast. We laid around watching Marley and Me...my dog, Dexter, goes NUTS whenever he sees another animal on TV. He's crazy like that. The picture isn't very good but this is Dexter up on the TV barking at the dog. He's about 130 pounds so you can imagine how funny this is in real life. I have a video of it that's even better but I can't post it. Because I don't know how. I'm a little slow sometimes, sorry guys.
Once we realized the hangovers wouldn't kill us, my mom, Jessie, Billy, and I headed out to his farm with Dexter and Reggie (our dogs)...
and explored until my cowboy boots couldn't explore no mo.

The dogs loooved it. They ran wild, swam in the lake, ate some disgusting stuff, barked at air (because it's one of their favorite things to do), got muddy, and slept the entire way home.
Now, you may think I was tired from going to the party Thursday night, shopping on Friday, Big Blue Madness Friday night, working Saturday morning, the wedding Saturday night, payin the fiddler on Sunday morning-afternoon, and heading to the farm Sunday afternoon and evening. Well. I was tired. And all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed with my doggy.
But no.
I headed to school to meet with my group at 8:30 PM. That my friends, is called d.e.d.i.c.a.t.i.o.n. I think that's what its called. Or just crazy. I don't remember. So this is what I did during the meeting...

Because this is what I did on Saturday night...
the end.


Poseidon Undersea Resorts

I found this web site called Poseidon Underwater Resort. It's unreal.
"Accessible by elevator and nestled in the crystal clear cerulean waters of a 5,000-acre Fijian lagoon, Poseidon Undersea Resort is the world's first seafloor resort and the only place where you can spend the night 40 feet underwater in incomparable luxury."
Six restaurants, seven bars, water sports center, library/lounge, dive shop, retail boutique, conference room, wedding chapel, tennis courts, 9 hole golf course, theater. And that's just the beginning...
Could you imagine getting married at a place like this?!

For a mere $15,000 per person, you can spend 7 days 6 nights in this paradise.

How about we have a blogger's convention there?! You in?!

Fundraising. Starts. Now.



I would never describe myself as crafty. But I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of my sister and I for taking advantage of our banker holiday and beautiful fall weather and creating what I would call a craft.

We decided to make a fall wreath to decorate the house. We made two - one for her house, one for mine. After pretending to know the ins and outs of the craft store, we made it home with a bag full of goodies that we hoped would end up being something beautiful...

Our table was set and ready for action. We had the glitter, paint, decor, wood letters, wreaths that needed to be painted, and a brand new hot glue gun to play with.

We painted the wreaths green, just in case some moss snuck through. We painted the "B" and the "S" orange and finished them off with a touch of glitter, for the full effect.
In the grass, you'll see the newly green wreaths drying. The pink hat is Jessie, hard at work with painting the pine cones. The knocked over plant on the side of the brick? That would be the work of the two black labs that helped us.

Which brings me to Dexter. What a help he was.... I didn't get a picture of Reggie because he was busy barking at air and running for no reason. Or sleeping.

A work in progress. We glued on moss and used the fall decor to add some much needed color.
Our hot glue gun station. Impressive, eh?
For the first wreath, we stuck the orange decor in the wreath and then added the moss around that. It didn't work as well as we would've liked so we changed it up a little for the second time around. If you decide to make these, I would recommend adding the moss first and then putting the orange decor around that.

Vanna White, err, I mean Jessie modeling the green, freshly glittered, ribbon.
So excited and jumping for joy for a finished product, here's Jessie introducing the beginning of the two craftiest sisters in the world.....

Duh duh duh....


You can't really see it in this picture, but it's on the left side of the door. :) I promise, it's there.
Here's the "S" on our front door. Do you like the finished product?!
So there ya have it. My attempt at being crafty. I have to admit, I liked it.
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