Cameron is my cousin who I love and adore and miss like crazy.
He lives about an hour and a half away but I just don't see him enough.
We went to college together & had some
of the best years of our lives.
So happy birthday to my favorite boy in the world.
I'm so lucky to have you in my life.
And know that you'll always be there for me
like I'm always there for you.

You help me get through family vacations
and you're always interesting to watch
because you do weird, funny things
...like putting the logs in the fire.
You're my date to Derby when I need one
and my entertainment.
Even when you light fireworks in trash cans
in your neighbors room when he's sleeping,
or put trays of silverware and a basketball
in the dryer while your neighbors are sleeping
or even when you put in fake teeth
(which is scary since you take after your father)...
I love you anyways.

College days at Keeneland

And typical Cameron to bring two of the same feet flip flops in family vacation.
Especially because he still wore them instead of buying new ones.
He hardly even complained of the pain.
Always up for a good time...he's my boy.

See you this weekend!! :) :) :)


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