mr. splendour

i've mentioned before that my family took a familymoon when my sister and taylor got hitched last summer. 
while on the ship, which was called the splendour of the seas, we talked my brother into competing in the mr. splendour of the seas

my brother workin the crowds/judges.  a couple lap dances here and there...

we got a little nervous if he would win or not when we saw the stiff competition that he was against...

break me off a piece of that...

he resorted to a little more bootay shakin and push ups.  he whispered sweet nothings and did a belly flop or two to really win the hearts of the judges.
and if you're really good, you'll notice that my sister jessie is actually one of the judges. 

this guy, in the white speedo, the pantene pro v-esque wig hair, and the farmers tan almost took the crown.
it was a close call but i'm proud to say that
i am the sister of mr. splendour of the seas.

a nice little trip down memory lane.


weirdness on a tuesday

i would like to apologize for the lameness that is me lately. things just haven't been going my way for a little while so instead of boring y'all with my negativity and get.over.it stories, i'll show y'all some effed up picture that i've found.

i wouldn't even need that TV right there.  i'd just play pacman and lose my friends. all day.

it may not be a caddy, but the headlights work.

they scare me. yikes.

dream come true? i kid. i kid.

also, if y'all have any fml stories to make me feel better, please let me know. i'd love to know i'm not the only one with craziness all around!  :) :) :)

& another thing, LET'S GO CATS!  numba 1 team in the nation! what! what!
i heart john wall.


Roses & Thorns

I'm joining KLaw in a Roses & Thorns special this week...

  • Roses to FRIDAY. I can't believe its finally here.
  • Roses to not having to work tomorrow (for a thorn-y reason)
  • Roses to um, having a job?
  • Roses to having a wonderful family and amazing friends.
  • Roses to being blessed.

  • Thorns to my grandfather passing away last night.
  • Thorns to attending his funeral on Sunday and Monday.

  • Thorns to the phrase "when it rains, it pours" being ever so true.
  • Thorns to this crummy weather.

  • Thorns to this absolute week from hell.
  • Thorns to being impatient and taking things forgranted.

  • It's been a tough week.  Gramps had a stroke on Tuesday night.  In the beginning, it looked like he would have a partial recovery but kept going downhill.  He died last night with his family surrounding him and holding his hands.  Rest in peace.



this is how my mom and i walk reggie & dexter.

two different nights, two different outfits.

with rain boots, crazy hats with balls, and our fur coats.
what isn't normal about that??


a little bit of everything.

i have something to admit.
i saw avatar this weekend.
& i liked it.
this is something completely out of the ordinary for me because i usually don't like scifi or fantasy movies so it was a miracle i liked this one. 

if you haven't seen it because you just knowww you'll hate it, give it a try!

...also... i went out and bought the CARGO BLU RAY make up and let. me. tell. you. 
GO GET IT.  mayra was totes right when she said its fantastic.
so hot right now.
on saturday night (i think it was saturday night?) the boys wanted to play poker so the girls said we would join in too since the boys were beggginnnggg us.  (total sarcasm, they weren't happy) but we didn't care.
so we played the first game, which billy won (!) yipeee... and then we started the second game and GUESS WHO WON!? 
me! me! me! me!
ok..well, it came down to me & another guy and after what felt like foreverrr we decided to just split the money and call it a night.
i couldn't be happier with my extra 15 dollas!

my poor big sister has been suffering from migraines lately so i decided to surprise her with some treats last night.
four words:
you'll never be the same.  this stuff tasted like heaven on cloud 9 with a touch of angel dust.

& now i'd like to take a moment to brag about my gaming skills (yet again...since i ran the poker table too...)
i was at the doctor's office this morning for three freaking hours so i spent my time playing the BEST GAME EVER.  if you have an iphone, get doodlejump.  it's the best $1 i've ever spent.
if you beat my score, let me know so i can beat that.  buaahaahaha

i would like to also ask for y'all to keep my step dads father in your thoughts and prayers as he suffered a stroke last night.  he is currently in the hospital and getting tests and what not.  it's looking like he'll have a partial recovery, with the worst impact on his vision. 
thank you.

i hope you have a wonderful day, as it is dreary and rainy here with kentucky!


better than the golden globes.

The ever so lovely Aubrey at Made You Blush gave me this beautiful award!
If you haven't been reading her blog, you are certainly missing out!

I was given this award by Jen at A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys!
Thanks so much girl, i heart youu!

The rules of this award are as follows
1. To accept the award, you must post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted you the award, and a link to their blog.
2. Pass the award on to approximately 15 other blogs that you recently discovered, and think are great!
3. Contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

wooweee, 15 blogs!  here we goooo...
Kristen @ K.Law
Aubrey @ Made You Blush
Kelsey @ Seattle Smiths
Summer @ B is for Brown
Jennifer @ I'm Just a Girl
Kristin @ Bon Bon Rose
Mara @ M Loves M
Iva @ Iva Messy
Miss JMay @ The Swede Records



only in kentucky...

so i was in my room getting ready to meet billy for lunch when i heard my two huge black labs going CRAAAZZZYYY downstairs. it's nothing unusual that they freak out, but this time it was different...
so i immediately looked out my window and saw this...
nothing out of the ordinary...

then they kept barking and running ALLL over the downstairs, breaking multiple things while sprinting throughout the house...
look real real hard. see anything??
there were two horses trotting down my street, sans rider or anyone with them!
they were happy as can be
wild horses
beautiful, aren't they??
i couldn't get the best pictures because they were going so fast and i was SO excited that i couldn't stop myself, but i tried, i tried soo hard!
then i saw the police driving by to get them back to their homes.
i called the police station a little later to make sure the horses were safe and sound and i'm happy to announce that the horses are back at home and safe, sound, and warm.
one of the many reasons i love kentucky.


i love life

thankkk you thankkkk you thankkkkk you to miss short southern momma for the "chic" award! if you haven't been followin this hot tamale blog, you're missin out!
i tried to think of some new, creative rules to make up for this award but it was an epic fail...waaa waaa.
sooo i'm just going to shut up and pass it along to some of my favorite bloggettes!
secretly i wanted to give it to 29374 more of yall but my work is callllin...boo hoo.


that's what she said

i'm sure i've bitched told you before that i work full time and i'm also in grad school to get my mba so i can someday run the world, be a sahm, make some freakin moolah be happy with advanced eduation and intelligence.
it's january and i'm back in school yet again. after my first week of classes, i knew some quote encouragement would be necessary so this is how i'm feeling about this semester...

on the contrary, part of my new years resolution is to be more positive. update: this resolution went down the drain on january 2nd. i guess positivity just ain't my thang...
so here are two quotes for you optimistic lovelies.

i hope you had a wonderful weekend and i hope this work week treats you well!



meet dexter
he's 120 pounds of snuggles and he's happiest when he's outside.
please, notice the drool as he patiently waited for my brother in law, taylor, to throw the tennis ball.


roll. tide.

tonights the night.
it is the national championship game between alabama (no.1) and texas (no.2) and it's in california.
clearly, i'm cheerin for alabama.
my boyfriend, billy, is in california right now and is currently on his way to the game. he is an alabama graduate and obsessed with alabama is a complete understatement.
so, as i'm sitting at work with 10 degree weather outside, this is the message i get from billy:
and then he sends me this miserable picture:
as if i'm not depressed enough, i decide it would be a good idea to send him what i see out of my window at work:
a clear picture of death.
life is grand, isn't it?


i'm baaaack!

i took the week off. i was on vacation in west palm beach florida with my family and i couldn't bring myself to use a computer alllll week!

so let's recap.
here i am christmas mornin (by the way - merry christmas to y'all! i hope it was wonderful!)
santa brought me a new leather jacket that i haven't taken off yet!

& this is pierre. my cousins pig. yup, pierre sleeps with my cousin and is treated like a regular domestic animal.

saturday morning, we {my mama, my step pops, my sister jessie, my brother in law taylor, my brother alex, my sister sam, and myself} traded the 20 degree weather for some 75 degrees sunshine!
these are two really bad pictures of the condo but it'll have to do for now! sorry! it is right on the beach and heaven on earth, if i do say so myself!
...i would also like to mention that billy was supposed to come down to florida too but unfortunately his uncle lost his fight to cancer on sunday, which meant billy stayed in louisville...

this is the breakers hotel - i love it.
we went to worth avenue and looked around several times. i will never get used to all the money that the world has. bentley after bentley after bentley.
.life is tough sometimes.
the crew.
bad lighting, i'm sorry. the picture was actually taken on my cell phone but there are quality pictures on my sisters phone. sorry about me being lame.

jessie and jaymoneyyy. my sisters. & my UK blue.

i was on vacation. which meant that i had multiple, err, a martini each night, with the exception of the night after new years. can you blame mee? they were ohh so good.
i feel so blessed to be able to spend the holidays with my great familia in such a beautiful place!
and i would like to leave you with THIS:
11.34 carats
pure perfection.
i'm outtttt!
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