my lovely friends...
i apologize for teasing you with the mentioning of a giveaway and then a slight hiatus on my end!
...life has really been kickin my butt lately.

so i have decided that my dear readers need some lovin too!
one of my sisters gave me a journal just like this one for christmas and i have loved it so much that i am going to pay it forward!
it is a wonderful vera bradley journal, beautiful both inside and out!
and since i looove y'all so dearly, i've also added a keep calm and blog 8x10 poster!
since every blogger needs this, one lucky winner will have both!

and now the rules...
1. follow this here blog
2. leave a comment on this here post
3. blog about this here giveaway for a second entry
(winner will be chosen at random on tuesday february 23rd) 


first time for everything

i crushed my finger in my car door last night & it makes typing so difficult.
i honestly thought i was dying soon after it happened because of the pain. 
it was so bad that i had to open the door to get my finger out!
i cried like a newborn and poor billy had to console me by repeating "it won't fall off! it won't fall off!" 
poor guy.

guess what i received in the mail??
yup, as soon as i get this wonderful new job, they smack me in the face with effin jury duty.
my mom kept telling me its an honor to serve but i keep sayin the timing couldn't be worse.
can't i tell them i'm not emotionally stable enough to do this?!
i'm so exciteddd....i'm so exciteddd...i'm just so scared..

so this weekend was pretty chill.
my two huge pups were so happy sleepin butt to butt on billys white couch.
congrats to the SAINTS for their first superbowl win!  OW!
is this picture the most perfect one in the entire world?
love it.
ok, must stop typing before my head explodes. i'm too impatient to not type 938752 words a minute!

how was your weekend?!



as i'm getting the final touches on my giveaway, i thought i would keep y'all entertained with some of my favorite quotes.

because y'all are wonderful!


go getta, by young jeezy

since this here bloggyblogg is all about the good, the bad, and the ugly, i would like to share some news with all you wonderful peeps!

i am on my way up that corporate ladder (ha) and
i got.a.promotion.!

i just had to share with yall since you've been so sweet to me during my bad times i've had lately!
so....drumroll....stay posted for what i call a giveaway!

let's celebrate!


randomness bout yours truly

wanna know some weird things about yours truly?  well, today is your lucky day!

i once swallowed 3 bees that were in my coke can when i was 7 years old.  ouch.
they all three stung me. it was my first experience flirting with death.

no matter who you are or how well i know you, you cannot touch my neck.
my sister closed it in the sun roof when i was around 5 and ever since, it can't be touched.  however, i love scarves and wearing big necklaces. strange...

my stomach growls all the time.  it's embarrassing and loud.
and it doesn't help that i don't know how to burp or blow my nose.

i sneeze every.single.time. i walk outside.

i think know tupac is still alive.

images via google



i decided to name this tequila because that's what my saturday night was revolved around and it makes my head spin just thinking about it. 
but we'll start with my friday night.  this is my cousin.
he's crazy fun and i've talked about him here.
by the way, i housesat for my pops while he was away in florida.
cameron, billy, and i went to wal mart on friday night and got some board games.  then jessie and taylor came over and we played our little hearts out & hot tubbed it up.  and drank too much bourbon for a game night.  oops...
i took this picture saturday morning because i thought it was funny that we played a game called smart ass until 3am.  aren't we sooo wild???
and we also played scattegories.  y'all should be proud of me because i got DOUBLE points for using the name RYAN REYNOLDS.  other than that one though, i really didn't do so hot in the overall game.  my b.
saturday morning, i woke up and found this.  i'll admit -- i like kentucky snow.
you can go ahead and thank me now for not including any pictures of saturday night.  it really was not a night to be remembered.  tequila and i share a love hate relationship. 
how do you feel about tequila?!
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