Kentucky Caroling

I know, Kentucky lost.  I'm not okay and I'll never be the same.
I'll be the first to admit that we played a bad game on Saturday but overall, I really believe we should've won and we are still the best team. 

We decided to dress as our favorite Kentucky players using only napkins (clearly after a few too many drinks)...
So Jenny was John Wall....
Jessie was Boogie...
I think Julie was Boogie too?...
And I, well, I was out of players that I loved so I'm Ashley Judd!
And Chowski...he was just looking at the flying things in the air. 
So after the disaster of a game, the guys started playing ping pong and the gals started playing Catch Phrase.  Then we kept drinkin and drinkin to drown our sorrows...
Like most normal people, we decided it was a terrific idea to go
Lemme essplain:
Jenny, Julie, Jessie, Jayme
we went to three bars around St Matthews and spread Kentucky cheer to our fellow down fanatics...

& we even made a KENTUCKY cake.
{refuse to lose...err...}

I attempted to add more pictures of the beautiful day we had on Saturday but my work computer is acting ridiculous.  No way would I ever be blogging at work!

But these came through and I'll admit, there's not much that is better than spring time in Louisville...
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well with some nice weather, relaxing down time, stiff drinks, and hard laughs!

ps - natasha, sorry about your vols...kinda... :)  but seriously, it was a tough fight & tenn really did overcome a lot of great difficulties this season!  so, i'll admit, it was a sad day for tenn fans.


spring cleaning

Spring is here
::sigh of relief::
As I mentioned before, it's time for a little bit of spring cleanin for my life.
It's crazy how quickly life can change in just one day.
After some soul searchin' and everything involved, I am so excited for what life holds for me in the future. 
I love this peace quote because let's be honest, have you ever read something so true? 
And this, Bali.  I dream of someday doing some spring cleaning there as well.  I believe the word for this picture would be something along the lines of paradise.
And this quote, it is also so true.  Sometimes it's things like this that make me realize that life isn't always sunny, and that's okay.  Ya live ya learn, right?

Okay, enough sappiness, it's just how I'm feelin...

I had a wonderful weekend.  It was everything I needed and perfect.
Friday  night, I went to an amazing restaurant called BASA.
It's "modern Vietnamese" and wow, it was delish.
I also had the basa signature which was Finlandia vodka and Natural Aloe Vera.
Different?  Yes.  Amazing? Absolutely.

Saturday, I went shoppin.  Retail therapy works wonders.
Then Saturday night I went to my friends birthday party and watched the CATS game. (John Wall - marry me?)
Saturday night was just so fun.  I was with my college girlfriends who I haven't seen in way too long.  It felt like we hadn't missed a beat!  The guys, the gals, it was great company that I've certainly been missing.  And of course my other besties were there --
 my gato, I love you.  You're the greatest friend I could ask for!

So I hope you all had a great weekend too.
Are ya'll doin some spring cleaning for yourselves too?  If so, share!
I hope you all are having better weather at the moment than here in Kentucky, dreary today!  -- and it doesn't help that I have an hour long presentation and a 25 page paper due tonight!  YIKES!


it's mamas day

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear mama
happy birthday to you
Here we are on our Greek Isle cruise last summer, mama in front, leadin the pack.
I've mentioned before, this is how we walk the dogs at night.  Fur coats and fuzzy hats.
Here we are in Charleston, South Carolina.  What a lovely girls weekend.
Derby.  You and your acorn hat look fabulouss.
The first time you fell in love with your acorn hat.  Mother's Day. 
The whole crew.  On the cruise is the Greek Isles again. 

Mama, I hope you have a wonderful day because you certainly deserve it!  I love you so much.  People keep sayin how much I remind them of you and I'll admit, it's one of the best compliments I could ask for.


Tis the season

Well my loves, I'd hate for a holiday to go by without my well wishes to each of you!
I hope y'all have a lovely St Patty's day...whether it be full of green beer, four leaf clovers, or bourbon.  Or in my case, 11 hours of work, 3 hours of class, and then a few drinks to ensure I feel like crap tomorrow.  Which by the way, I'd like to point out that tomorrow is my dearest mother's birthday!
I'll admit, I really don't love St Patricks Day.  I usually just wear green to avoid getting pinched and I certainly wish I could spend my entire day in a bar, but the workin work just doesn't allow it.  But for those of you Irish folk out there, I wish you a wonderful day and please, drink some for me.
So happy day to ya'll & I promise to be back to my Kentucky Blonde bloggin self as soon as my life sorts itself out!  xxoo


Mojitos and Burritos

Last Saturday, I attended a Mojitos and Burritos wedding shower for my friends Alyson and Ted.  It was a great time with great friends.
the decor was divine, the drinks were strong, and the company was splendid.
what? you don't have arm wrestlin at your parties?  laaaame.  see liz's guns? she won.
the gals.  yours truly, jenny, briana, shannon, and tricia.
this is the girls side of the room.  some topics discussed: how gross boys are, giving birth, breast milk tests that show the amount of alcohol, and running.  complete normalcy i believe. 
the boys side of the room.  some topics discussed: sports. sports. sports.
tricia, me, jenny.
and this is the happy couple who will wed in may.  festive and all.  

i'm very lucky to have my lovely friends.  what did y'all do over the weekend?!


apparently i like to drink

Ashley from As a Matter of Opinion, tagged me in a little photo funness!  
Here are the rules: 

Open your first photo folder
Scroll to the 10th photo
Post the photo (no cheating) and the story behind it
Tag some peeps

I followed the rules and here is mine:
This ginormous martini glass was one of my best friends during my sophomore year of college.  I loved this thing. 
Can anyone guess what I'm drinking??  (hint: it's alcoholic...)

I tag:

Jennifer because she truly rocks.
Sarah Ann because she's from Charleston where my little sis goes to school.
Kelly because she's from the ole KY!

and anyone that wants to do this, please do!  let me know because i love random pictures! 

Remember me?!

I am so sorry about leaving y'all like I did.  I could go on and on and on about what I've been doing instead of blogging but I won't.  Let's just say my life in going through some "spring cleaning"... but enough of that...let's get to the WINNER!!!!!

I kept it real but placing the ever so lovely names in a Rue La La box (which if you haven't for some crazy reason joined this site yet, there's a link on my sidebar because it's invite only) .... I shook it up real hard and did a little boogie...
The winner is...
Congrats Catherine!  Please email me with your address so I can get you your goodies!!  

On another AWESOME giveaway note, 
go visit my girl amber with her AMAZING giveaway.  
i'm a little late with letting y'all know about this but seriously, it's a reallll good one!
it's awesomespice, as some may say. 
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