Mojitos and Burritos

Last Saturday, I attended a Mojitos and Burritos wedding shower for my friends Alyson and Ted.  It was a great time with great friends.
the decor was divine, the drinks were strong, and the company was splendid.
what? you don't have arm wrestlin at your parties?  laaaame.  see liz's guns? she won.
the gals.  yours truly, jenny, briana, shannon, and tricia.
this is the girls side of the room.  some topics discussed: how gross boys are, giving birth, breast milk tests that show the amount of alcohol, and running.  complete normalcy i believe. 
the boys side of the room.  some topics discussed: sports. sports. sports.
tricia, me, jenny.
and this is the happy couple who will wed in may.  festive and all.  

i'm very lucky to have my lovely friends.  what did y'all do over the weekend?!


Natasha said...

what an adorable theme for a wedding shower!!!! everyone loves mexican!!

Risley said...

looks like such a fun shower!!
I had a movie weekend!! not as much fun as the party you had :)

Annie said...

so many great photos!!
looks like ya'll had a fun time :)

happy monday sweets!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Cute pics. I'm so glad you're posting again! Sigh. I've missed you.

This weekend, I coughed up my lungs, watched Louisville beat Syracuse, slept, got drunk on Nyquil, and had my very own Oscars party -- in which I put my hair into an updo and sat on the couch and pretended my gingerale was champagne.

Jennifer said...

You are lucky to have all those friends! I laughed when I read what you ladies were discussing because it sounds exactly what my gal friends and I talk about when we get together. So yes complete normalcy! :)

bananas. said...

now THAT looks like a fun time!

i absolutely despise bridal showers but a coed one with mojitos, i can do! and you look CUTE lady!!!

ps. where have you been? i missed ya woman!

Jammer said...

Oh this in FANTASTIC!!! Even better than I could've imagined!!

A bridal shower that is all about the fun and not taking itself to seriously is exactly the style my best friend is looking for!

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