monday again?

How is it already monday again?!
i was so excited to have NO plans this weekend and to just relax, make decisions as they come n go, do what i want, and go with the flow. 
and that is just what i did.

of course the only two pictures i took all weekend were of liquor and beer, but somehow that totally fits.

friday. i got off work, and went straight for happy hour. 
and a happy hour it was.
after a few drinks while the sun was still up, we decided to skip outta the bar for a little while and head to vernon lanes and have some bowling fun.
i know i've bragged before about my bowling game, however, i believe that was a fluke. 
i now suck at bowling. sadspice.
after bowling, we went baaack to the bar until it was bed time.

saturday. it was gorgeous outside.
billy and i went and ate lunch outside by the river and enjoyed some fresh air.  we drove all around louisville with the windows down and music blarin.  there's nothing like springtime.
we came across a little putt putt place so putt putt we did.
i apologize for not taking a picture, but it was beautiful outside and billy sure is cute.

saturday night was so much fun.
we cooked out at my friend cat and curts house and played drinking games.
have you ever played the game baseball... kinda like beer pong only different?  well, it's real fun.  and if you wanna play, i'll let ya know the directions, even though after two games, i'm still not real sure how to play?
but we won!!  and i love to win. :)

ohhh yea, and look at this 12 pack!!  do y'all have 12 packs like this where you're from? because this is the first time i've seen one and i looove it!  it's so cute. 

and it keeps getting better.
we ate qdoba for breakfast brunch lunch and then cat, kelly, and i laid outside in the sun for hours and hours and painted our nails and had lovely girl talk.
i'm a lucky gal to have such wonderful friends.
so for this weekend, i'd have to sum it up by saying this:

i hope your weekend was fantastic and full of laughter and love and everything in between! 



Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Did you and Billson make out?

(I'm wait whilespice you ask him.)

Annie said...

like you we had no plans for the weekend and ended up staying really busy and having fun :)
i have never seen a 12 pack like that...it is fun lookin.
glad you got to enjoy girly time and get some sun!

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