the carrie concert

these nice guys were DREADING   so excited to go to the carrie underwood concert.  they could barely contain the excitement...
but in all honesty, by the time we left the concert, we were listening to more of her songs in the car on the way home.  carrie is GORGEOUS and an awesome performer.  the guys were pleasantly surprised, but jenny and i knew we'd love it!

i would definitley say that y'all need to go!  billy HATES country music (which yes, does offend me...)  :) but he will admit he loved the concert.  he even said she "rapped" one song, even though i don't think "last name" is really a rap version, whatevs.

just an artsy picture to throw into the mix... billy is multi-talented with the ability to drive AND photograph. 
but that was only on the way up there because we rode in a TERRIBLE storm the entire hour and a half way home.
go see carrie in concert!  :)


meredith said...

you look hot! and i'm obsessed with carrie underwood's hair. i'll take in in brunette form, please!

Marcie said...

You are so lucky! I just love Carrie!!

Great blog!


Jennifer said...

I'm SOOO jealous you got to see her in concert!!! If I could be anyone else in this world it would definitely be Carrie Underwood!!

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