downs after dark

churchill downs.
if you've ever been, you know how amazing it is.
if you've never been, go buy your tickets for derby RIGHT NOW. 
billys photography.  he's talented if i do say so myself! 
this is a typical night at churchill and it's so beautiful. 
if you look real hard, you can see that jenny and i are actually holding up one of the twin spires!  we're so buff...
i thought i should include a picture of jenny and me sober during the day light, since it's a rare occasion!
this is my cousin kelly and her boyfriend adam and myself.  they're crazy fun and i love them dearly.

and since this is my favorite picture (and its even now my facebook picture) i've decided its double blog post worthy!

I am starting a personal trainer tonight

and i really could use some suggestinos on healthy snacks that i could eat since i'm attempting a "life style" change... any ideas from you beautiful, fit, lovely, healthy blogger ladies?!


Amber Tidd Murphy said...

dude, good luck with that whole personal trainer thing... i personally just want to hire someone to work out FOR me.

Mrs. Dontje said...

i love eating edamame thawed out of the freezer. and i just found roasted edamame at world market, if you have that store! tons of protein and fiber!!

Valerie said...

You girls look adorable! That's awesome about the personal trainer! When I'm feeling healthy, I snack on fruit and veggies (sometimes with hummus), raw almonds, cottage cheese, and oatmeal. Good luck!


Iva said...

YAY!!! looks like fun!! :)

Jennifer said...

I love that 2nd picture, it looks like you all had so much fun!

As far as healthy tips, sorry I need to collect some for myself! :)

Nicole Marie said...

i want to go there!!
good luck with the trainer! i want one too! actually i NEED one!

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