jax beach & bday celebrationnn

i'm back from jacksonville and i gotta say, i'm blessed.
i had such an amazing weekend with my family who i wish i could see more.  
my birthday was lovely, the weather was fantastic, the drinks were bottomless, and the company was superb.  

me, jess, heather, and mallory.  
heather and mallory are adorable.  they wrote a song & created a dance for jessie and i... it went a little something like this...
they're always blonde and so much fun. they're as bright as the sun-n-n-n.  
*be still my heart*  :)

haley, don, sue, travis, dave, dan, karen,mark, jess, taylor, heather, mallory, me, holly, heidi.
we are faaaamily.

the cousins. travis, me, jess, haley, heather, mallory.
i haven't seen haley in like 10 years so it was such a special surprise when we found out she was in jax too!  we had soo much fun and i can't wait to see here again!
this is how cool they are.  mallory was throwin up the deuces on the beach. baha.
mi y mi padre.  my dad picked my dress out for me for my birthday from the store.  great taste, ehh?? eh??
ok, so get this. i walked into my hotel room on my actual birthday and was greeted with this bottle of champagne, this cake, the flowers below, and a gift card for a facial at the spa (!!!).  mister billy surprised me with this WONDERFUL birthday gifts!

there were like 12 of them and ohhh so gorge!  not to mention the dozen that he got me the day before i left for florida that are still blooming and GORGEOUS that i returned home to! 

what did YOU do for this memorial day weekend?!  

1 comment:

bananas. said...

awww lady you are blessed!!! and hey your dad doesn't have bad taste at all. you look adorable!

but whaaaat i want that champagne and flowers. you can keep the cake ;)

happy birthday hun!!!

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