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Another great weekend.
Life is pretty darn good right about now.
Here are just a few pictures to hold ya over until I can gather all of the other great pictures (and because I have a lot of work to get done)...
Friday night we went to Churchill Downs for some night racing.  They have AMAZING music and great drinks so it's really a win win... even though I lost at the actual betting part.  oopsies.  This is Jenny and me dancin along facing the track.
On Saturday morning, i went on the anchorage garden tour with my grandparents and aunt.  These are my grandparents and they are quite precious if i do say so myself!  

also, i must point this out... one of my besties sisters is a very talented artist and she was selling some of her work at a little boutique for the garden tour... well her web site is maggie jones designs and i really recommend you check it out. she makes these great collages that are so fascinating.  i just love em.. but seriously, go look! 

here's a random picture of a cool waterfall from the tour?
saturday night, the girls all hung out at my sister jessie's house until the guys got bored with "guy day" and came and brought us all food to grill out!  it was a great night of sitting on the porch, drinkin, gossiping, and enjoying everyone! 

Then this is the part where I'll include many more pictures...
jenny, chas, billy, and i headed to lexington for the
she is a great performer and even though billy and chas were dreading the concert, i think they left both obsessed with her.  she's gorgeous and the girl can sing! 

do you like carrie underwood or what did you do this weekend??!!
...better yet... what's your favorite concert you've EVER been to!?


Holly said...

Churchill looked like so much fun!
and Carrie is amazing in concert - my favorite of all time is still Kenny Chesney though!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I love the pic of you and your gal pal from the back. ;)

And your grandparents are sooo adorable!

You went to see Carrie?! That's awesome! I lurve her. I've never seen her live, though. I think my favorite ever concert was Bob Dylan back when Jillian's was open and had concerts outside. Bob was awesome for the sheer amount of hippie watching. Those crazy fools.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Carrie Underwood!!! Seriously she's my favorite!!!! Your pics are super cute too, especially that first one!

Mrs. Dontje said...

your grandparents are so super cute!

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