The weekend started out great with a 30th birthday party for Chas at Billy's house. 
Some of the gals at the fiesta.  It was gorgeous night but the weather here in Kentucky has been CRAZY hot!  Soon after this picture, I started feeling awful.  I apparently got a stomach bug or something which made the rest of my weekend pretty awful. I couldn't catch a breath and had a fever and everything?! It was the weirdest thing, especially since I rarely get sick! 
Billy and I had tickets for HULLABALOU for Saturday and Sunday but unfortunately we didn't get to go to nearly as much as we would've liked. The line up for the concert included Kenny Chesney, Bon Jovi, Taj Mahal, Zac Brown Band, Dave Matthews Band, Black Crows, and like 60 others.  It was such an awesome festival so I was extremely sad I didn't get to go to the whole thing.

Saturday evening, we went to Eva's 2nd birthday party.  I only got one picture but it was a nice little display of everything going on.  There were slides and water games in the back yard and an Elmo pinata on the garage.  Eva was so upset that "daddy knocked off Elmo's boot" ...she's the cutest little two year old and soon Chris and Emily will be adding another girl to their precious family... in about three weeks!

Also, I just haaad to show you what I got little Eva for her birthday!  Billy and Eva's dad, Chris, went to Alabama (and high school) together so Billy would only allow an Alabama themed present... isn't is precious?! I got it from this etsy shop.
I only took a few pictures from the festival so here they are...
I was sick so please, don't judge the awfulness that is me in this picture!  But I had to prove that we really did go!  Billy was so great and patient this weekend with sick little J.  Despite the illness, I think we both had a great time.  Thankfully, our section was pretty empty so we could just chill and relax and listen to some great music and enjoy it without having to get hammered or anything.  :)

how was your weekend?!


better late than never, right?

the pictures are here!  as i've mentioned here and here, we took a little 4th of july vacation to west palm beach and then over to naples.  it was jenny, chas, billy, and myself. and it was amazing.
the four of us on the pier in naples.  we ate fantastic food, drank a lot (as you'll see...) and enjoyed each other's company...
chas and jenny.  aren't they precious??
clay (in the middle) is billy's cousin who lives in florida so he came out with us one night.  he decided it was a great idea to wear a mustache so we called him clayton gustav and convinced everyone in the bar that he was a professional golfer and the hottest thing on the planet. 
billy and yours truly.
jenny, gustav, and i.  jenny and i made some great groupies.
how'd this picture get on here?!  oopsies!  we were having wayyy too much fun in this bar...
the last night, the four of us stayed in and played cards until 4 am.  well jenny and i thought it was a great idea to paint our faces like the KISS characters, so that we did!  star child and cat. 
on the far left, is annie and her bf bill.  annie is billy's cousin and they also live in florida, so this is the group shot of us in naples!  annie, bill, clayton gustav, jenny, chas, me, billy.
an amazing landscape shot of naples.  it was gorgeous.
and us relaxing on the beach.
counting down the minutes until we can go back again!
and i'll keep adding pictures as they come in of this wonderful vacation. 

brothers birthday dinner

well his birthday is comin up so we had a nice little birthday family dinner for him the other night at mi madres house.  let me warn you real quick - these pictures were taken on my iphone (which i'm stillll waiting for the 4g since it has a better camera) but i'm sorry about the quality of these, and also, my family does weird things (as you'll notice) so i hope you don't take it too seriously and don't judge us. ...so here we go... a typical birthday family dinner... 

alex (the birthday boy), yours truly, sam (in her foot cast), jessie, and taylor, and then my steppops rick peekin through the back! 
reggie.  the laziest dog in the entire world.  but he looked so comfy in the grass and flowers and he's so beautiful and model-esque that i couldn't resist the photo op.

speaking of photo op...
so my sisters and my mama and i went through my grandmother's jewelry and oh.my.gosh.  it was amazing!  i've never seen so much gold, gaudiness, diamonds, pins, peacocks, and ugly costume jewelry!  we had such a blast so i decided to share the pictures.
look at the loads of jewels in front of us and each of us were decked out! 
(also, apparently we got real real wild because the crooked painting in the background is driving me crazy! so, i'm sorry about that one.)
take a look at that!  and that was only one of like four huggge boxes! 
i'm been on this huge creative kick lately (with many projects coming soon!) but i couldn't sleep the other night so i decided to do something extremely random - which was paint this wooden J green and add one single rhinestone!  it seemed like a good idea at the time!

what kind of weird stuff does your family do?


Top 2 Tuesdays

This week's topic over at Taylor's blog is
Top 2 Things You Want to Purchase.
This was surprisingly easy for me since I often dream of owning these two things.
The first is this amazing Range Rover.  Hey, a girl can dream!  I would cruise around day in and day out and forever be the DD if I owned it.  (ok, fine, maybe not forever)... But I would loooove it if it were alllll mine.

And in true Top 2 Tuesdays fashion, I'll keep the Canon Rebel alive.  I think about this camera on a daily basis and I cannot wait for the time that I actually man up and just buy it already! 

Be still my heart....

Head over to Taylor's blog to check out the other top wanted items from fellow bloggas. 


Forecastle Festival

this weekend was forecastle festival.  we spent friday night, all day and night saturday, and all day and night sunday there at the concerts.  it was an amazing weekend, to say the least. 
billy got a boat slip right on the water between the two main stages.  it was perfect since we brought our own kegs and grilled out the whole time.  this is the picture of the boat from the ramp that we walked up and down and up and down all weekend long.

they had over 100 concerts there over the weekend including cake, devo, smashing pumpkins, widespread panic, the flaming lips, spoon, she & him.  it was awesome.  we partied from noon-4am each day and fought being tired with lots and lots of beer. 
in true hippie fashion, i wore jorts, a tie dye top with my bathing suit underneath, hot pink sunglasses, and a leather headband (even though the headband isn't pictured..) ... which by the way, i have more pictures but i'll share later.
billy had about 6 college friends come in town and this one is morris.  he is hilarious and a total blast.  we had so much fun this weekend and i can't wait until we get to visit him in atlanta! 
i thought the scenery of this stage was the coolest.  it was right on the river and the smallest stage of all of them.  it was real laid back and had awesome music.  the bridge in the back, pure louisville.
i forgot to mention that on sunday, we took the boat to party cove on the ohio river.  the world cup game was on so we turned the huge flatscreen tv to the window and just lounged in the water watching the game.  the other boats must've thought we were crazy because they couldn't see the tv and we kept screamin at what they thought was the side of the boat.  there were beer bongs, toddler life rests (again), grillin out, games, etc.
and here's a group shot.  don't even worry... we are practically famous now considering the paps took this picture.  :)

*i'm sorry about the lack of florida pictures but i promise to get them on here asap.  work with me kiddos...



i, too, am freaking out that the pictures STILL aren't available to post on this here blog!

i just wanted to let you know that i am working on it and whenever billy gets the pictures uploaded (because they are on his camera) that they will immediately be posted with the hilarious stories that go with them!

...now, at the count of three..
everyone leave comments and tell billy to get the pictures uploaded already!!!  :)



rainy paradise

it's taking me longer than normal to recover from this AMAZING weekend.  it may take me a few days to get all the photos together and blah blah but here's just a touch of entertainment...

so it rained ALLLL weekend.  i've never seen such rain in all parts of florida but that didn't stop us from having a blast!  it didn't rain on our parade... ha. ha. ha.

so in west palm, we were on the beach when the storm started to come in.  we decided to just ride it out and watch it.  and i'm so glad we did... check out this picture that was taken just on my iphone!  isn't that so wild?!  the storm was crazy and the weirded part, it didn't actually rain on us until we walked inside! 

then this is in naples... if you look closely, you can see all the rain hitting the pool. 

despite all the storms, the weekend was perfect.  we had an absolute blast and i really can't wait to do the entire trip all over again, hopefully very soon! 
don't worry, i'll be back soon with more pictures. 


time away

these two boys
and these two girls
are going here
to do this
and this
and celebrate this lovely fourth of july weekend!
be back tuesday  :)

and what are your plans for the 4th?


silence for cohen

What: Moment of Silence for Cohen

When: Thursday July 1st from midnight to 11:59 pm.
Why: July 1st Megan and Brent will be holding Cohen’s memorial service. The moment of silence is an opportunity for Megan’s blog community to stand behind her and support her on this difficult day. Linking up will give Megan a chance to see the support at a glance.

if you haven't been following the cohen story, you can start here

and thank you to the ladies that put all of this together from send love to cohen.
my heart is heavy today for megan and brent.  please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, as we've all been doing for a long, long time now. 
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