better late than never, right?

the pictures are here!  as i've mentioned here and here, we took a little 4th of july vacation to west palm beach and then over to naples.  it was jenny, chas, billy, and myself. and it was amazing.
the four of us on the pier in naples.  we ate fantastic food, drank a lot (as you'll see...) and enjoyed each other's company...
chas and jenny.  aren't they precious??
clay (in the middle) is billy's cousin who lives in florida so he came out with us one night.  he decided it was a great idea to wear a mustache so we called him clayton gustav and convinced everyone in the bar that he was a professional golfer and the hottest thing on the planet. 
billy and yours truly.
jenny, gustav, and i.  jenny and i made some great groupies.
how'd this picture get on here?!  oopsies!  we were having wayyy too much fun in this bar...
the last night, the four of us stayed in and played cards until 4 am.  well jenny and i thought it was a great idea to paint our faces like the KISS characters, so that we did!  star child and cat. 
on the far left, is annie and her bf bill.  annie is billy's cousin and they also live in florida, so this is the group shot of us in naples!  annie, bill, clayton gustav, jenny, chas, me, billy.
an amazing landscape shot of naples.  it was gorgeous.
and us relaxing on the beach.
counting down the minutes until we can go back again!
and i'll keep adding pictures as they come in of this wonderful vacation. 


Pink Julep Abroad said...

Looks like you had an amazing time!!!

Lindsay said...

OH looks like so much fun!

Jennifer said...

Looks like you had tons of fun girlie!

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