brothers birthday dinner

well his birthday is comin up so we had a nice little birthday family dinner for him the other night at mi madres house.  let me warn you real quick - these pictures were taken on my iphone (which i'm stillll waiting for the 4g since it has a better camera) but i'm sorry about the quality of these, and also, my family does weird things (as you'll notice) so i hope you don't take it too seriously and don't judge us. ...so here we go... a typical birthday family dinner... 

alex (the birthday boy), yours truly, sam (in her foot cast), jessie, and taylor, and then my steppops rick peekin through the back! 
reggie.  the laziest dog in the entire world.  but he looked so comfy in the grass and flowers and he's so beautiful and model-esque that i couldn't resist the photo op.

speaking of photo op...
so my sisters and my mama and i went through my grandmother's jewelry and oh.my.gosh.  it was amazing!  i've never seen so much gold, gaudiness, diamonds, pins, peacocks, and ugly costume jewelry!  we had such a blast so i decided to share the pictures.
look at the loads of jewels in front of us and each of us were decked out! 
(also, apparently we got real real wild because the crooked painting in the background is driving me crazy! so, i'm sorry about that one.)
take a look at that!  and that was only one of like four huggge boxes! 
i'm been on this huge creative kick lately (with many projects coming soon!) but i couldn't sleep the other night so i decided to do something extremely random - which was paint this wooden J green and add one single rhinestone!  it seemed like a good idea at the time!

what kind of weird stuff does your family do?


♥Aubrey said...

Looks like a wonderful family celebration!

OMG...look at ALL that bling.

Lindsay said...

OH I cant wait to see what creative things you've been up to :)

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