Forecastle Festival

this weekend was forecastle festival.  we spent friday night, all day and night saturday, and all day and night sunday there at the concerts.  it was an amazing weekend, to say the least. 
billy got a boat slip right on the water between the two main stages.  it was perfect since we brought our own kegs and grilled out the whole time.  this is the picture of the boat from the ramp that we walked up and down and up and down all weekend long.

they had over 100 concerts there over the weekend including cake, devo, smashing pumpkins, widespread panic, the flaming lips, spoon, she & him.  it was awesome.  we partied from noon-4am each day and fought being tired with lots and lots of beer. 
in true hippie fashion, i wore jorts, a tie dye top with my bathing suit underneath, hot pink sunglasses, and a leather headband (even though the headband isn't pictured..) ... which by the way, i have more pictures but i'll share later.
billy had about 6 college friends come in town and this one is morris.  he is hilarious and a total blast.  we had so much fun this weekend and i can't wait until we get to visit him in atlanta! 
i thought the scenery of this stage was the coolest.  it was right on the river and the smallest stage of all of them.  it was real laid back and had awesome music.  the bridge in the back, pure louisville.
i forgot to mention that on sunday, we took the boat to party cove on the ohio river.  the world cup game was on so we turned the huge flatscreen tv to the window and just lounged in the water watching the game.  the other boats must've thought we were crazy because they couldn't see the tv and we kept screamin at what they thought was the side of the boat.  there were beer bongs, toddler life rests (again), grillin out, games, etc.
and here's a group shot.  don't even worry... we are practically famous now considering the paps took this picture.  :)

*i'm sorry about the lack of florida pictures but i promise to get them on here asap.  work with me kiddos...


Jenny B said...

sweet baby Jesus, that last picture is the best thing I've ever seen!

Lindsay said...

Looks like an amazing time :)

Natasha said...

OMG it looks like you had SOOO MUCH FUN!!!! love it

TeachingInHeels said...

Looks like such a fun time!!

McKenzie said...

looks like fun!! cute blog!

Jennifer said...

You are having WAYYY to much fun this summer!!! ;)

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