thursday was jenny's birthday (happy birthday jenny!!!)  and today is lindseys birthday (happy birthday lindsey!!!) so we spent the weekend celebrating them!  to say it was a wild weekend is a complete understatement and i feel weird at work today because i'm sober. 
friday night, we started at happy hour at 7 o'clock... the boys left the bar to go bowling while the girls stayed and kept drinking and drinking and dancing.
this man here was pure entertainment and no, we didn't know him.  he had a fanny pack, yes that's right, a fanny pack.  he would wrap the fanny pack around us like a lasso as a way to make us dance with him.  from there, we created "fannypacked" as in a verb usage. 
use it in a sentence: shannon got fannypacked.  see? it works quite well.
the lovely ladies. sarah, lindsey, courtney, jenny, jaymoney, shannon, heather. dancin the night away.
you can go ahead and thank me for not including more pictures from the weekend because honestly, they're scary.  we carried onto other places throughout the night before finally going home around 4ish, or something? 
but we couldn't end the night without a nice stop to white castle.  shoutout to my favorite drink: big red. ow ow!  and some chicken ring sandwiches, well well.. dontmindifido!

saturday, we went the day out on the river.  i never would have dreamed that i could drink on saturday but i continue to amaze myself.  billys cousin got this new puppy on saturday and immediately brought him onto the boat.  he is a lab/boxer mix and his name is neil.  must have!  he's so precious and i just got that face!  i could just eat him uppp!
saturday night we had a cook out at chas and jennys and then spent all day sunday on the river in party cove.  i'm really really going to miss this summer when the cold weather comes around.  the boat has been amazing and i could spend everyday on the water, especially with little puppies! 

what'd you do this weekend?! any birthday celebrations?!



i hope you have a lovely weekend  :)


opinions please!

i'm so indecisive that sometimes i can't decide if i'm indecisive.  so this is where you lovelies come in!
as you are probably aware by now, i am in grad school and i have a full time job too.  well, i have been thinking about getting the ipad so i can do more school stuff at work.  i don't have access to my school email and yada yada so i think the ipad would be a good investment for me.  especially since i love all apple things anyways.  i have the new iphone, which is great, but sometimes just not big enough to use for the internet necessities... so, do you have the ipad?? do you love it? please do share!
ORRR.... should i make my investment in the ever so beautiful Canon EOS Rebel T1i?!  I can't tell you how many times a day I say "I would sooo take a picture of that if I had a Canon Rebel!!" ... but the thing is - i have a nice camera, but i just don't use it enough but i'm convinced that if i had a canon rebel, i'd use it!  i take pictures of everything but i'm just not a great photographer.  so, do you have a canon rebel??  do you love it? please do share!

so please, dear friends and lovely bloggers, what do i do?!


my best friends almost married!

drumroll pleeease!
meet cat.
ain't she lovely?  we've been best friends since we were 8 months old, but we go way way back... our dads went to college together and our older sisters were great friends growing up too.  cat and i have been through everything together and we know too much about each other to not be best friends.  :) 
meet curt
curt and i became great friends in college when he lived with my cousin and then-boyfriend.  when cat first tranferred to kentucky (go cats), i immediately knew they had to meet.  i just had a feeling that they would fall in love and live happily ever after. i'm glad to say that my plan worked a lot better than some of my own life plans  :)  just kiddin, but really, i adore them together. 
here's the happy couple!
cat and her family have spent the summers on a farm in new hampshire since i can remember.  curt has since joined in on the tradition and took advantage of the perfection that is new hampshire and purposed on the top of bald face mountain. 

i really couldn't be happier for them and i know they are the perfect match.  i am a lucky gal to have two such great friends in my life.  i love you both and can't wait to let the planning begin! 


a new baby, tim mcgraw, birthday

seriously, monday again?!  this weekend FLEW by but it was a great one at that. 
Friday night was low key since I worked on Saturday morning.  But after work, Billy and I went to go visit his goddaughter, little Stella Jane who was born on Tuesday.
She's precious.  Stella's older sister is little Eva, who you may remember I bought her the precious little Alabama dress acouple weeks ago for her 2nd birthday.  Anyway, they are the cutest little family you've ever seen.
Me with the little bebe.
be still my heart...
saturday night we went to the kentucky state fair to see tim mcgraw. lemmetellyouuu!  sheesh, he is one attractive sir.  when he sang "she's my kinda rain"... oh my!  i just knew he was singin it to me.  swooon!
after the concert, we went back to billy's and this here above is a shotski.  it's just a ski with four shot glasses nailed to it and so four people can take one shot at a time.  pretty cool, eh?  thought i'd share :)
i've been dying to have a pair of tom's for quite awhile now and i finally broke down and bought it today!  i got the ash canvas women's classics, found here. i can't wait until i get them and i'll be sure to report.  do you have tom's? do you love them?
and last but CERTAINLY not least...
happy birthday daddy!!
thank you for being so great and always there for me.  i'm so blessed to have a father that is a best friend and leader for me in my stressful life.  you're a rock and certainly who i turn to for almost every life question i have.  you're a wise man and i'm sure having a wife and five daughters made you into the caring man you are today.  :)
i love you pops.


ben & meredith wedding

this weekend was spent celebrating the marriage between our friends ben and meredith. 
the rehearsal was at ben's family farm, where they also have a summer camp called Camp HiHo.  the farm was set up perfectly, and there were some hilaroius toasts to the lovely couple. 
meredith & ben.
just so y'all think i'm super cool, i'm going to throw it out there that ben's little sister is jennifer lawrence.  you can check her out here. she's super famous, therefore i'm super famous. right?
me, my sis jessie, the bride meredith, and juuulie at the rehearsal.  i was nervous that the night would be hot and muggy but it ended up being perfect. 
now onto the wedding day.  we spent the day at the pool just relaxing and soaking up our free time.  here's billy and i waiting for logan to pick us up.  the know the lighting is awkward, but you get the idea? 
me, jess, another jess who was the maid of honor and mereidth's little sister and one of my best friends from high school as well, and then juuulie! 
rain on the wedding day is good luck, right?  well, then ben and meredith have nooothin to worry about!  the wedding was an outside reception and it.was.wet.  i wore my ever so high heels, which just wouldn't work with the grass and puddles so billy's wonderful roommate albert brought me my rain boots!  they were perfect and i had a great time stomping in every puddle i saw, especially after too many vodkas. 
happy jayme in her rain boots.
juuulie and i.  ain't she a beaut?
the fellas.  frank, pat, trey, and billy.  it was fun...
see?  oops. i danced. the night away. this picture cracks me up because pat and i were dancin machines.  the band was great (obviously) and the dance floor wasn't too wet for my rain boots to dance.  it was hot and muggy but way too much fun to stop.  i was sweaty and dirty and couldn't have been happier.
and since i did that saturday night, this is what i did sunday allll day.  this is at billy's mom's house with her amazing pool.  i took this photo with my phone while sitting on top of the waterfall.  to the right, the infinity pool goes into another smaller pool at the bottom so there are 3 tiers.  it's a pretty nice paradise to spend our hungover days. 
see? that's where i was sitting (up top) for the previous picture. 

so that's my weekend.  it was another great/perfect/successful/wonderful weekend.  i can't believe it's already monday and i have to start school next monday!  boohooo!  but until then, i'm going to be in denial and not admit that i'm actually going to have to have things to do!  yuck. 

what did you do this weekend?!

pics from the ever so lovely juuuulie and moi.


jersey boys

jersey boys.
= dance party 2010.
yup, we sat in the last row and honestly, it was amazing.  we danced and sang and drank during the show.  we had so much fun.  the jersey boys are in louisville just until the 15th and if ya can't make it then you should look to see if they're coming to your area because you should totally check them out! 
you can see us really but it's jenny and me walking to our seats, just to prove it! 

jenni, jaymi, billi, and chasi
will soon be touring with frankie valli, because every italian name ends with a vowel, like pizza... 
right after the show, we went home and immediately turned on JERSEY SHORE because we just couldn't get enough jersey!  <3
see, proof that we sat ALL THE WAY UP THERE!  even in the back seats, i wouldn't have changed a thing.  there were some older women that sat in front of us and they were so entertaining!  they were having the time of their lives and singing and dancing just as much as we were, except they knew the words a lot better...well to most of the songs!

what's your favorite play?


talk time

there are acouple things i thought i'd discuss in today's post.
first is bikram yoga.  last night i went to my first session of bikram, aka hot, yoga.  this is yoga is a room that is 110 degrees and 40% humidity.  there are 26 poses and 2 breathing techniques.  i haven't really been a yoga fanatic before but i figured now was a great time to start! 
after 90 minutes, i can honestly say it kicked my butt!  it was SO hot but it was really great.  it was relaxing but tough.  i've NEVER been flexible so i was very hesitant about how the class would go but i really surprised myself.  i'm definitely still a beginner but proud of myself (and tosh, billy's cousin, and jenny!) for just finishing the class.  dripping sweat and being extremely faint didn't hold us back from a single pose!  so yay for hot yoga! 9 more sessions to go! :)

second, i can't wait!  tonight, billy, jenny, chas, jessie, taylor, my dad, karen, paige, and i are going to see jersey boys!  yipee!  it's been forrrever since i went to a play (think hairspray) so i'm so excited! i'll let ya know how it goes tomorrow!

but with all the good, there's gotta be a bad, right?! 
...i go back to school next week!  where did the summer go?!  if ya don't already know, i'm getting my MBA and let me tell ya... it's a daaang lotta work.  i've really been enjoying my summer.  bummer! 

the weather here in kentucky has been sweltering!  with a heat index of 110, it makes going outside a chore!  even to walk to the car, it's torture.  well this weekend, we have an outdoor wedding on saturday night and we're attending the rehearsal dinner as well... which is at a farm and also outside!  i couldn't be happier to be a part of this great wedding between two friends, but i'm hoping the weather with decrease by about 20 degrees!  what? a girl can dream!

anyways, that's what i've been thinking about! 

what's on YOUR mind?! 


it's just so easy

my little sister is going back to college (college of charleston) this weekend so we had a family going away party last night. i decided to make her something so she would remember her old, lonely sis once she got to college since she'd be doing so much drinking partying boozin  studying.
i bought a 12 x 12 shadow box frame (i couldn't find a normal frame so i went with the shadow box), a book of scrapbook 12 x 12 paper, markers, and some velcro. 
i was going to paint the outside frame a different color but then i decided the black looked good with any background since you could always switch out the background paper according to your mood and favorite color.
see?  check out all the choices!  the scrapbook paper was perfect and it was adorable.
tah dah!  here's the final product!  i made one for myself as well.  as soon as i find a place to hang mine up, i'll show you but for now you can see it just standing up on the counter.  i velcroed the marker to the side of the board but it's hidden enough that you can't see it when it's straight on. 

do you like it??

how did this picture get in here??  ohhh reggie. you little sneak :)

so, it's a simple easy project, you can always change it, you can paint the sides if ya want, and scrapbook paper is always great to have around!  and what college student person doesn't need a new whiteboard?!


summer lovin

the weekend began with book club on thursday night.  since my sister's birthday was on tuesday, we did a little birthday celebration at book club too. 
jessie and julie cuttin the cake.  if you look closely, it's an amazzzing picture.  liz is sniffin her pits and her dog, wrigley, has an intense focus on the funfetti cake. 
on friday night, logan, lindsay, jenny, chas, billy, and i went to basa.  lemmetellyouuuu!  sheesh that place is amazing.  if you're ever in da'ville, you have to go.  ...and get the basa signature cocktail. yumyumyum

after dinner, we walked next door to get a little drinkski and decided to take some pictures.  billy's magical long arm can take a picture of up to 2374 people in it.  it's crazy i tell you.
i neeeed a skirt made out of this wonderful elephant print... (yikes)

on saturday, i worked in the morning while billy played golf.  then we went to a cookout at my cousins from 1-6 then a wedding shower from 630-1130 and then to the bars until 3!  with a quick stop at taco bell.  oops!  :)  it was a crazy saturday with no pictures, but a lot of fun!!

you could ask that my family and friends as a whole are obsessed with kentucky.  here's my brother in law doin the john wall dance at dinner last night.
and yours truly and billy at dinner last night.  ...before we went an saw inception!  ...can someone pleeease explain that dang movie to me because i just don't understand!!  :)  but i do know that i had a crazy dream last night! 

as for this week, i am continuing my personal trainer BUT i decided to also start hot yoga!  after purchasing some yoga must haves yesterday, i am excited to go to my first class on wednesday!  wish me luck!  ...do you do yoga/hot yoga?! tell me all about it please!


epic fail: furniture edition

the night began with jenny and i having another amazing idea... or so we thought. 
we ventured to home depot for the spray paint and to hooters for some wings.
aka the ultimate man date.  home depot and hooters.  success.
we decided a KENTUCKY blue would look great as the color for the patio furniture, especially because of the white garage in the background.  It would add a splash of blue color to the back yard as well as show our team spirit. 
Here we are, spray painting away.  With the initial spray, we immediately began questioning our decision.  Was the color too much?  Are we too UK obsessed?  Is this even Kentucky blue?  Will Chas (jennys bf) hurt us for making his back yard look terrible?  So many questions, so little time.  We began to panic...
Needless to say, Chas requested demanded a repaint.

and the night ended with an emergency run to wal mart for paint thinner to remove the burning paint from my legs and feet.
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