happy birthday jessie

yesterday was my sister jessie's 29th birthday.  her hubby, taylor, made the arrangements for all the girls to meet at 60west for some martini's before the family celebration at my sister's house. 
dana (who is 33 weeks preggers!!), brooke, tricia, julie, alyson, jessie the birthday gal!, yours truly, and liz!  we drank martini's and gossiped and jessie was so surprised.  she even cried. ha
(the front)
and i just wanted to share this card.  my other sister, sam, got this for jess and i thought it was too funny not to share.  isn't it the cutest card?!  ...i'm weird and could read cards for days and days.. plus we're a "card" family. we give cards for every occasion possible.
(the inside)
just a brief post but great pictures that i hope make your hump day just a touch better! 

...also, i'd like to wish miss shannon mann a lovely birthday as well! 


Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday to your sister :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks sissy, great post!!!! I love you, you're the BESTEST!!

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