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seriously, monday again?!  this weekend FLEW by but it was a great one at that. 
Friday night was low key since I worked on Saturday morning.  But after work, Billy and I went to go visit his goddaughter, little Stella Jane who was born on Tuesday.
She's precious.  Stella's older sister is little Eva, who you may remember I bought her the precious little Alabama dress acouple weeks ago for her 2nd birthday.  Anyway, they are the cutest little family you've ever seen.
Me with the little bebe.
be still my heart...
saturday night we went to the kentucky state fair to see tim mcgraw. lemmetellyouuu!  sheesh, he is one attractive sir.  when he sang "she's my kinda rain"... oh my!  i just knew he was singin it to me.  swooon!
after the concert, we went back to billy's and this here above is a shotski.  it's just a ski with four shot glasses nailed to it and so four people can take one shot at a time.  pretty cool, eh?  thought i'd share :)
i've been dying to have a pair of tom's for quite awhile now and i finally broke down and bought it today!  i got the ash canvas women's classics, found here. i can't wait until i get them and i'll be sure to report.  do you have tom's? do you love them?
and last but CERTAINLY not least...
happy birthday daddy!!
thank you for being so great and always there for me.  i'm so blessed to have a father that is a best friend and leader for me in my stressful life.  you're a rock and certainly who i turn to for almost every life question i have.  you're a wise man and i'm sure having a wife and five daughters made you into the caring man you are today.  :)
i love you pops.


Jenny B said...

ok, the "shotski" is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Looks like I missed some fun :(

Iva said...

awww!!!! Congratulations on the family addition ;)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

1. The shotski might be the best thing I've ever seen. I think I need one.

2. I'm super jealous of you getting to see Mr. McGraw. What a handsome man...sigh...

3. Happy b-day to your daddy-O!

Lindsay said...

I AM SO JEALOUS that you got to see Tim Mc Graw! Lucky Lucky Lucky!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

So, please don't think I jock that family but I SRLSY might name my baby Stella. That name is in my top 3 along with Emma(Tate) and Claire. Unfortunately, my husband hates all those names and wants to name her PENNY. WTF?!

Um, I think I'll be seeing you tomorrow at work school. Save me a seat!

Brooke Bilotta said...

I have the same pair of Toms!!! In the ash grey! LOVE them!!!!

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