the best news EVER

this is the best/greatest/most amazing/most exciting/absolute fantastic/most perfect news to EVER hit this here blog! 

I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jumping for absolute joy

because the lovely man on the left and the gorgeous girl on the right are giving me (and a lot of other people) the most amazing gift ever!  i've been DYING to be an aunt for what feels like forever and i seriously could not be happier!

(this is jess and i - since she's learnin how to rock people like a little baby)

jessie and taylor - i love you both and am SO excited about this amazing part of life.  i'm so lucky!

don't worry everyone- ill always keep ya updated!

i'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!


my mouse

sometimes work isn't fun. 
so i've decided to add a little sparkle to my work day by bringing in this beautiful little mouse...
it really does help to make web surfing just a touch better while at work.
with the mouse and the hint of fall weather we've had here this weekend in kentucky, i'm a happy gal!  now just if someone could do my grad school paper for me! :)

what do you use at work to make your day a touch better???!! please do share!!


tip off

last night, we attended the 2010 wildcat tip-off dinner.  billys mom got acouple tables so we had the privilege to sit at one!  it included listening to the most amazing man ever, coach john calipari, speak, dinner, pictures and autographs too.  we bought basketballs for him to sign and took pictures.
billy and moi.
jenny and chas.
jenny and i are total creeps.  we wanted a picture with coach cal but didn't want to wait in the long line so we just stood to the side with our pom poms and tried to get coach cal in the back... not too bad!  haha, the pictures were pretty unsuccessful but pretty hilarious at the same time. 
billys mama sweet talked her way into getting us a picture without having to wait in line.  ain't he a beaut!?  he signed the basketballs and i haven't stopped thinkin about them yet... just kiddin, but seriously, i love it.
and then we may be fans of the day on kentuckysportsradio.com which would be neat.  i'll let ya know if i turn up famous.  :)

a professional photographer took a lot more pictures and he's going to email them to me but i haven't received them yet.  once i do though, ya betchadarntootin' that i'll put em up here! 

i love kentucky football but man oh man, i'm sooo pumped about kentucky basketball now!

xo loves


football and birthdays

on friday night, billy and i went out to dinner with curt and cat (remember? they just got engaged?!) ... we went to north end cafe and had millions of tapas and they were SO good!  afterwards, we went back to billy's where his roomies were having a little party.  apparently, i thought it was a great idea to play flip cup with bourbon... it ended up not to be such a great idea because i had an intense headache for the kentucky football game on saturday!

on saturday, we headed to lexington, home of the kentucky wildcats, for our first kentucky football game of the year!  not only was it a gorgeous day, it was also my brother in laws brothers birthday (get it?) ... so we celebrated!
aw, blue. it's so relaxing and heartmelting, isn't it?
my sister, jessie, neil, liz, and tricia rockin the blue.
my dad, me, and billy.  ...i went way casual on saturday, as you can see.  i rocked the tshirt and a camo hat.  yup, i'm stylin.  and billy wore his alabama shirt because they played at 330...
the birthday boy, rob, blowing out his candles!  remember rob from the engagement tailgate for him and his new wifey?
last year, billy's mom had second row seats but she's since upgraded to first row, 40 yard line!  whoop whoop!  so billy, chris, and i sat in those seats.  they're amazing and i can stare at randall cobb allll day long. 
be still my heart.
and here's a picture of how our night went.  i've missed downtown lexington, where i went to college, and it felt so good to be blackout again there.  :)  just kiddin, but i do love it there.

i'd also like to throw it out there that i am now 2-0 in my fantasty football league.  OW! 

how was your weekend!?  what'd ya do?


wedding: sarah and alex

friday night, billy and i went and saw cedric the entertainer.  he was pretty funny but secretly, i liked the two comedians that went before him...

more importantly, on saturday night, we went to an absolutely gorgeous wedding.  the wedding was about an hour and a half away at french lick. this place just went through a $500 million renovation, which every penny was worth it.  we stayed the night there and had an awesome room, which was so detailed and beautiful.
c'mon through these doors here and take a look at the wedding.  ;)
the wedding was set up in the main atrium with the most beautiful gold detailing and italian feel.  the bridesmaids wore long navy satin dresses and the main colors of the wedding were pink and black. they served filet and salmon for the main course and the maid and matron of honor and the best man all gave wonderful, heartfelt speeches.  the dome of the reception venue was incredible. 
here's the main setup of the wedding, with the band area and the dance flo' in the back.  gotta love big italian weddings.
billy and moi.
and since you really can't get enough views of this beautiful venue, here's another one.
the bride and groom, gettin dooooown!
the sun was setting, which meant it was time. to. paaarty!
we partied the night away and then stayed up at the casino until the wee hours of the morning.  but we won some $$ which is always fun!  since you can't take pictures in a casino, i can't show you all the fun we had at the craps table.  :(  it was so much fun though.  shooter from the wedddding!
the ride home was just another perfect part of the wedding.  the entire hour and a half ride was country side and rolling fields and barns and real country livin. there's something about the changin leaves that makes me even more excited for fall to get here! 
boots, and sweaters, a trip to hubers, pumpkins, FOOTBALL, pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, fireplaces, heated seats, big blankets, my cowboy boots(!!!), and everything else for fall.  yeaaaaaa!!! 
and a nice final picture of the landscapes.  love it all. 

do you have this type of beauty near you or do you need a trip to kentucky?!  :)

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend and i hope your work week goes by so quick!  tell me somethin cool about your weekend and we'll call it even!  xxoo


alabama & atlanta

here are a million pictures and stories to go with our wonderful weekend.  it's been a long week of work which is why its friday and i'm just now finishing up recapping last weekend! :)
warning: you're about to have an alabama, billy, and jayme overload... you know you love it.
the beautiful stadium
us. such awesomeness.
rollllllllll tideeeeeee
loads of crimson
denny chimes, or somethin like that.  billy loves it so i love it.  obvi.
whoop whoop. finally its football time!!
and because i can...
on sunday, we decided to go with chris, chris, jennifer, me, and billy, to perkerson park for a cookout to meet their other college buddy christian, aka hollywood.  fun fact: hollywood was on a reality show and went on acouple dates with chili from tlc. 
it was a very interesting afternoon and one i won't forget. 
here's chris sand yours truly lounging.
so i should mention we went to this place called community q bbq for dinner and o...m...g...!  that macaroni and cheese is something i've thought about everyday since!  it was amazing... if you're in the atlanta area, please tell me you've paid them a visit! 
we went to lunch at this amazing place called fontaine's oysterhouse.  we sat outside and it was such a beautiful day.  i had the salmon blt YUM!  i would definitely say this is a must try atlanta restaurant!
sunday night we went out in atlanta to a place called smith's olde bar... while we were there, we saw an amazing band called flow tribe.  they totally rocked out and i loved them.  we were dancin the entire night.  it was funny because on wednesday, billy and i were watching the real world (yes, we love it..) and flow tribe was on it!!  it was so random but awesome. 

dancin like fools
i replaced the shower background with a bar and a billy.  fair trade.
the boys, takin shots, lovin life.
story time...
this is chris.  he's left handed.  the boys were playing that little boxing game when you punch the bag and it tells you how hard you hit it.  so it was chris' turn and he threw a left hook and instead of punching the bag, he punched the picture frame right behind the bag.  he cut is hand real bad and glass shattered everywhere!
and here's the atlanta crew... chris, jennifer, chris, zach, me, billy.  we had an absolute blast and i cannot wait until we get to go back!! 

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  we are headed to an out of town wedding which will be wonderful, i'm sure! 


4 cities in 4 days

billy and i traveled south this weekend.  we were in birmingham on friday, tuscaloosa on saturday, atlanta on sunday, and louisville on monday. but honestly, it was the most perfect weekend ever even though we were nonstop the entire time. 
friday night, we headed down to birmingham after work and thought i needed to take a picture of the pumpkin spice latte that i got since i know so many bloggers are obsessed, like me!  we drove the van down there, which i'll show ya more later.  it has an awesome flat screen in the back with an entire fold out bed and then a tv up front too.  i drove most of the way down but slept most of the way back.  :)
we arrived in birmingham around 12:30am and decided we needed to hit the town and get a few drinks to celebrate our arrival. 
saturday mornin, we woke up bright and early and finished the hour long drive to tuscaloosa, home of the crimson tide!  since they added 10,000 new seats to their stadium, we just had to make it down for the opening game!  but the stadium really is awesome! 
the game was at 7 but the kentucky/louisville game was at 330 so i clearly rocked my kentucky shirt ALL day!  i gotta show my love in tuscaloosa too!  don't worry, i changed into an alabama shirt for the actual game!  we walked all over tuscaloosa and went to a zillion bars.  i saw billys college house, the presidents house, and everything else under the tuscaloosa sun.  it was an awesome day.
then we went to the game!  here's a picture from billy's season tickets of the new part of the stadium.  it was a GORGEOUS night and absolutely perfect!  i'm sad we can only make it to one more game of the season (the florida/alabama game!) but so happy too.  rolllllllll tide!

i'll have to make the atlanta trip a whole new post because i have alotta pictures and alotta storeis to go with it! 

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