bad decisions

i  made my fair share of bad decisions during my four years of college at the university of kentucky.  (go cats!)  ... but one of my favorite bad decisions began on an innocent sunday morning.  my bestie, cat, and i woke up and decided we should get puppies.  what kind? no idea.  how would we afford them? not a clue.  where would we keep them? we'll figure that out later.  why? because we could. 

so we power up the ole pc and begin our search.  we decided on small dogs so we could tote them around in our ever so adorable vera bradley bags that would fit a puppy just perfectly.  who actually used a bag for books anyway??

we find two sister puppies and knew it was fate.  fifteen minutes later, we were in the car on our way to the apartment from the listing.  we arrive to a smelly, small, unfurnished, brown, dreary apartment with one large cage and two starving pups. 

no, we didn't want these dogs.  but we knew we had to save them.  so we bought them.  one for her, one for me.  way overpriced and nearly impossible to hand over the money, we leave with the pups in tow and completely clueless as to why we just did that. 
we did the only thing we knew we had to do:  we went to the target doggy isle. 
of course my new puppy, ellie, needed a hot pink snakeskin bed with "princess" across the back.  yes, she needed a wardrobe larger than mine including booties, and most of all, she needed a pink studded leash and collar. 
it just so happened i had a little thing known as a court date the day after i got little miss ellie.  (don't worry, it was just for a speeding ticket!) ... so cat and i got the two pups together and stuffed into our vera bradley bags and on we went.   elle woods, yes.  it didn't register until we got there that we had to go through an xray machine.  after asking if we could put the dogs through there and getting an awful look from the 470 pound security man, we knew it wasn't allowed.  so poor cat had to stand outside with the two dogs and two pink bags while i settled with the law inside the scary building. 
in the end, cat and i sold the pups acouple days later to better, non college peoples homes.  we realized we weren't the best match but we patted ourselves on the backs for at least getting the wee ones out of their previous home. 

please do share one of your college, or any, bad decisions!


Catherine said...

Hahahahaha! We were such crack heads! It didn't seem so stupid until I just read it all written out! LOVE you!

Lindsay said...

hahaha I love this! Good ol college days :)

Adorably Distracted... said...

OMG shes adorable though! hmmm... should we talk about the time 50 some people got out of a small tiny basement window in under 2 minutes before the scary cop lady got us?

Ashley Stone said...

awww!!! They are so adorable!

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