football and birthdays

on friday night, billy and i went out to dinner with curt and cat (remember? they just got engaged?!) ... we went to north end cafe and had millions of tapas and they were SO good!  afterwards, we went back to billy's where his roomies were having a little party.  apparently, i thought it was a great idea to play flip cup with bourbon... it ended up not to be such a great idea because i had an intense headache for the kentucky football game on saturday!

on saturday, we headed to lexington, home of the kentucky wildcats, for our first kentucky football game of the year!  not only was it a gorgeous day, it was also my brother in laws brothers birthday (get it?) ... so we celebrated!
aw, blue. it's so relaxing and heartmelting, isn't it?
my sister, jessie, neil, liz, and tricia rockin the blue.
my dad, me, and billy.  ...i went way casual on saturday, as you can see.  i rocked the tshirt and a camo hat.  yup, i'm stylin.  and billy wore his alabama shirt because they played at 330...
the birthday boy, rob, blowing out his candles!  remember rob from the engagement tailgate for him and his new wifey?
last year, billy's mom had second row seats but she's since upgraded to first row, 40 yard line!  whoop whoop!  so billy, chris, and i sat in those seats.  they're amazing and i can stare at randall cobb allll day long. 
be still my heart.
and here's a picture of how our night went.  i've missed downtown lexington, where i went to college, and it felt so good to be blackout again there.  :)  just kiddin, but i do love it there.

i'd also like to throw it out there that i am now 2-0 in my fantasty football league.  OW! 

how was your weekend!?  what'd ya do?


Kerr said...

what a pretty day and amazing seats too!

Diana Mieczan said...

What a great day....I love those photos:) Kisses my dear

Lindsay said...

Cute pictures! You guys are always having so much fun. I LOVE it!

Leeann said...

How fun! Last summer I visited Louisville and Lexington - beautiful land and friendly people! It seems like out there everyone is always happy to get together and celebrate life in general :)

Kristin said...

Mmmmmmm. I just love tapas AND game day!

Val said...

Nothing better than great food and football!

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