i love college parties, especially in charleston!

i love college parties so hard!  my little sis turned the big 2-1 this weekend so my mom, stepdad, and sister jessie all travelled to charleston to celebrate with her!  we stayed at charleston place which is amazing.  if you ever travel to charleston, stay there! 
mama, rick, me, jessie.  reminder: jess is 14 weeks pregnant and she is sucha trooper!!  she stayed out until we did and never complained.  she is certainly the best preggers girl i've ever been around!  pregnancy sure does fit that little chica! 
sam lives in an apartment right on king street!  its the prime location and a college student's absolute dream!  if i could re-live my college, i'd definitely live here.  this is their "rooftop beach" where they "study".... riiiight.
such a typical college room and i love it!  sam brings her kentucky spirit to her dorm room and she's always been obsessed with michael phelps... go figure.  and clearly, there has to be a beer on the bed. 
me, the birthday gal, rick with his beloved pbr, jessie, mama. 
shots! shots! shots! shots!  it's been awhile since i took straight vodka shots but i took em like a champ, which i'm pretty proud about... except my mom took just as many as i did!  get emm mommm!!!
engine one status: pretty good.... deceiving. :)
rick and his beloved pbr and one of the twins, i think this one is mike? i don't know.  sam has a lot of friends that are twins and they're hard to keep straight.  but he sure was adorable!
i fit in juuust right with all the youngins!  i love college so hard!  sam and her buddies.
jess, me, sam, mama. 
the preggers and moi!
saturday, we literally shopped til we dropped! 
we made king st. our bitch!
saturday night, we went to blossom for dinner.  YUM!  it's a must go to if you're there!
the food was magnificent!  and so were the martinis...even though i was the only one drinkin them!
outside of the restaurant. i looove charleston!
sittin at the table.  waiting to indulge!
the other side of the table.  the rents.  aren't they precious?!
after dinner, we did a swan dive into the bed and ordered room service of ice cream and m&ms.  YUMMM!  it was a 7 year old childs 21st birthday dream come true! 
we walked and walked and walked around charleston.  the weather was sunny, the surroundings were incredible, the people were great, the shopping was prime, the food was delightful, and the trip was perfect!

i'm so happy we could all celebrate together (even though we missed my bro alex!) but it was pretty special! 

happy birthday sammy! i love you!

have you ever been to charleston?! what's your favorite part about it?!


happy happy friday!

last night, cat and i went to get fitted for our bridesmaid dresses for alex's upcoming wedding.  while i looove her dresses that she chose, i couldn't help myself to try one acouple other wild and crazy dresses that needed some lovin off the rack. 
this one was my "favorite", if you will.  red? check. floor length? check. feathery?  check. rhinestones? check. it doesn't get better than this!  i hope you sense the sarcasm of this incredible dress that i would never actually wear it in this life time. however, don't put it past me in my next life because i sure do this its a lovely dress!  ;)

as for my weekend, i'm headed to charleston to celebrate sam, my little sister's 21st birthday!!  whoop whoop!  it's been about 3 years since i took 21 shots so wish us luck!  ...no, i probably won't be participating in every shot but who knows, i do love to celebrate!!

what do you have planned for the weekend?!  


and please don't read the next sentence: my girl lindsay is having an incredible giveaway that i'm really dying to win so please don't go check it out.  ;)


because it's wednesday

it's about that time for some more quotes.  i've loved spending more time with my girlfriends and my mama and sister lately and i'm really feelin quite happy about that!  
school and my work can sometimes get the best of me but i've been working on finding that balance and knowing that it's all worth while.  i just have to keep tellin myself that it's all going to come full circle. 
my friends and sisters are in such awesome places right now in their lives and i couldn't be happier for them!  i'm just so excited to be able to share these magical times with them.  it's a pretty cool time in my life right now & sometimes i wish it would just calm down but then i think of how much i actually love it!

and just because i loved that quote.  :)

and because each of you lovelies are just beyoutiful.  :) 

do you have awesome things going on in your life right now?!  weddings? babies? love? spill it girlfriends!

::some quotes are from here and some other ones i'm not sure of.  if they're yours and you want credit, lemme know!::


replay please?

my girlfriends.  we've been besties since before kindergarten and some of our dads went to college together.  it was just inevitable that we'd be friends forever, and it seems at if it's true!
moi, cat, lizzie, and alex.  cat is getting married in april (i'm the matchmaker!) and alex is gettin hitched in june.  i can't wait for those weddings and to send them off into real adulthood...  psh! 

during the day on saturday, cat and i (and her fiance curt) set up a blow up mattress in their living room and relaxed ALL day.  by saturday night, we were ready to hit the town.  we went to gerstle's for some REALLY weird music and watched some people dance, who may or may not have been on acid, or some type of equally disturbing drug.  it was entertaining, to say the least.

the man on the left is alex's fiance, michael. he has an issue with always falling asleep in bars.  he was standing up, resting on the bar, and sleeping.  we decided to be kind and at least put some sunglasses on the poor kid so people would stop staring.  cat is in the middle and curt is behind her.  aren't they an attractive couple? 
on sunday, my little hometown has their first annual dog show.  OMG.  pure comedy!  there were 72 dogs and they had complete bios for each one. 
"this is hank.  his favorite vacation getaway spot is pet suites."
"bailey's favorite food is goose poop and mushrooms."
"fido's favorite show is the weather channel so he knows when it's going to rain 30 minutes before it actually begins raining."
seriously, it was the perfect entertainment for a hungover sunday. 

my grandparents were in town this weekend as well so we got to spend some lovely quality time with them.  they're great.  do you remember my grandmother from my other posts about her artwork?  she's an amazing artist and just got her first book published.  i'm one proud granddaughter.  :)

three generations.  mi madre, mi nanoo, mi hermana jesise, and me!

it was an AWESOME weekend and i really wish i could replay the entire thing over and over again!  (and yes, that includes kentucky's victory!) 

how was your weekend?  and most importantly, have you ever gone to a dog show??  was it the funniest thing in the world?


all done up!

i got a make over!!
danielle from the design girl studio designed the newest home of kentucky blonde!
if you're in need of a whole new look, check her out!

what do you think of it?!  do you like it or love it?!


seriously, i just love 'em.
friday night tosh, albert, jenny, and i went to big blue madness.  it's basically just to get us all SO pumped up for basketball season and it certainly worked!  between brandon knight and enes kanter, this is bound to be an incredible year!
however, in the world of the university of kentucky, the only thing that beat kentucky basketball on friday night was KENTUCKY FOOTBALL ON SATURDAY NIGHT!! 
kentucky beat no. 10 south carolina after a long hard fight and i am SO proud to be a kentucky wildcat!  sc just beat no 1 alabama last week so this defeat was especially amazing! 
C-A-T-S! cats! cats! cats!



i was surprised at work when i received these beautiful flowers.  its a nice way to start off my weekend i suppose!  :)
and just because i need some pick me ups occasionally, i love these quotes and pictures here...
not sayin i'm going to really do this but i hope this weekend is full of fun and good, or bad, decisions.  :) 
 and finally, just because these moments are pretty special...

i hope you have a wonderful weekend!  what are your plans?!


good ol hubers

first things first.  check out this beaut!  she's a sparklin' blue glittery glory and i'd be one happy girl if she could be all mine.  a tailgaters dream... 
now seriously, check out this intersection.  i believe i've blogged about it before but as fate would have it, we wound up on this same street corner again... dow knob and rake.  bahah
i'm so happy to live in kentucky where we actually have all four seasons.  even though it's quite warm here (think 90's), it's slowly but surely turning into fall.  one of the best parts about huber's pumpkin patch is the drive there.  the scenery is seriously amazing and i could never get enough.  the changing leaves makes me wish fall would be soo much longer! 
here's good ol me getting my pumpkin!  thumbs up for a goodie!
my pumpkin boobies!  aren't they great?! 
whoop whoop!  isn't that an awesome pumpkin?!

here's albert and i workin hard on carving the pumpkins.  i kept the pumpkin seeds and cooked 'em up and YUMMMY!  they're so great to snack on. 

Power K, Jay Money, and Roll Tide. 
three very solid pumpkins if ya ask me!

did you carve pumpkins this year?! what'd you carve in it?! 



like baby like father

i went with my sister and brother-in-law to the ultrasound for the 13 week old baby itsbeen!  we call the baby "itsbeen" because their last name is broughton... now say it out loud... itsbeen broughton.  bring it! itsbeen broughton! 
hilarious, right?

it was awesome to see the wee 2 1/2 inch baby the size of a peach.  we heard the healthy heart beat..i'm in love.  then it was time for jessie to get her blood drawn.  well apparently it made me feel a little faint because as i was blacking out afterwards, we found this little nook to rest in while i let my blood settle down. 

my brother in law immediately went on his back, stuck his thumb in his mouth, and crossed his legs.  he said "who am i??"  ...oh boy, jessie has her hands full.
so please, compare the baby with his/her father... identical.  :)

i'm just a proud aunt.

be still my heart.


wedding: chris and irene

we spent last weekend in washington dc for the wedding of chris and irene.  chris lives here in louisville and irene lives in dc where she is a very loved nanny for several families.  the families who irene nannies for decided to host the wedding which was small and intimate.  irene will soon be making her way back here to become a louisvillian!
the backyard was set up perfectly.  since the kids are such an important part of irenes life, the playground was perfect to keep the kids entertained.  it was so cute to see how the kids adored her and their faces lit up when irene asked the little boys to dance with her.

the food was fantastic, set up in a little buffet style.  they had pleeeenty of wine, which i certainly helped myself to... oops. 
jenny and moi.  it was such a beautiful day.  it got a little chilly but nothin a pashmina couldn't handle!  the entire wedding was intimate and beautiful and full of love.

aren't they precious??  so happy to see chris so happy!
yayyy... husband and wife.

chris feeding irene.

jenny feeding moi.
double fisting during daylight.  classy.  typical.  wine and champagne. why not?!

pat and me dancin... we got snaps.

pat puting the pashima to use to keep himself warm. 

after the wedding, we hit the dc town.  i was so amazed by how wonderful the nightlife was!  jenny and i went barhopping until the wee hours of the morning (even after the bars closed)... and i was so surprised by how nice everyone was ... except for a group of girls that started fighting in the street but that's beside the point.  i really loved dc and can't wait to visit there again!  

congrats to chris and irene... y'all are too cute and the love between you two is so obvious and true.  xo! 
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