happy happy friday!

last night, cat and i went to get fitted for our bridesmaid dresses for alex's upcoming wedding.  while i looove her dresses that she chose, i couldn't help myself to try one acouple other wild and crazy dresses that needed some lovin off the rack. 
this one was my "favorite", if you will.  red? check. floor length? check. feathery?  check. rhinestones? check. it doesn't get better than this!  i hope you sense the sarcasm of this incredible dress that i would never actually wear it in this life time. however, don't put it past me in my next life because i sure do this its a lovely dress!  ;)

as for my weekend, i'm headed to charleston to celebrate sam, my little sister's 21st birthday!!  whoop whoop!  it's been about 3 years since i took 21 shots so wish us luck!  ...no, i probably won't be participating in every shot but who knows, i do love to celebrate!!

what do you have planned for the weekend?!  


and please don't read the next sentence: my girl lindsay is having an incredible giveaway that i'm really dying to win so please don't go check it out.  ;)


Pearls, Curls, and A Southern Girl said...

Loving that dress! Happy birthday to your sister! I turn 21 in February and I can't wait!

Lindsay said...

What a fun dress. It looks gorgeous on you!

Kerr said...

have a blast while you are here! I think visit to the silver dollar is in order. I am sure your sister will take care of you!

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