seriously, i just love 'em.
friday night tosh, albert, jenny, and i went to big blue madness.  it's basically just to get us all SO pumped up for basketball season and it certainly worked!  between brandon knight and enes kanter, this is bound to be an incredible year!
however, in the world of the university of kentucky, the only thing that beat kentucky basketball on friday night was KENTUCKY FOOTBALL ON SATURDAY NIGHT!! 
kentucky beat no. 10 south carolina after a long hard fight and i am SO proud to be a kentucky wildcat!  sc just beat no 1 alabama last week so this defeat was especially amazing! 
C-A-T-S! cats! cats! cats!


Pearls, Curls, and A Southern Girl said...

That win was ahh-mazing! My HS friend #14 made that interception at the end of the game!!!

Kerr said...

what a great game!!! I was the ONLY UK fan in the bar and sooo happy when we pulled off the win!

Jenny B said...

LOVE your new makeover! And who took that AMAZING photo of the banners?? She must be an artistic genius!

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