replay please?

my girlfriends.  we've been besties since before kindergarten and some of our dads went to college together.  it was just inevitable that we'd be friends forever, and it seems at if it's true!
moi, cat, lizzie, and alex.  cat is getting married in april (i'm the matchmaker!) and alex is gettin hitched in june.  i can't wait for those weddings and to send them off into real adulthood...  psh! 

during the day on saturday, cat and i (and her fiance curt) set up a blow up mattress in their living room and relaxed ALL day.  by saturday night, we were ready to hit the town.  we went to gerstle's for some REALLY weird music and watched some people dance, who may or may not have been on acid, or some type of equally disturbing drug.  it was entertaining, to say the least.

the man on the left is alex's fiance, michael. he has an issue with always falling asleep in bars.  he was standing up, resting on the bar, and sleeping.  we decided to be kind and at least put some sunglasses on the poor kid so people would stop staring.  cat is in the middle and curt is behind her.  aren't they an attractive couple? 
on sunday, my little hometown has their first annual dog show.  OMG.  pure comedy!  there were 72 dogs and they had complete bios for each one. 
"this is hank.  his favorite vacation getaway spot is pet suites."
"bailey's favorite food is goose poop and mushrooms."
"fido's favorite show is the weather channel so he knows when it's going to rain 30 minutes before it actually begins raining."
seriously, it was the perfect entertainment for a hungover sunday. 

my grandparents were in town this weekend as well so we got to spend some lovely quality time with them.  they're great.  do you remember my grandmother from my other posts about her artwork?  she's an amazing artist and just got her first book published.  i'm one proud granddaughter.  :)

three generations.  mi madre, mi nanoo, mi hermana jesise, and me!

it was an AWESOME weekend and i really wish i could replay the entire thing over and over again!  (and yes, that includes kentucky's victory!) 

how was your weekend?  and most importantly, have you ever gone to a dog show??  was it the funniest thing in the world?


Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Ok, I've never been to a dog show, but ALWAYS have wanted to go! They have the Annual Weiner Dog Races here in Northwest Arkansas at the end of October and I think this year I may just need to attend : )

Have a fantabulous Tuesday, m'dear!

Lindsay said...

Girlfriends are the best! And that last picture is classic and needs to be framed :)

Just the Two of US said...

Dont ya love having girlfriends like that! It's awesome!!!

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