Washington DC

this was the longest/shortest/best/worst weekend ever.
we left friday night and drove the 9 hours to washington dc for the wedding of chris and irene.
after acouple hours of sleep on friday night, we woke up bright and early saturday morning and started exploring the town.

we found a place called old ebbit grill (i think) and we ate breakfast there.  and whoa.  i got the eggs benedict with crab meat in the middle (umm, seriously?) and billy got french toast stuffed with ham wrapped in bacon.  yea, i'm seroius.  well then we learned that the restaurant is known for their oysters so we got oysters.  for breakfast.  at 10am.  after our entire meal and bloody mary.  i'm a great traveler like that.
i promise this blog won't become stricly a baby blog... and if you missed the news, go here. but i couldn't resist that purchase.
oh, yes, the bride and the groom!  :)

and a total of 20 hours in the car, an intimate wedding (with more pictures later), a night out on the town, and a bunch of other stuff was my weekend in dc!


Jenny B said...

I may or may not have some photos to add....

Lindsay said...

Cute onesie. Glad you are back safe and sound!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I kinda cracked up reading that first paragraph about the restaurant...I'm such a foodie and plan every trip according to when/where we'll eat...yes, I'm a closet fat kid, apparently : )

Love the onesie, precious! Glad you are back safely, girlie!

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