wedding: lee & rob

lee and rob were married at running waters farm in louisville.  the wedding was perfect.  from the weather, the details, the beautiful bride & handsome groom, the happiest mother of the bride i've ever seen, and food, the dancing, the sparklers, just everything. it was perfect!  

they were wed at the left side of this fountain pond here.  there were four of these ivy covered arches which is where the guests sat.  if you can believe this... there were 13 bridesmaids and 13 groomsmen!  it was a HUGE wedding party and absolutely lovely.
 this is the table where the bridal party sat and it was beautiful.  they had this huge tent with all the dancing and tables and then they had these awesome, plush sofas sitting outside where you could take a break and catch your breath from dancin your little fanny off!
perfection, eh?  the brides mothers, barbie, made those chandeliers, aren't they awesome?
billy and i.

this is emily and she's awesome.  emily moved to tanzania, africa almost two years ago and started an awesome nonprofit organization to help educate orphans.  she loves it there and i love listening to her talk about it.  her heart lights up and its just so obvious she's found her happiness!  :)

tosh, me, and clay.  these are two of billy's cousins.  i love tosh's face in here, such passion!
shocker: i didn't catch it.  pheww! 
this is the gorgeous bride with billys mama.
and the music, OH THE MUSIC!  they were perfect!  the two singers were incredible and get this... their names are Sugar and Spice!  pure talent.
and to top it off -- white castle at the end of the night!!

billys aunt loooved the whities! 

all in all, this is totally my ideal wedding!  i loved every part of it and if i end up having the same wedding in 9374 years, don't be surprised.  :)   just kidding, i'm totally not modg's stalker.  



Lindsay said...

Wow looks like such a fun wedding! :) Thanks for posting the pics :)

Miranda said...

Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog, Southern blogs are my favorite! I wish I lived in real South.

And that wedding looks fab. I love you red dress.


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