Wedding: Rehearsal

last weekend was the wedding of lee and rob.  lee is billy's cousin.  lee and rob met being instructors at a sailing sport in san diego.  both still work on boats and live in san diego, but lee is from here.  since they live on the water, their rehearsal dinner was on the belle of louisville, which was perfect!
billy and i, boarding the belle

it was such a pretty night!  the dinner was awesome and the toasts were hilarious but so heart felt.  watching the sunset on the ohio is definitely something i would never get tired of watching.

these were the place settings for the rehearsal.  little goldfish in a bowl and bandanas for napkins!  every single detial was spectacular for the rehearsal and the wedding too.  they had bbq catered.  the mother of the bride is one of my moms good friends too and she's one of the happiest, cutest people ever and her daughter is absolutely the same! 

this picture is me, tosh, and clay.  tosh and clay are both billy's cousins too but i just wanted to show y'all clay in this picture because i think it's hilarious.  they're doing construction downtown and he was walking along there, it was just funny.  you may remember clay from our trip to florida for the fourth of july when clay wore a fake mustache out to the bars and we pretended he was a famous pro golfer.  hilarious.

after the rehearsal, we went to proof on main which is in the 21c hotel.  if you're ever in louisville - GO! proof is the restaurant in the hotel and it's awesome.  the art work is incredible.  the entire place is extraordinary.

next up, the BEAUTIFUL wedding pictures!

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Lindsay said...

OH I love wedding photos. Cant wait ;)

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