oh hay honayy

something is happening to me that i cannot seem to get my weekend recap going until at least tuesday?  oh riiight, it must be the school that is kicking my ass that is keeping me too busy! going from work to grad school is getting out of control and needs to stop asap! 
so here goes nothin...
remember the spring night racing at churchill downs that jenny and i destroyed last season?  well they decided to do a fall night racing on friday and i'm so glad we went! i love love churchill downs and horse racing and fall and bourbon and my friends.. needless to say, i enjoyed myself. 
lindsey, jenny, and moi. 

jenny, johnny, me.  it was cold so i had to keep my coat on or else i'd totally show you my great fit... did you sense the sarcasm??  i hope you did because i'm really not one to start showcasing my pretty boring and full of dresses and boots wardrobe on here... totally unamusing.

it may look like we were the only people there but i think they estimated around like 25,000 or somethin like that.  apparently no one was below us?  it was a great night.

saturday night, my fam and i traveled to northern kentucky for the night to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday! 

me, jess, t.  saturday was the first night that jessie's belly really started to show and oh my goodness!  it was so stinkin cute!  i am going to love this time until april with her belly and all that!  but then again, i really can't wait until april when i can actually hold little brayden, or colton, or hudson, or whatever the babies name ends up being in my arms!!

it's water, i promise.

this is my brother, alex.  and my grandmother's art work is all around in these pictures, do you enjoy?

and my lovely grandmother.  she's the artist and she's amazing!  gotta love the car ride photo shoots, right??

my cousin, cameron, had his birthday on friday and my grandmother drew this drawing of him for his birthday present!  in real life, he doesn't have those pecs :)

and here's a glimpse into my grandmother's art studio!  the blue in the background is the sun setting over the ohio river.  it's an INCREDIBLE view and next time we go, i'll get a nice picture for yall because it's pretty awesome. 

so yes, i was exhausted from the weekend.
from night racing, going out afterwards, work on saturday, nothern kentucky, dinner at the chart house on the river, drinking, shopping, getting christmas gifts, hanging out with some cutie, football and basketball games, driving to and from nky, being with my family, and runing more errands, i was tired.  but me, being the great little student i am, spent six hours at school on sunday night!  my team met at 5 o'clock and worked our butts off... go team dandy!  but secretly... that's how i do much best work, with my boots up and someone else drivin the excel.  i'm smarter than i appear... buahah

how was your weekend?! 

i'll be back someday with my zillions of thanksgiving plans!  can't even wait!  xoxoxox
what are your plans for the holiday weekend?!  have a wonderful thanksgiving!


Kerr said...

apple pie moonshine. enough said

Jenny B said...

Awwww... look what a cute couple John & I make! Oh, I mean YOU & John, of course....right.

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

First, I ADORE the name Hudson for a boy. Love it!!

Second, your grandma rocks my face off. I've never met her but I freakin' love her.


Lena said...

I love the paintings in the background, beautiful!



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