so quick

quickest weekend ever!  it's amazing to me how fast the weekends fly by these days, even when they're long weekends! 
wednesday night, we had thanksgiving dinner with my stepmoms side of the family at her parents house.  it was a lovely night followed by a late night at the bars.  we won't even mention the depressing kentucky basketball game that was played in between the two festivities...

my step sistetr lauren & her boy matt, my stepmom karen, and john...

i didn't take my pictures from wednesday night *you're welcome... but it was basically a high school reunion at this brand new bar called molly malone's... aka my second home.

thursday morning, we did our annual breakfast at our friends house.  funny story:  my cousin cam (above) and my friend ben were all upstairs at ben's house and there were like 100 people (nicluding a million children) there for the breakfast.  so we were upstairs, being hungover and from down the hallway, we heard:
"i need somebody to come wipe my bottom!!!!!!"
it was a little three year old girl and she was sitting on the toilet, her dress held up, and crying because no one was around to wipe her bottom.  it. was. hilarious. ohhh the days  :)
after that, my cousins (cameron and riley) and i stayed in the basement and slept.. all day.

on thursday evening, all 18 of us from my moms side feasted on a wonderful thanksgiving dinner, made by my grandpa and mama.  they are amazing chefs and we are quite a lucky family!

friday.  cat and i hosted a 10 year middle school reunion.  we went to an extremely small school from kindergarten to 8th grade and it's pretty cool that we're all still real close!
cat and i were the first to arrive (super early) so we decided it was only right to break open a bottle, or two while waiting...

hunt, curt, taylor, beau, charlie ray, susie, ben, scott, jordan, alex, me, nina, cat.
it was about a third of our middle school class but with such late notice and a lot of peeps out of town, we were pretty happy with the turnout! 

the rest of the weekend was laid back, relaxing, perfect, and amazing. kentucky lost to tennessee (for the 26th year in a row, UGH!), i hung out with my little sis sam on saturday, and then we attended church on sunday with a nice lunch afterwards.  

tonight, i have my final presentation for the semester in my grad school and i cannot wait to have some time off!!  i've been workin really hard on it so please keep me in your thoughts that everything goes great!  :)

are you still full of thanksgiving leftovers or what??  and also...are you still besties with your middle school peeps?


Lindsay said...

Late night at the bars? YES PLEASE! :) Hope you had a happy thanksgiving my friend!

Angie said...

I went to a small school as well and am still bff's with some of those girls to this day!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Dude, I suck at blogging. I have like, FIVE posts of yours to read! How did your presentation go?

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

For starters, I hope to high heavens your presentation went good! I'm sure you kicked it's rear!

Sounds (and looks) like Thanksgiving was a blast! The part about the "I need someone to come wipe my bottom!" cracked me up!!

Have a wonderful day you beautiful girl, you!

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