two more winter weddings and some other stuff

you may start thinking that i'm fibbing about all the recent weddings however, i can assure you that i'm not.  this weekend, john and i went to a wedding on saturday night AND  wedding on sunday. 
unfortunately i'm a dumb dumb and forgot to take a full picture of us from the saturday wedding. but the wedding was gorgeous and my first trip to morehead, ky was a success.  johns family is wonderful. 
here we are grubbin.  not a great picture but when ya only take two, ya gotta use em.  :)  at least johnny is adorbs.

and here's on of johns little brothers with his girlfriend. 
and nope, i didn't catch the bouquet.  buaha

hahbhahahahahhaha isn't he the cutest thing in the world?!
i got this elf your face app on the iphone and its been the greatest thing in the world!  i love it so hard.

on sunday, we went to church and then to lunch and then to patrick's wedding at whitehall.  i again forgot to take pictures but it was beautiful.  we stayed there for about an hour and a half and then headed to mozz for dinner before we went to see a christmas carol at actors theatre.  if you live within 239874 miles of louisville, you should go to mozz.  it's pretty darn good.

alex and i.  all christmasy in front of the tree.

funny story:  so actors theater is a small small place and sometimes i have a tendency to get nervous in really enclosed places.  i could feel my ears getting real hot so i attempted to distract myself during the play by getting some gum outta my purse.  i opened the gum, made the foil gum wrapper into a little ball and put it up johns nose.  well, when it got stuck, i was laughing SO hard that i couldn't breathe or anything.  i'm so immature but i loved it and it definitely made me forget about my oncoming panic attack.  thanks johnny, for lettin me put a gum wrapper up your nose.  :)

john, jayme, alex, michael.  i love em.

they're gettin hitched in june and i can't wait to celebrate!

my favorite :)

and that's the weekend.  another perfect weekend. ain't life beautiful?

how was your weekend?  do you enjoy christmas plays or christmas movies better??


two dollar tradition

my dad started one of my favorite christmas traditions many years ago and i hope to carry it on forever.  you may remember that my dad has five daughters, (its jessie and myself and three step daughters - tori, lauren, and paige) and he discovered the perfect way to bring positive christmas cheer to five high maintenance, blonde hair, 21-29 year old daughters. 
last night we had our annual christmas dinner with all the girls (minus paige because she's becoming a famous news anchors in mobile, alabama)... but dad continued the tradition.

he gives us each $40 in 2 dollar bills. then on christmas eve, we all gather around and tell our stories of how we used that money to help someone else. 

how would youuuu spend the money to help others?!


Another one bites the dust

in case you were wondering about my friday night dinner party, it went lovely.  unfortunately cat got sick so she and curt didn't make it.  however, lizzie, lizzies john, alex, my john, and i had a wonderful time.  i completely forgot to take pictures but it was a lot of fun playing games, drinkin, eating, laughin, and havin a grand ol time.  

on saturday, my step cousin got married.  the reception was at the henry clay (which is where my sister got married too) and it was a blast!   
john and i sportin the christmas look. 

me and my stepdad.  they had a photobooth at the wedding which was a huge hit. 

my cousin kelly, me, rick, my brother alex.
i wish i took more pictures of the wedding details but i forgot.  at one point though, my aunt put down her bouquet on the table and one of the votives accidentally caught it on fire!  it was full flame so i freaked and yelled to john to "do something!" so he saved the day by throwing water on it before it burnt the place down.  oopsies.  typical night though.

my beautiful cousin kelly and moi.  she was a bridesmaid and certainly lovely. :)

ya know, i gotta mention this... i love winter weddings.  i think they're beautiful, formal, exciting, and comfortable.  but it does get reallly freezin here in kentucky so sometimes its almost too cold and makes me really look forward to just curling up at home after the wedding instead of hittin the town like i would normally do when it's warm out.  which do you prefer?

kelly and her lover adam.  they're next!!!  (buaha)

my brother alex, me, my gma, ricky, mama.  i was wearing approximately 51/2 inch heels and my brother is STILL that much taller!  i guess 6'6'' is larger than my 5'2'' self. 

i'm a lucky gal.  and DOY - kentucky wildcats WON in the background!  whoop whoop.

afterwards, john and i hit up the local martini bar and treated ourselves to an oatmeal cookie martini (me) and some type of bourbon ball martini for the gentleman. 

on sunday, we went to church, hung out at my dads, curled up on the couch and read books with the fireplace on and had some grilled cheese and tomato soup.  pure perfection? i think so!

do you like or love winter weddings?!


things i'm lovin

i know a lot of y'all like to talk about what you're loving on wednesdays, but i like to switch it up and talk about them on thursdays!  so here goes nothin... the small things in the world o jayme that makes me happy! 
my lovely customers like to bring in this adorable christmas cookies!  such nice people around the holidays... even if i don't really like these, it's still a nice gesture, right?

i am uber super duper excited and happy that i will be hosting my first dinner party tomorrow night with these three other beautiful ladies and their lovers!  if you're a dinner party pro, PLEASE send some suggestions my way!  they're greatly appreciated! 
may i add: cat is a celiac (which is allergic to wheat, oats, barley, and rye) and alex is a vegetarian... this should make for some interesting food varieties... :)

i am also very happy that my own kentucky wildcats beat notre dame last night.  the kicker: they played at freedom hall which is the former home of the louisville cardinals.  daaaang, that kentucky blue sure does look purdy in freedom hall!
i should also point out that i had the best and cutest date at the game. talk bout happy :) gah, i'm gay...

holiday nail polish.  need i explain? nope.  i smile.

and this guy.  reggie makes me laugh.  he's such an odd little guy and loves to snuggle so much.  if i love my children half as much as i love this guy, they're in for a real treat.

yup. i went there.  i love this stuff.  it's just so great during these disgusting times in kentucky.  the high on monday is around 12 degrees (umm, seriously??) so my little hands need a little somethin somethin.  so thanks aquaphor, for not letting my  hands fall off.

finally, i am so stoked that i get to watch love actually tonight!  in true holiday spirit, i can't wait! 

so please, riddle me this,

what makes you happy today?!

(pictures are from kentuckysportsradio.com, google images, and yours truly.  hollllaaaa)


i've been good...

i've decided to debut my christmas wish list.  in all reality, i wish for world peace and to end world hunger and for marissa miller's body.  however, until that happens, i'll settle for the following masterpieces:
oh this beautiful brompton hobo in henna from jcrew, yes please!  where would you find it?  ...righttt here...

my very own pair of christian louboutins...
i don't think i'd ever wear anything else.

who doesn't need this beautiful double duty cape from where else but anthro?
a true beaut to keep me you warm in these cold, cold months!

and DOY.  a brand new canon rebel.  i know i've wished for this before, but please santa!  i've been good!

i know i may be a touch late in making my christmas decisions but it's better late than never, right?!

what do you want santa to bring you?!  any other ideas are welcome!


epic fail: christmas tree edition

another fantastic weekend?  sheesh, i'm a lucky gal.
i had to work on saturday so i decided to "take it easy" on friday night.  and by "take it easy" i mean i took patron shots and drank pitchers of bourbon with a straw in it and accidentally got wasted by 9pm. i blame jenny and lindsey for my turrible saturday work hangover. 

and that's ryan, he's our bartender and he knows the right time to forget the bourbon in our bourbon and ginger drinks.

after work on saturday, i watched the kentucky basketball game which i would prefer to not discuss.  i love terrance jones and brandon knight so very much but i wish they would get their act together and win win win like last season! 

since we i was hungover, we decided to bring out the air mattress and futon (?) to the living room, light a fire, and watch ironman 2 with some wine.  it was the perfect saturday night, especially since it is FREEZING here in kentucky...

which leads me to my next point...

after church on sunday, john and i went to huber's to get a christmas tree, which meant to saw it down ourselves.  i didn't take too many pictures because quite frankly, my hands were numb, my toosh was frozen, and my eyeballs weren't functioning. 

there's the awful array of poor, small, silly trees.

i told john that we should just get the tree above for the christmas tree so he started sawin away...


we left huber's with no tree but we did get 2 bottles of wine after we did a nice wine tasting!  it's a nice way to thaw out after torturing ourselves with the griswold type of christmas tree picking. 
note to self: buy a tree from a tree stand, which is exactly what we ended up doing.   
here's the tree we decided on!  she's a beaut!  the perfect height, and once it's decorated, i'll be sure to show ya exactly how lovely she really is.  :)  nothing is better than watchin football, drinkin wine, making some chicken pot pie (my fave) and decorating for the christmas season with a wonderful guy! 

if you missed the first edition (furniture) of the epic fail series, check it out here. for some reason i'm exceptionally great at screwin things up.

where did you get your christmas tree?!
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