epic fail: christmas tree edition

another fantastic weekend?  sheesh, i'm a lucky gal.
i had to work on saturday so i decided to "take it easy" on friday night.  and by "take it easy" i mean i took patron shots and drank pitchers of bourbon with a straw in it and accidentally got wasted by 9pm. i blame jenny and lindsey for my turrible saturday work hangover. 

and that's ryan, he's our bartender and he knows the right time to forget the bourbon in our bourbon and ginger drinks.

after work on saturday, i watched the kentucky basketball game which i would prefer to not discuss.  i love terrance jones and brandon knight so very much but i wish they would get their act together and win win win like last season! 

since we i was hungover, we decided to bring out the air mattress and futon (?) to the living room, light a fire, and watch ironman 2 with some wine.  it was the perfect saturday night, especially since it is FREEZING here in kentucky...

which leads me to my next point...

after church on sunday, john and i went to huber's to get a christmas tree, which meant to saw it down ourselves.  i didn't take too many pictures because quite frankly, my hands were numb, my toosh was frozen, and my eyeballs weren't functioning. 

there's the awful array of poor, small, silly trees.

i told john that we should just get the tree above for the christmas tree so he started sawin away...


we left huber's with no tree but we did get 2 bottles of wine after we did a nice wine tasting!  it's a nice way to thaw out after torturing ourselves with the griswold type of christmas tree picking. 
note to self: buy a tree from a tree stand, which is exactly what we ended up doing.   
here's the tree we decided on!  she's a beaut!  the perfect height, and once it's decorated, i'll be sure to show ya exactly how lovely she really is.  :)  nothing is better than watchin football, drinkin wine, making some chicken pot pie (my fave) and decorating for the christmas season with a wonderful guy! 

if you missed the first edition (furniture) of the epic fail series, check it out here. for some reason i'm exceptionally great at screwin things up.

where did you get your christmas tree?!


Jenny B said...

I love the Ryan is on your blog

Jen said...

Wow, look at you three girls... GORGEOUS!!

Valerie said...

Pitchers of bourbon??? I've never even heard of that. You're hardcore! You girls look adorable and it sounds like you had a really fun night!


Lindsay said...

That snow is gorgeous! I am jealous :)

bananas. said...

ooh lady...i like the way you do weekends!

can't wait to your tree all dolled up.

Pink Julep Abroad said...

Oooh, Crown and Gingers are like my favorite drink ever! Haven't had one in ages...

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