things i'm lovin

i know a lot of y'all like to talk about what you're loving on wednesdays, but i like to switch it up and talk about them on thursdays!  so here goes nothin... the small things in the world o jayme that makes me happy! 
my lovely customers like to bring in this adorable christmas cookies!  such nice people around the holidays... even if i don't really like these, it's still a nice gesture, right?

i am uber super duper excited and happy that i will be hosting my first dinner party tomorrow night with these three other beautiful ladies and their lovers!  if you're a dinner party pro, PLEASE send some suggestions my way!  they're greatly appreciated! 
may i add: cat is a celiac (which is allergic to wheat, oats, barley, and rye) and alex is a vegetarian... this should make for some interesting food varieties... :)

i am also very happy that my own kentucky wildcats beat notre dame last night.  the kicker: they played at freedom hall which is the former home of the louisville cardinals.  daaaang, that kentucky blue sure does look purdy in freedom hall!
i should also point out that i had the best and cutest date at the game. talk bout happy :) gah, i'm gay...

holiday nail polish.  need i explain? nope.  i smile.

and this guy.  reggie makes me laugh.  he's such an odd little guy and loves to snuggle so much.  if i love my children half as much as i love this guy, they're in for a real treat.

yup. i went there.  i love this stuff.  it's just so great during these disgusting times in kentucky.  the high on monday is around 12 degrees (umm, seriously??) so my little hands need a little somethin somethin.  so thanks aquaphor, for not letting my  hands fall off.

finally, i am so stoked that i get to watch love actually tonight!  in true holiday spirit, i can't wait! 

so please, riddle me this,

what makes you happy today?!

(pictures are from kentuckysportsradio.com, google images, and yours truly.  hollllaaaa)


Leslie said...

those cookies are precious!
and have fun hosting your dinner party!

Lindsay said...

THose cookies are adorable. Where are they from??

styleforlife said...

Love it all and I own Love Actually, its the best movie....Have you seen Holiday? LOVE! xxxx

Emma said...

Hi Jayme! I just found your blog and am just thrilled; I have been searching high and low for another blogger in Louisville! I am semi-new to the area, so hopefully I'll learn a little more about the city as I go back and read your posts! :)


Annie said...

the cookies are very cute! how can you not like them? i'll eat them, all of em' ;)
have fun at the dinner party!!!
i have never seen love actually, i must see it. i keep seeing it posted on blogs.
today i'm happy because my company party starts in 20 minutes...early day for me. woo hoo ;)

Holly said...

hi! I just wanted to let you know that I changed my blog and its location to forevergoldenx.blogspot.com :) those cookies look delicious and so adorable <3 happy to be your 100th follower!

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