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do you remember my grandmother from this post here? it was from her book signing since she had just published a book last november.  well of course i am one proud granddaughter and would like to take a moment to brag on her...
in case you forgot what her beautiful wittle face looked like, here's a refresher.  isn't she lovely?

well she was on the cover of being green in cincinnati.
isn't that awesome!?!?

i did not get any of her artistic ability but i believe she may have enough for the entire family!  she is absolutely wonderful and so talented.  at an age when most would be relaxing and retiring, she is workin even harder... because she loves it! 

congrats nanoo, we are all so proud! :)


Top 2 Tuesdays

For the first time, I've decided to include myself in the Top 2 Tuesdays from Taylor's blog...
today's topic is
The Top 2 Things (not peeps) You Would Take to a Deserted Island

I decided I would even bring the non-electronic (that's not right, is it?) version of the game since I'd be on an island and wouldn't want a lot of electronic stuff beepin and buzzin all over the place.  But catch phrase is always fun and provides millions of hours of entertainment.

in complete contrast to the non electronic version of a catch phrase, i would somehow find a way to get power to my canon rebel since i'm sure i'd like to photograph anything and everything that would happen on that deserted island. 

*i'd also like to mention that my friends i would be deserted with would hopefully bring the booze since i'm providing the entertainment and memories.


life rests

we spent the weekend on the river.
billys mom just bought a wonderful boat and we stayed on it from friday night until sunday night.  we drank too much, swam too much, got too much sun, were way too lazy, and laughed a lot. 
after work on friday, we went straight to the boat.
billy and i enjoying the lovely cruise with drinks in hand, the perfect, relaxing start of the weekend.
we got some fish sandwiches and ate them on the boat in the cove.  on the way back, this is what the gorgeous moon looked like. 
saturday was the wild day on the boat.  lindsey (who is a louisville fan) was sporting a kentucky fan.  i'm not sure why but after a lot of drinking, holding hands and putting our arms up and posing really weird sounded like a hot and great idea...
unfortunately this is the only some what appropriate picture i have from saturday but it'll do!
then on sunday, we were back on the boat again!  this time, we brough hannah who is julie's precious black lab.  she is a go getter and loooooves to be in the water. 
and the perfect weekend ended with the perfect dinner.  billy and i got some sushi, and this rising sun roll, wrapped in cucumber instead of rice was simply amazing! 

a perfect weekend ended with some sake and sushi, which really couldn't get much better.

we're headed to florida on thursday to spend the fourth of july weekend on the beach with jenny and chas and thursday cannot come soon enough!

what'd you do this weekend?! tell me something coooool!


wordless wednesday

almost wordless  :)
my beautiful doggie reggie
wearin his shades and soakin up the sun!


movie reviews

to be honest, i usually don't go to the movie theater that much. i enjoy watching movies in the comfort of my own home (read: i fall asleep quickly and i prefer to sleep at home and not with a bunch of strangers in a dark room)...
...however, i did not sleep during any of the following movies
but i will provide my reviews of each of them

on friday night, we packed up and headed to the drive in to watch TOY STORY 3.
if you haven't seen it, or if you think you're too cool for it, you.are.WRONG!
it was such a great movie. the details, the characters, the story line, the heart warming toys, etc etc etc make this movie one of the best i've seen all year. 
it's funny enough for adults to get the humor but innocent enough that i loved loved loved it.

we just weren't ready to leave the drive in quite yet on friday night so we ended up staying for the bounty hunter.  although jennifer aniston and gerard butler both look great, the movie was awful.  about an hour into it, i looked at my friend alex and said "is the movie still on?!" because i just couldn't bear to watch anymore of it.  i guess it would've been better to just watch jen and gerard in silence for two hours. if ya haven't seen this, you're not missin out.

get him to the greek.
if you're like me and you can't think of a more annoying person in the world than that awful russell brand guy, then you'll probably hate this movie as much as i did.
i left with about 30 minutes to go, and to be honest, i'm shocked i stayed that long!

wow, this movie is intense!  but it was so dang good.  it's the total opposite of the previous movies but it was great.  i cried like a baby from the opening scene until the credits at the end.  my nose was sore the next day and my eyes were a puffy mess.  but seriously, i've thought about the movie everyday since i saw it. it's not a light hearted movie by any means but i did like it a lot.

and if you skipped this entire post, i'll summarize it for ya...
go see toy story 3

xo... any other great movies for me to see?!  or have you seen any of these movies and what did you think??


a belated happy fathers day

i'm very lucky to have not one but two amazing fathers in my life.
my pops

my dad is five daughters:  it's crazy but he loves us all!
and this here is my step dad
he's great
i'll spare y'all the details of just how wonderful they reall are but trust me, i'm a lucky gal to have these two men in my life. 

pops and ricky-
i love y'all.


downs after dark

churchill downs.
if you've ever been, you know how amazing it is.
if you've never been, go buy your tickets for derby RIGHT NOW. 
billys photography.  he's talented if i do say so myself! 
this is a typical night at churchill and it's so beautiful. 
if you look real hard, you can see that jenny and i are actually holding up one of the twin spires!  we're so buff...
i thought i should include a picture of jenny and me sober during the day light, since it's a rare occasion!
this is my cousin kelly and her boyfriend adam and myself.  they're crazy fun and i love them dearly.

and since this is my favorite picture (and its even now my facebook picture) i've decided its double blog post worthy!

I am starting a personal trainer tonight

and i really could use some suggestinos on healthy snacks that i could eat since i'm attempting a "life style" change... any ideas from you beautiful, fit, lovely, healthy blogger ladies?!

the carrie concert

these nice guys were DREADING   so excited to go to the carrie underwood concert.  they could barely contain the excitement...
but in all honesty, by the time we left the concert, we were listening to more of her songs in the car on the way home.  carrie is GORGEOUS and an awesome performer.  the guys were pleasantly surprised, but jenny and i knew we'd love it!

i would definitley say that y'all need to go!  billy HATES country music (which yes, does offend me...)  :) but he will admit he loved the concert.  he even said she "rapped" one song, even though i don't think "last name" is really a rap version, whatevs.

just an artsy picture to throw into the mix... billy is multi-talented with the ability to drive AND photograph. 
but that was only on the way up there because we rode in a TERRIBLE storm the entire hour and a half way home.
go see carrie in concert!  :)


night racing, garden, carrie

Another great weekend.
Life is pretty darn good right about now.
Here are just a few pictures to hold ya over until I can gather all of the other great pictures (and because I have a lot of work to get done)...
Friday night we went to Churchill Downs for some night racing.  They have AMAZING music and great drinks so it's really a win win... even though I lost at the actual betting part.  oopsies.  This is Jenny and me dancin along facing the track.
On Saturday morning, i went on the anchorage garden tour with my grandparents and aunt.  These are my grandparents and they are quite precious if i do say so myself!  

also, i must point this out... one of my besties sisters is a very talented artist and she was selling some of her work at a little boutique for the garden tour... well her web site is maggie jones designs and i really recommend you check it out. she makes these great collages that are so fascinating.  i just love em.. but seriously, go look! 

here's a random picture of a cool waterfall from the tour?
saturday night, the girls all hung out at my sister jessie's house until the guys got bored with "guy day" and came and brought us all food to grill out!  it was a great night of sitting on the porch, drinkin, gossiping, and enjoying everyone! 

Then this is the part where I'll include many more pictures...
jenny, chas, billy, and i headed to lexington for the
she is a great performer and even though billy and chas were dreading the concert, i think they left both obsessed with her.  she's gorgeous and the girl can sing! 

do you like carrie underwood or what did you do this weekend??!!
...better yet... what's your favorite concert you've EVER been to!?


bowling, track, boat, pool

whew!  whata weekend!
it started on friday night when we went to happy hour and then bowling.
don't judge... i rode home in a car seat because it was the only place available?  sorry about the bad picture, apparently the iphone isnt the same as a canon rebel??
jenny and i ... the only reason to go bowling... corn dogs!
saturday was billy's big 3-0!
we began the day by going to churchill downs for some races and winning!

i will have to remember to take a picture but i got billy a t-shirt made for his birthday...
the front says
thirty's not old
and the back says
if you're  a tree.
bahahhah i thought it was hilarious.  so creative, eh?
here's the crew at the track.
shannon, me, jwoww.  again, the iphone pic isn't that great but you get the lovely idea!
this is one from the captains quarters princess...
there was an actual photographer at billy's party so when i get those pictures, i'll be sure to post because i'm sure y'all are just dyyyyying to see them!  :)

billy was born with an incredible talent of having a super long arm that he can fit up to 9 people in one swift motion.  ...wowzerz!

and the perfect weekend ended at this here beautiful pool at billy's moms house.  i was layin out on the waterfall portion of the three tiered pool when i took this picture... pretty cool, eh??

so there ya have it...
one hellova successfull weekend!!

what did you do this weekend??


happy birthday billy

happy birthday billy.
i hope your 30th birthday is absolutely wonderful and full of excitement and joy.
here are about 5% of the pictures i have of us from the last 6 years but i thought it would be fun to post 'em all...  :) 
happy happy birthday b.
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