so quick

quickest weekend ever!  it's amazing to me how fast the weekends fly by these days, even when they're long weekends! 
wednesday night, we had thanksgiving dinner with my stepmoms side of the family at her parents house.  it was a lovely night followed by a late night at the bars.  we won't even mention the depressing kentucky basketball game that was played in between the two festivities...

my step sistetr lauren & her boy matt, my stepmom karen, and john...

i didn't take my pictures from wednesday night *you're welcome... but it was basically a high school reunion at this brand new bar called molly malone's... aka my second home.

thursday morning, we did our annual breakfast at our friends house.  funny story:  my cousin cam (above) and my friend ben were all upstairs at ben's house and there were like 100 people (nicluding a million children) there for the breakfast.  so we were upstairs, being hungover and from down the hallway, we heard:
"i need somebody to come wipe my bottom!!!!!!"
it was a little three year old girl and she was sitting on the toilet, her dress held up, and crying because no one was around to wipe her bottom.  it. was. hilarious. ohhh the days  :)
after that, my cousins (cameron and riley) and i stayed in the basement and slept.. all day.

on thursday evening, all 18 of us from my moms side feasted on a wonderful thanksgiving dinner, made by my grandpa and mama.  they are amazing chefs and we are quite a lucky family!

friday.  cat and i hosted a 10 year middle school reunion.  we went to an extremely small school from kindergarten to 8th grade and it's pretty cool that we're all still real close!
cat and i were the first to arrive (super early) so we decided it was only right to break open a bottle, or two while waiting...

hunt, curt, taylor, beau, charlie ray, susie, ben, scott, jordan, alex, me, nina, cat.
it was about a third of our middle school class but with such late notice and a lot of peeps out of town, we were pretty happy with the turnout! 

the rest of the weekend was laid back, relaxing, perfect, and amazing. kentucky lost to tennessee (for the 26th year in a row, UGH!), i hung out with my little sis sam on saturday, and then we attended church on sunday with a nice lunch afterwards.  

tonight, i have my final presentation for the semester in my grad school and i cannot wait to have some time off!!  i've been workin really hard on it so please keep me in your thoughts that everything goes great!  :)

are you still full of thanksgiving leftovers or what??  and also...are you still besties with your middle school peeps?


full of thanks

i'm full of thanks this year. 
i'm thankful for (in no specific order):
my family
my friends
my special peeps
my doggs
my life going in the right direction
my job
my blog
my strength
my grad school (eek)
my nephew
country music
fall weather
sweet tea

i could go on and on but really, i'd love to hear from you guys.  what are you thankful for this year?

beer math

So I got this email today and it was too fun not to share, especially since the holidays and the drinkin days are upon us!  So here goes nothin and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  ...It's a nice something to do while your bored at work home. 

Your age in beer math.
This is pretty neat & work this out as you read.

Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out! This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun.

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have a beer(more than once but less than 10)
2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold)
3. Add 5
4. Multiply it by 50 -- I'll wait while you get the calculator
5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1760 ..

If you haven't, add 1759..
6... Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.
You should have a three digit number
The first digit of this was your original number

(i.e., how many times you want to have beer each week).

The next two numbers are
YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it is!!!!!)

This is the only year (2010) it will work, so start speading christmas cheer the beer math fun while it lasts.


oh hay honayy

something is happening to me that i cannot seem to get my weekend recap going until at least tuesday?  oh riiight, it must be the school that is kicking my ass that is keeping me too busy! going from work to grad school is getting out of control and needs to stop asap! 
so here goes nothin...
remember the spring night racing at churchill downs that jenny and i destroyed last season?  well they decided to do a fall night racing on friday and i'm so glad we went! i love love churchill downs and horse racing and fall and bourbon and my friends.. needless to say, i enjoyed myself. 
lindsey, jenny, and moi. 

jenny, johnny, me.  it was cold so i had to keep my coat on or else i'd totally show you my great fit... did you sense the sarcasm??  i hope you did because i'm really not one to start showcasing my pretty boring and full of dresses and boots wardrobe on here... totally unamusing.

it may look like we were the only people there but i think they estimated around like 25,000 or somethin like that.  apparently no one was below us?  it was a great night.

saturday night, my fam and i traveled to northern kentucky for the night to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday! 

me, jess, t.  saturday was the first night that jessie's belly really started to show and oh my goodness!  it was so stinkin cute!  i am going to love this time until april with her belly and all that!  but then again, i really can't wait until april when i can actually hold little brayden, or colton, or hudson, or whatever the babies name ends up being in my arms!!

it's water, i promise.

this is my brother, alex.  and my grandmother's art work is all around in these pictures, do you enjoy?

and my lovely grandmother.  she's the artist and she's amazing!  gotta love the car ride photo shoots, right??

my cousin, cameron, had his birthday on friday and my grandmother drew this drawing of him for his birthday present!  in real life, he doesn't have those pecs :)

and here's a glimpse into my grandmother's art studio!  the blue in the background is the sun setting over the ohio river.  it's an INCREDIBLE view and next time we go, i'll get a nice picture for yall because it's pretty awesome. 

so yes, i was exhausted from the weekend.
from night racing, going out afterwards, work on saturday, nothern kentucky, dinner at the chart house on the river, drinking, shopping, getting christmas gifts, hanging out with some cutie, football and basketball games, driving to and from nky, being with my family, and runing more errands, i was tired.  but me, being the great little student i am, spent six hours at school on sunday night!  my team met at 5 o'clock and worked our butts off... go team dandy!  but secretly... that's how i do much best work, with my boots up and someone else drivin the excel.  i'm smarter than i appear... buahah

how was your weekend?! 

i'll be back someday with my zillions of thanksgiving plans!  can't even wait!  xoxoxox
what are your plans for the holiday weekend?!  have a wonderful thanksgiving!


oh right, the weekend?

oh, it's thursday already?  and you're just dyyying to know what i did over the weekend?  you're in luck my friends.  the recap is finally here.
friday night was great.  we went to tumbleweed on the river (because we've had some awesome weather here in kentucky lately...except for the past couple days...)  it was me, cat, alex, kelly, john, curt, michael, and adam.  the dinner was great and then led us to pat's house for a little predrinking before we hit the town. 
besties since kindergarten. me, alex, cat.  remember, alex's wedding is in june and cats is in april!  those little lovebirds.

kelly and adam.  they're pretty funny and i kinda love em a lot.

is that jenny on the left?  ohh why yes it is!  we ran into that little lush at the bar  ;)
jenny, me, cat, lizzie, alex

this guy? 
john, meet the blog world. 
blog world, meet john.
you'll learn more about him later.

oh, the ole from the back shot.  it's just to be expected when the girls start drinkin... 
yup, that just happened.
on saturday, my mom, jessie, and i went to northern kentucky just for the afternoon to have lunch with my grandmother for her birthday. my cousin maggie came along too.  we lunched, shopped, and headed home to cure my hangover from the night before.  well worth it.
i don't have pictures from saturday night because frankly, they're just inappropriate.  i went to a "gals party" and then went out for just a little bit.  sunday started off with some nice church then two lunches and finished with a movie (right, robin hood) at jwowws. 
all in all, a wonderful weekend.  sorry for the late update but my life changes are getting most of my attention... and not to mention that school is totally kickin my ass right now!  but it's almost over (for the semester) and i couldn't be happier!!

hope you're having a great week!!



it's a......

As you know, I'm going to be an aunt and I've never been so excited about anything in my whole life!!!!  We (yes, I include myself because afterall, it's partly my baby too...right?!) found out that itsbeen is a



I have five sisters and only one brother so I'm going to need some help with the whole boy thing!  So please, if you have sons, nephews, brothers, anything... help a sistah out! 




nashville party

once again, i loved the weekend.  this whole monday thing is going to have to change because i need longer weekends.  this past weekend, we (jenny, courtney, lindsey, and i) went down to nashville to celebrate courtney's birthday.  we celebrated her 21st... even though it may or may not have been her 21st birthday... we're sneaky like that. 
so here's how this post is going to work:
i'm going to post really embarrassing photos of us on our girls trip and then try my best to maybe explain what's happening and you're not going to judge us but you're going to understand that it was fun and embrace the fact that we're crazy.  kthanxbye. 

we're completely brilliant and such party planners that we came up with this incredible idea all on our own... not with the help of any sports players or anything.... we found AMAZING pictures of courtney from over the years and blew up the best four.  let's say courtney is a dime... for more evidence, check out this SEPTEMBER photo from a calendar she was in a few years ago.  and for even more evidence, check out the next upcoming 239874 photos in this post. 
here are the four blown up and set up against the window for her to be surprised when she walked into the room!
and the four originals.  DANG, she's hot!
the proud woman with her models pics. 
she's a dime. best top of the line. cute face little waist with a big behind.
to continue the fun, we even made a shot book.  for each shot we took, she signed her name, wrote the type of shot, who it was with and the time so we could watch the ultimate demise of sobriety. 
jayme, jenny, sarah, courtney, lindsey before we hit the town.
the whole group - lindsey, andrea, jenny, courtney, kyb, sarah. looook out nashville!
oh whats that?  the beginning of the questionable photos?  since court and i were twinsies, we decided it was best to show off from the back.  in case you haven't been following this blog for awhile and can't tell which one is my backside, i'm on the left.  ;) 
eat your heart out ladies. 
we headed to the tin roof and carried on our little way with shots, dancing, boob singing, photo shoots, and other necessary girls night traditions. 
oh right, this picture.  you may ask why i'm including this picture when i have my own choice since its my blog but you know why:
because i am the best dougie-er in the all the town.  this is photo evidence that i can out-dougie you.
court, me, lindsey gb, and our friend in the pretty dress in the background.
shots! shots! shots! shots!
cabsss arrrr heraahhh!
we almost all made it into this picture, close enough, eh?   we headed to the red rooster for the end of the night, wishing the bar wouldn't close so early (even with the extra day light savings hour) we just weren't ready to call it a night! 
on the way home, our girl precious sat in the middle with her seat belt and krystals.  we were in traffic for quite awhile due to a one sided wreck is a land cruiser... but precious was safe as were we... after i gave up the wheel.  i began driving but quickly got the boot due to my lack of knowledge of how to operate a moving vehicle.  well played jayme, well played.

so there ya have it.  hopefully we'll be back in nashville (or VEGAS!) soon because my life is so much better with girls trips in there. 
court, happy birthday and i can't wait to continue celebrating for the rest of month!! 
jenny, hahahaha. that's really all i can say.  fitch told me to tell you to keep your ear piece in.
and lindsey, you're a monster. a monster i tell you.

what's the best girls trip you've ever taken?? 



if you told me on saturday afternoon that i was going to dress up on saturday night, i would've laughed at you.  i was set on wearing my regular clothes and being satisfied.  so while jenny and i were resting in her bed saturday, lindsey came in and tried on her "tara u. clothesoff" costume.  before we knew it, we were on our way to halloween express. 
 peer pressures a bitch i tell ya
i'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
i decided to go "collage style" in my attempt to minimize the pictures and make them harder to decipher. did it work?  are you embarrassed for us?!
we had a photo shoot (clearly) before we went out and lemme just say the night ended a lot worse than this looks... we ended the night at 630 am at a breakfast place called barbara lee's.  

i'll be the first to admit that halloween really isn't my favorite holiday.  in fact, i never even really think twice about the day because i am just not interested in dressing like a whore tasteful young woman.  however, i'll now admit that saturday night was so well worth it.  we had an absolute blast and i would probably do it every.single.night. for the rest of my life....err, ok, once is enough.

and because it's amazing... my brother in law, taylor, dressed dexter up as an oreo for halloween, with just a simple white t... see? costumes can be inexpensive and homemade and easy!  

so, do you think it's still okay to dress hoe-loween-ie or are you over it and prefer the more conservative halloween holiday?


the time...

i'll still recovering from halloween and i just can't man up quite yet to post my pictures... they're umm, what's the word? scary!
times they are a changin...

 and because i like this one
and eventually, hopefully, if all the stars align, this will be me...
are you at peace?...

Do you agree with this?...

So there ya have it... it's my attempt to delay the halloween pictures and explaining the recent happenins of my life.  :0)
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