better than the best day ever - biggg news!

i could not be any happier to announce the following breaking news:

he popped the question in the sweetest, most romantic way i could have ever imagined.
the way he asked will be a whole new post because quite frankly, this girl has already started planning and i'm spending this newly engaged time with my fiancĂ©!  

my tacori ring in all its beauty.  

so my loves, i'll be back shortly to tell deets but just could not wait any longer to tell you lovelies!  

xxooxo  :)

all our love, soon to be mr. & mrs. kentucky blonde


the best day ever

the question: what is the ideal place to spend the day after you celebrated the marriage between two friends?
the answer: go to moms house, get out the air mattresses, watch football, lounge all day, and of course eat every 20 minutes.

this is how we all felt... pure relaxation and happiness. lazy? yes. unproductive? absolutely. just what the doctor ordered? you betcha!

eye spy the perfect picture:
sam (my little sis) is home from college for the break, a christmas tree, my puppy reggie, a kentucky blanket, air mattresses, more blankets than a person could count, and a cold day outside which made the fireplace even more perfect. 

just when my reached what i thought was my highest point of happiness, this little guy came over to share the joy of air mattress day!!  watching the new little crawler attempt to cross over the air mattress was hilarious, precious, and a little bit sad because he just didn't understand why it was more difficult than hardwood.

his aunt (yup, me) decided there's nothin better than a naked baby so i let the munchkin spend some time in his birthday suit and as you can tell, i think its his new favorite outfit.  also, check out that death grip he has on my stepdads face.

no words for this.

between the lazy day on the air mattresses and peeling ourselves out of the blankets to eat some chili, we threw on our greatest mink coats and went outside to shoot our christmas picture. 
peta: please, no emails. :)

after all the excitement, we were all feelin just like colton... all tuckered out!  

what is your ideal perfect sunday??


wedding edition: sullivans

connnnngratulations to pat and kaitlin!!!
this is the last picture of pat as a single man!  

the loveliest groomsman of them all! myyy johnny!  

one big ole happy family!
the wedding ceremony took place at the caldwell chapel and it was absolutely beautiful.

pat's mother looked beautiful in her off the shoulder ruffled dress but the spotlight was certainly on the blushing bride and her incredibly gorgeous dress!  

the wedding party (and their significant others: read: me) took a trolley to the reception at audubon country club.

the newlyweds!!

john and i on the trolley...

where moonshine was passed around.
the best man, charlie, is a moonshine master and brought the homemade moonshine with cherries to calm the nerves of the men before the ceremony.  lucky for us, the leftovers came along for the trolley ride!

alex, the beautiful bride kaitlin, kentuckyblonde, and cat!

awww, what's cuter than a new husband with his new wedding band??

we danced the night away. and i'd be lying if i said i wasn't sore from shakin my groove thang the next day.  their band was this, that, and the other was was sooo awesome!  they were an absolute blast, interactive, and so much fun!

cutting the cake.  <3

that's john's dads beautiful gf and moi. 

kellen and cassie.  two of my faves.  
and some more of my absolute faves... the deals!  

a wonderful night by all! 

congrats to pat and kaitlin, i am so lucky to have been a part of your lovely journey and can't wait to celebrate more when y'all return from your beautiful punta cana honeymoon!



the day before the big day

over the weekend, we had the pleasure of celebrating the nuptials between two of our very good friends, kaitlin and patrick.
john and pat have been friends forever, allowing john to have the pleasure of being one of groomsmen.  
that's pat, on the right. that lucky guy to snag such a great gal!

the rehearsal was held at the pendennis club, a prestigious social club in downtown louisville.  it was beautiful with the open bars, the hilarious and heartfelt toasts, fantastic dinner, and excitement for what was going to happen the next day!
that's john, travis, and charlie. charlie was the best man and gave an amazing toast. 

cat and i held down the table with the six men in the two pictures above. it was a tough job, but being the groomsmen groupies we are, we knew we could handle it.
drew and james were groomsmen and curt read the irish blessing in the wedding, and did a wonderful job at that!

to no surprise, the four of us enjoyed the evening together. 
curt, cat, moi, john.

my johnny and myself.

we had so much fun and even met some new friends!

but by the end of the night, when we all started looking like this, we knew it was time to rest up for the big day!  

i am so sad i didn't get a picture of kaitlin because she looked so stunning in her perfectly white rehearsal dress and was beaming!  

but gear up because the wedding day is next.  



the pay off

they say hard work pays off. want proof? here ya go...
these are the lovely ladies i've spent every monday and wednesday with for the past two and a half years.  

and here's the whole graduating cohort!  love these guys and i'll definitely miss them!

but after the ceremony, my family went to dinner at avalon on bardstown road and it was soooo incredible.
let me explain who was there from top to bottom, left to right.
my cousin riley, my grandmother and grandfather, my stepdad rick, my dad, my mom, my stepmom karen, my bro alex, my sister jessie, johns dad jody and his gf beth, ME, and my johnny!

can you even believe how incredibly blessed i am?!  

it was all fun and games... especially when i had the wonderful idea (after a martini or two) to go around the table and have everyone say one adjective that best describes me!  haaahaha, it was so much fun and i loved all the attention and compliments. i hope you found the sarcasm, but seriously.  ;)

so not only does the pay off the hard work include time spent with my amazing family, but it also includes these materialistic things too...

oh? what's that you say? what do you see??

ohhh yesssss!!!  a macbook air!!  i am over the moon excited and i'm glad to say this blog post is one of the very first things accomplished on this piece of incredible technology!

and how could i possibly go an entire post without including colton??  his precious christmas picture. :)

its official. master of business administration.

whoop whoop

thank you all for the wonderful, kind words! i am very grateful for each and every single one!



all grown up

after two and a half long years, 
today is the day and full of tears.

i'll walk up that stage to get my diploma,
afterwards, i'll treat myself to a wine and food coma.

years of studying, writing, and speeches,
i can finally use what the professor teaches.

advanced knowledge is oh, so, healthy
and someday i hope it'll make me wealthy!

today, i'll receive my masters
i couldn't imagine it would happen faster(s).

we started out as scared little strangers,
but now we're together for any dangers.

the best team in the world is team dandy,
even though we should celebrate somewhere sandy.

class of 2011!

its official, i'll now sign my name KentuckyBlonde, MBA.

xo, i'm off to celebrate!


the haps

well well well. boy, do we have a lot to discuss!  
first - thank you for entering my giveaway... you still have a few days so if you haven't already, go ahead and get 'r done here!
first, it would just be wrong if we didn't start this post off with my perfect nephew, colton.

i was trying to get a picture of this AMAZING reindeer shoes but between him trying to eat them and his precious little face, i fell captive to forgetting my goal and just eating his little face right off.

that's the closest i got.  

 it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...
i am so happy to spent our second christmas together so john and i spent the evening decorating our home, getting the tree, and rearranging everything to accommodate the many upcoming get together's we'll be hosting.
j&j stockings.

the garland.  yup, it lights up.

a must-have.

thanks to johns dad, we now have some lovely christmas pillows ;)
please just ignore my cowboy boot slippers, my vino, and my blogging station there.

our entryway. i never thought i'd be the "christmas table runner decor" type of gal, but i never cease to amaze myself.

all shook lit up!

every.single.present... ready to go!  

i've also been on a cooking kick lately. these pumpkin spice cookies are not only great during the fall, they are also the perfect compliment to snow and fireplaces!
i also made this chili recipe and OHH MYYY WOOORD!  if your man enjoys hot and spicy, make this for him and i promise you'll have him wrapped around your little finger...oops, sorry john.. ;)
it's tray's spicy texas chili found here.

my friends... the countdown has begun!  i graduate in 7 days! (imagine: monica from friends 7! 7! 7! 7!..anyone?)

these peeps above (team dandy) have been my favorite part of my grad school experience and i love em to death. i'm really going to miss seeing their dandy little faces every monday and wednesday but i'm so proud of us to have our MBA's and rule the world! D4L!

mi madre treated me to a whole new tea set the other day and i must say... i'm obsessed.

from the way the tea was presented, to the beautiful birds on the side of the cup, the perfect tea measure spoon and the can to hold the loose tea in.  ugh, be still my heart.  are you a tea-er??

one more... this is my grandmother's painting and i need y'all to help me decide where to put it!  beverly erschell, my gma, is amazing and i hope you buy her paintings... or at least her book!  

well friends, this gal but put the pedal to the metal and complete my list of 92783 things to do today!!  

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