introducing the name

i spent my day off work (and school) doing arts and crafts with my lovely pregnant sister and my lovely nonpregnant mother.  we hit up hobby lobby and decided to make something special for my nephew, who is due in april and words just cannot express how excited i am.
you may recall that sometimes, i attempt to be crafty but i'm in fact not. you can see those posts here, with the furniture edition, and here, with the christmas tree edition.  oopsies.
however, i'm very glad to say that this experiment came out as a great success!
dexter wanted to get in the picture but here's the beginning of the crafty day.  boring, colorless, and dull.
here's another shot. i'm practicing on my canon rebel. kthanxbye. and dexter is peepin again...
and just because he's beautiful, there's reggie.  he was there too, but he kept his distance from the crafts.

spray painting.  which i may add was the only real epic fail of the day.  we ended up not really liking the color so we painting over it.  but it was a simple, quick fix so i would hardly call that a fail.  usually, when i have an epic fail, it's unfixable.  welcome to my life.

hint: those are his initials.  except it's C.A.B., not abc.

jessie hard at work making the tape ready for the stripes on the letters.  are you getting antsy to find out the name already?!

ps, the bedding for the precious boy is from serena and lily and its the dylan set. you can see it here, because i know you're interested.   ;)



i'm so excited to meet this little guy in april.  i'll show you the finished product when the room gets painted and the name is actually hanging up, i promise.  :)

do you like the finished product for his nursery!? compliments make me feel a lot better, doy. 


Jacqueline said...

I love it! Being crafty takes time...you are getting it! :)

Kerr said...

very crafty, I am impressed

Annie said...

the craft turned out great! love his name! :)
i've seen it a few times recently!

Natalie said...

It looks so good-- you did a great job! Colton is such a sweet name.

Ashley said...

love the name - i know you are excited! i can't wait to be anaunt one day! :) great job on all the projects!

Mrs. Dontje said...

verrrrry cute! i love the name and i love the color scheme! you're going to be a great aunt! :)

Lindsay said...

You guys are so creative. HOW CUTE!

Morgan said...

LOVE IT! Such a beautiful name and love the creativity around the DIY project!

Miss Chelsea said...

Cute!! I'm a new follower =)

Jennifer said...

If you don't mind me asking, where did you find those wooden letters? I've been looking for some to paint/decorate and hang in my childrens room (Adriana & Colton) :) We live in a very small town with only one craft store about an hour away! So I haven't been able to find any anywhere!

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