let the wedding festivities begin!

2011 is definitely the wedding year for a gazillion of my friends. the past weekend was the kick off to the showers, celebrations, and parties we have in order to welcome the many weddings we have this year!  this weekend, we had a wedding shower for curt and cat, who will be tying the knot in april in south carolina. 
this picture was too fun not to include.  one my favorite parts of these showers is going to some amazing houses of the hosts. the owners of saturday nights party was an incredible house.  i tried to sneak pictures of their master bath because it was SO breathtakingly beautiful that i really wanted to show you guys but i just couldn't bring myself to snap the picture.. i'll work on that.  well, in the corner of their cabin-esque basement, they have the evolution of the telephone.  the reverse side of the wall is a pay phone and then every cell phone you could ever imagine.  it was pretty interesting and random, but i liked the thought.

ps, get ready for pictures galore!

this hot picture of david and beau was included to show you some of the house... it was an open floor plan with the neatest details you could imagine.  obsessed, why yes, i am. 

lizzie and my dad.  
john, me, alex, and michael. remember, they're gettin hitched in june.

david and alex. yayy

that's lizzie.  and me too.

alex, me, lizzie.  we are three of the bridesmaids.

and the bride.  this is cat.  we didn't mean to match but great minds think alike.  ain't she pretty?

fellow a-towners.  cat and i were each others first friends when we were like a day old.  then cat and ben were second friends, and then beau and i were second friends. alotta history there, folks.

love this one.  from the left, jamie and maggie are the brides sisters, then cat, me, cats mom mary jane, lauren, my mama, and then alex and lizzie in the front.  we've all known each other since before kindergarten.  impressive, eh?

alex and moi.

the bride and her sisters.  just keep lookin at the house too.  don't forget...

AND THE COUPLE.  see? aren't they so perfect together.  :)  i just love this picture too much to not include!  curt and cat.

alex and moi.  once again. so awesome.

cat with three of her bridesmaids. 

my pops.

my john.  plus i thought you'd be interested in my outfit. ;)   isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen? i know, i know.

sorry about all the pictures but i'm too indecisive to leave any out!  i had a wonderful time and i'm so happy to be a part of all these weddings this year!  my life has never been better and all these celebrations definitely make it easy to be so thankful!

rest of the weekend: friday night, i made an amazing dinner, if you're into salmon, let me know because i have an AMAZING recipe! then on saturday, we went to a charity bowling event where i sucked so bad that i don't think i'll ever go bowling again.  whoops.  and then on sunday, we went to church and then finally put up the christmas tree and began installing the lighting in the basement, which i'll include pictures as we keep redoing things! 

i hope you all had a great weekend!  what'd you do? 



Abby Farnham said...

weddings are so fun. you are going to have so many eventful weekends!!

Mrs. Dontje said...

mmm love me some salmon! i have some in my fridge actually that i have to use soon cause it's fresh. will you email me the recipe? :)

Lindsay said...


Jennifer said...

I always love your pictures! Oh and I'll take that salmon recipe PLEASE!

Michaela said...

Oh so fun! And you are just adorable! (:

Samantha @ Black Velvet Chair said...

What a Great outfit! So fun!

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