my week away

 i celebrated the week between christmas and new years in my home away from home... west palm beach, florida.  it was wonderful, relaxing, beautiful, a bit chilly, and perfect.  we ate dinners at the best restaurants, got spa treatments at the breakers (where we saw susan lucci, may i add), read books, lounged by the pool, took walks on the beach, drank, a lot, watched basketball, took daily afternoon naps, slept in, played cards, drove around to see beautiful, ginormous houses, and spent time a lot of quality family time together. 

in the heart of palm beach... seeing all these beautiful multi million dollar houses makes me feel right at home...  ;)
you can see the place where we spent our new years right behind those palm trees... a great italian place called cucina.

this is what happens when i ask john to get some pictures while i drove... helicopters and roof tops and oncoming traffic... at least the sky was beautiful and i never get tired of the blue and green!

it's still real purdy.

and this is my attempt to be artsy (artistic or autistic?) .... am i talented with my new canon rebel or what??

paradise at it's finest...

OH WAIT!  or is this paradise?  yup, that's my mom.  she's a touch looney!  she decided to play some dress up  hahahahaha
dear mom, please don't be mad at me.  :)

now to balance out the weirdness a little bit, here's a normal picture of my step dad. ain't he cute?

oh, and my brother.  he's a real peach in front of the camera....

aww, yes.  we continue with the week.  we decided to spend a day at the spa at the breakers.  please peep our pedicures in this picture.  and susan lucci and i are besties now.  read it and weep.

landscape pictures.  please, just let me have my moment with my new photographs. 

pregnant jessie at the beach.  isn't she a beautiful pregnant lady?  i'm so excited for my little nephew.

have i mentioned they decided on a name?!  ..more to come..

also, i read half broke horses while i was down there and if you haven't read it yet, you should!  that and the glass castle, both by jeannette walls, they are fantastic reads!  i love her writing.  anymore book suggestions?

hope you are having a wonderful tuesday!



Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness I love West Palm Beach! My boyfriend has a home there and I just love when we go down to visit. It definitely beats this cold, rainy Maryland weather I've been getting lately! Looks like you had a fabulous holiday week!


KLaw said...

You were in WPB? You totally should have said whazup! I am in Fort Laud, just 30 minutes south. Pssh!

Hope you had a great time! Weather was cold right??

Annie said...

i'm jealous! it looks beautiful there!! and your mom is too cute, haha!!

Kerr said...

looks like fabulous vacay. I am jealous of your warm weather! and your spa day at the breakers. not a big soap fan but even I can appreciate a susan lucci sighting!! my parents saw coach cal at fayette mall. the day before I got home. so mad I missed it!

Lindsay said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Great photos.

Lauren said...

your blog is the cutest thing ever! Are you originally from Lou? I grew up there before moving to Lex.

Ashley said...

looks like you had a fun time! your sis is so cute!

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