oh right, my blog...

well well well... it feels good to be back!  i've missed y'all and in case you weren't aware, i've taken a bit of a blog break to enjoy my week of work, and life in general. 

my christmas was absolutely wonderful, which was a great beginning to the following week... more on that one later!
my pops and i on the way to church... (ps, please take note of the amazing picture taking in this post, notice anything different?) 

and this guy. lemmetellyouuu... my john makes me the happiest i've ever been.

christmas eve we spent with my brother in laws side of the family... elizabeth, rob, alice, pops, taylor, and preggers jessie.

taylor, pregnant jessie, me, and my pops 
jessie and i on christmas eve. 

OHHH, RIIIIGHT.  What's this you ask?!
my most perfectest boyfriend in the ENTIRE world got me a canon rebel for christmas!!!!!!!!!  can you believe it?!  it's an absolute dream come true and i have yet to put this camera down.  he's pure amazing.  :)

christmas morning, we went up to northern kentucky to have christmas with my moms side of the family.  my grandparents have an incredible house right on the ohio river and here we are, takin our cute little couple photos...

that is, until my brother threw a snowball right at me...

but that didn't stop the photo shoot...

yup, typical.

another typical thing, my cousins pig, pierre, who lives in the house and sleeps with my cousin at night.  yup, its weird, but awesome at the same time.

if ending a christmas recap on a picture of a pig is wrong, then i don't wanna be right.

the day after christmas was amazing and i even went on a vacation for the week.  any guesses of where i went?!  winner gets 10 bonus points!



Lindsay said...

Happy new year sweet friend and welcome back :)

Kerr said...

omg love the pig. that is hilarious. also hilarious that your brother nailed you with a snowball. sounds like my brother. happy new year!

Leslie said...

What a sweet boyfriend!! I'm jealous of your camera!!
And your cousin really sleeps with that pig?!?! that's hilarious!
Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!
Happy New Year!

Jill said...

If you don't already, you're gonna LOVE your camera. I have a Canon 30D, but previously I had a Canon Rebel XT. You're gonna love it :)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Happy New Year, pretty lady! Welcome back! I've missed seeing your face come across my Google Reader in the mornings : )

Um, WAY TO GO John on the amazing camera!! You have got yourself a KEEPER, Miss Jayme!

Katie said...

I'm a new follower! Found you on K.Law!!

I LOVE the pig!! I keep asking my husband for one, but he wont allow it :)

Ashley said...

the pics of you and your man are too cute...loving your outfit!

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