six days ago...

six days ago, we celebrated the new year of 2011.  (insert fist pump here)
like i said before, we celebrated at cucina, which is where all the hot celebs hang... like stephanie pratt... eh, close enough to a celeb, right?  we got a driver for the night and decided to party like the rock stars we are. familystyle.

my brother in law, taylor, with beads and my moms reading glasses.  can't you tell we got real wild?  partying with the parentals and my pregnant sister.  at least i drank enough for her too... martini's make me swoon.

sam and i at dinner. it was a great table and we got to people watch and enjoy the crowd and also get wasted in our own little corner.  quite the picture perfect evening, dot dot dot.

t's mom, alice, my mama, jessie, and elizabeth.

my johnny and i.  couldn't be happier to be starting the new year with this hunk.

mi madre and ricky.

and again.  he's stunning. he was also wearing a gangster top hat but unfortunately i believe i was mid fall and forgot to get that in the pic.  my b.

hilarious ... so my little sis sam was a lone soldier so we designated her bud light to be her boyfriend for the night.  the following string of pictures is sam with her boyfriend somehow we managed to get rick to agree to take some photos with his daughter and future son in law...

can you feel the love? 
mr. bud is slowing starting to win rick over.. 
he makes her so happy..

smooches for the boyfriend. 
oh bud, you're so funny.

yup!  got the approval from dad!

my mama and sisters and i. 

right after midnight, there was a gigantic fireworks show right across the street.  it was really magical and the perfect night. 

a new years that i will remember forever.  <3

what'd you do for new years?  and at midnight, did you kiss the love of your life?... was it a person or beer?  :)


♥Aubrey said...

Looks like you rang in the New Year with style & family...LOVE IT ♥

Annie said...

so many great pictures!! you are so pretty girly :)
glad ya'll had such a fun NYE!!
happy new year to you!

Kerr said...

love the boyfriend bud light. I kissed my glass o vino at mightnight. well not, really but I refilled it for maybe the 10th time that night!

Lindsay said...

Your momma is so pretty :)

Chris and Danielle Lenz said...

What a fun night!!!! Celebrating it with family is the perfect way to start the new year!!!

Ashley said...

looks like such a fun night!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I did kiss the love of my life at midnight on New Years. Her name is Stella and she wore cute pj's! :)

Murph was outside smokin' a cig (trashy!!!) and missed the ball drop. I didn't have time to go get him, so I rang it in with Stella by myself. I was all, "Dude, it's not like I could hit pause on the DVR. You can't PAUSE New Years!"


Nah. I wasn't mad at him. You know me. I was perfectly happy ringin' in twenty eleven without him. Har.

P.S. Jess is getting a really cute bump! Also, your fam is weird. Just sayin'.

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Gah, you look gorgeous!! I think you and your sweet man need to get married and have babies because they would be beautiful, haha!

Have a smashing weekend, Jayme!


Tiffany said...

Such cute pictures!! Looks like a fun NYE! Happy 2011!

Jenny B said...

Ummm...did "someone" forget to tell "someone" that they bought a highly sexual and sparkley dress?? LOVE!

Martinis make my shirt fall off.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE send me those pics from New Years! Love, your anonymous large sister!

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