so so fast

seriously!  how incredibly fast can the weekends fly by!?  i feel like i blinked and i was already back at work on this monday morning!  throw me a freakin bone!

friday night, john and i went to dinner with curt and cat, the lovely couple who is gettin hitched in april in seabrook, south carolina!  we went to sushi and it.was.delish! 

saturday, i worked in the morning, then went and got my nails done and went to lunch with my mama, a much needed girls day out!  then i worked out (ahh) and then got the house ready for people to come over to watch the kentucky game. go cats!
i had already had quite a touch to drink before i remembered to take pictures of all the amazing food so my apologies for these photos... we had soo much food though... skyline chili dip, buffalo chicken dip, mexican wraps, cheese and sausage, crackers, veggie trays.  you woulda thunk we had a whole an entire village over!  but really it was just me, john, cat, curt, alex, michael, kelly, kellen, cassie, pat, and kaitlin! 

me, cat, alex.  apparently you're only cool if you wear blue stripes.  unplanned but we're all awesome.

my johnny and i.
i'm a lucky gal. 

sunday, i spent the day lounging around watching movies and then i went to meet with my school group for a presentation we have to put together. not going to lie, i'm so ready to be finished already!  :)

what did you do this weekend and do you feel like it just flew by!?



Kerr said...

skyline chili dip sounds amazing! do you have a recipe you can share?

Diana Mieczan said...

Weekends fly by so fast...Its incredible that by Monday morning I crave Friday already...hahah..Sounds like you had a lovely time and those photos are so cool:) Happy Tuesday, my dear

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