this weekend will be spent reminding myself to enjoy every second!  while i love being in school, i can't help but slightly complain about my 40 hour full time job PLUS 15 hours this semester for grad school.  so please, just let me bitch complain just a touch to make myself feel better and then it'll all be over... eventually!

at least saturday night will be spent with my family and the rest of the weekend outside of school will be spent with my lovah. 

what do you have planned for your weeks end?!

i hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend!

ps *attention any doctors or medical persons - i have been running more lately and my collarbone has been killing me!  any ideas as to why?? 


Annie said...

you can complain and just keep thinking it will all pay off in the end! :)
i have no plans for my weekend...leavnig the house in the cold is just not my cup of tea.
have a great weekend girly!

Kerr said...

I hope to park it on the couch tonight and catch up on the tv I missed this week. I am so cool. Tomorrow it is supposed to be nice and sunny and I think a few friends and I might sit by the pool (fully clothed) and do a little day drinking :)
enjoy your weekend!

Day Old News said...

I am thrilled to have almost zero plans this weekend! I know I'm a gross grown-up when tackles my to-do list is exciting, ha! Hope it's fun for you, even with the schooling!

Lindsay said...

Have a great weekend girl!

Elle Sees said...

i understand! i feel like i have zero time.

Kristin said...

Complain away. My hubs' been in the same boat...I know how hard it is. I hope you were able to take it easy this weekend. : )

Megan said...

WOW! You sound like you are super busy! I complain and I only have the 40 hours a week at work part!!

Love your blog...the picture of you in your hat is adorable!!

Nicole Marie said...

complain all you want!! hope you got some rest this weekend!

Liz said...

I can't even imagine!! You totally deserve to complain!!! And now I realize I should stop complaining :)

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