my nephew gets showered

saturday night, i went to a baby shower for the love of my life, my nephew colton alexander.
it was held at my friend alyson's beautiful home in the highlands. pregnant or not, my sister is one of the happiest people i've ever known.  she's hardly ever never in a bad mood and because of that, it was a big shower with lots of girls, a whole lotta love, and a gazillion presents.

my colton alexander.

the dessert table.  the lighting on the pictures was a touch off, which i'm not sure why. if any of you canon rebel-ists know how to fix that type of coloring, please, let a sistah know.

the food food.  sheesh it was delish.  and yes, there was a ton of wine goin on, well, for us, not for jessie.

ain't she a beauty?

all belly, eh?

little cookie cutters in a onesie, a "C", and some others.  the dessert table was amazeballs, obvi.

brooke made these little pacifiers, little lifesavers with jelly beans on top.  how cute.

jessies mother in law alice, sister in law elizabeth, my mama, jessie, me. colton sure is loved!

the grandmothers.  aww, how precious. aren't they cute?

jessie and moi.  i look taller but really i'm in 5 inch heels sand she's not.  a girl can dream...

i couldn't decide.  :)

allison brought her precious 6 week old baby boy and he was such a great baby!  he stayed awake way past his bed time and let all 30 girls pass him around and tickle his feet and love on him.

oops, more of the dessert table. 

apparently i'm hungry today.


i love him. my precious colton.

and jessie with all of her millions of presents!  this baby sure is loved!

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  what'd ya do?!

only about 6 more weeks until my little colton gets here and i seriously cannot wait to hold this little nugget in my arms and kiss his face off.  :)  yup, i'm a proud aunt.


can ya believe it?

i never thought the day would come!  but it's friday and i wish i could celebrate!
but after work today, i'll be in class until 10 and then work tomorrow morning again.

saturday night, i have a baby shower for my most precious nephew. and hopefully some relaxing in the mix.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  
also... have y'all seen the movie life as we know it?  well, if the cast wasn't so beautiful, i would declare it the worst movie in the world for the simple fact that i haven't cried that much in a long long time!  oh my word, that movie is so sad!! 

in other news, i've had the most amazing date nights this week with my love.  wine, fire, movies, bonefish, jersey shore, desserts.  i'm a lucky girl and thought those date nights definitely deserved some blog lovin.  i love that guy.

also, i feel like i should apologize for my lack in blogworld.  there are a lot of life changes going on for me right now: ie, quitting my job, more on that later but i miss y'all!

what are your weekend plans??


my long weekend

for the first time in forever, i didn't have school OR work this entire weekend AND i was off work yesterday for presidents day.  {insert biggest happy face here} so i did nothing. and loved every single second of it.  except for i did a lot, but compared to my usual weekends, it was all pretty relaxing and wonderful.
my team dandy.
my team from school. i love them, so hard.  on friday night, team dandy and our significant others had dinner at patricks new condo and it was great fun.  it's pretty special that we enjoy each other as much as we do considering the amount of time we spend together.  :)

on saturday,  john and i watched the kentucky game (which they totally dominated) and relaxed.  all day.  by noon, we ate pancakes, mini corn dogs, graham crackers, and some other stuff i can't remember.  it seems like decades ago. 

on saturday night, my sister tori had an engagement party.  the only pictures i got throughout the night were of john and mi padre.  and they're on my phone.  but i figure those pictures are better than nothin...
and this ginormous glass.

john and i got wasted from it.

see, i love a lot of anything in big glasses.

gulp gulp gulp. between that big glass and all the amazing food at the party, i was so full by the end of it. 

sorry about the lighting and the picture in general but pops needed to make an appearance on this here blog since it's been awhile.  oh by the way, i totally crushed him in ping pong.  john and i are so much better than dad and elizabeth...

sunday, john and i went to church, shared a 20 inch pizza, and watched hoarders: animal version, nba all star stuff, went to johns basketball game, and ate more and more pizza. 

which brings me to my next point... i was off work on monday (wahoo!!) so i took the day to be productive.  i woke up, went running (until my collarbone almost fell out), met my love for lunch downtown, and then took the rest of the day to major clean my room.  from top to bottom, i scrubbed, folded, watched dr phil, gave away, and cleaned.  the photo above is my giveaway pile!!  6 trash bags! can you believe that?

ps: confession: i bought a powerball ticket. i promise to give each of my followers $10,000 if i win. yup, i said it.

what'd ya do all weekend and what do you do with your give away pile!?


embarrassing me

it's only right to occasionally embarrass myself.  therefore, here ya go.  i realized i forgot to tell this story to the blog world after i told my girl ashley, over at run with me.

i was in this improv class for my grad school, dont worry, it was an elective.  and we had this quick question and answer exercise to teach you to think and answer incredibly fast.  like you literally had half a second before you just had to blurt out the first answer you thought of.

so the question asked to me was:

"what's your favorite dance move when you go out clubbin?"

my answer, in all seriousness and in front of a class of 30 adults, was, i kid you not:

"drop down and get my eagle on"

...riiiight!  so embarrassing! the whole class was thankfully laughing but it was still super awkward!

please share your most embarrassing moment with me to help make me feel better!  :)


that company party

on saturday night, we went to johns company holiday party. it was at the muhammad ali center and it was quite fantastic, well, except for when i hit up the dance floor which is never a great thing...
i bought this fantastic red dress to wear (especially since it was valentines weekend) but after my mother deemed it inappropriate for a business party, she insisted i wear black.  so above were my choices.
which one do you think i went with?? the ruffles on the bottom or the cape-esque flyaway?

if you chose the one on the right, you're right!!  ding ding ding!  you win 10 points!

after the fiesta, we went to molly malone's and drank even more. isn't my date that cutest thing you've ever seen?  don't answer that ;) 

alex and michael were also a part of saturdays festivities. hottttt

this is my cheeesin, i've had a lot to drink, face.  it worked pretty well for me on saturday night...

so sexxxayyy... is it blue steel or what? 
our men. gotta love em for puttin up with us.

it was a lovely way to celebrate the saturday of valentines day weekend. 
what'd you do all weekend?!  and which dress would you have picked??

also, i'd love to know your opinion of what is "business appropriate" ... would you have rocked a red dress to an accounting party??


happiest of all valentines

happy happy valentine's day my loves!
i hope you all have a wonderful day and treat yourself or your love to something special. 
in my opinion, i have the best boyfriend and the best valentine a girl could wish for.
i still can't believe i'm so lucky.
okay, enough of my sap stuff.

if you're anything like me, for the previous 23 years years, i've dreaded this holiday.  single, or in a relationship, i've found it much easier to go out drinking with the girls and ending the night crying myself to sleep.  wait, too much?  probably.

but in hopes that i'm growing up and also being in that l-word myself, i've decided to embrace the holiday.

if you're single, then rock out and go read that valentines day post by the ever-so-amazing chelsea.

and if you're in a relationship, then celebrate him, or her, or whatever.


what are your valentines day plans?!?!

as for me, of course i have work and then class. 




 well lookie there!  it's friday!
and i'd like to point out acouple things from this picture:
1. it's john wall, being the Y at the kentucky game and it was pure perfection.
2. yup, its the background on my phone.
3. it's 11:11 on the 11th.  who cares though?  it was just a random happening when i decided to show y'all this amazingness.
4. it's only 11:11 and i've already used 23% of my battery. maybe i should focus on my work? nahhh

so last night, i bought the cutest new valentines day apron (check out the left lower corner) and made these delicoius cookies and decorated them to the best of my non-artisty ability.  but that pan is so super cute that i just had to have it! 
after i work all day, i have class tonight, work tomorrow morning, and then a party with john's company tomorrow night.  i even get to dress up.. work hard, play hard though, right?
what are your weekend plans??


wordless wednesday (almost)

welcome to kentucky, the land of awful parkers.
{photo by my love jw, fixed up by kyb}


cat's bachelorette party revealed

disclaimer: please prepare yourself for some really embarrassing pictures, and an overall abundance of excess picture taking.

good, now that we got that out of the way, let's get into the good stuff!
we get to st. louis to celebrate cat's remaining time as a single bachelorette before she marries the man of her dreams, curt, or mister yurtface as i prefer to call him.

saturday morning, we headed to the four seasons and had some amazing spa treatments.  i had a massage and it was so relaxing.
so you can get familiar with the girls: top row: l-r: lizzie, maggie, mary jane, jamie, jayme, meghan  bottom: alex, cat
funny story #1:  so alex and i were relaxing at the spa when lizzie came out of the bathroom and said "i think i was allergic to a nut" and her face was SO swollen, her lips were hitch sized, and she could barely speak.  so me, being the freakout i am, went sprinting to the front desk, yelling for benadryl.  long long story short, a super nice employee went and found some benadryl and lizzie's throat began working again and all things were okay.  it wasn't funny when i thought i was going to have to epi pen her, but thankfully it's real funny now.

saturday afternoon, we went shopping where i proudly did a touch of damage but found a dress that i die for.  literally, i die. you'll have to wait and see.  buaha, evil laugh.

saturday night.  DUN! DUN! DUN!
lizzie, meghan, cat, alex, me. 

all the bridesmaids.  meghan, lizzie, jamie, cat, maggie, alex, me.  jamie and maggie are cats sisters, by the way. glad we got that established.

yours truly, liz, alex. besties4l.

the eigel gals.  can you tell which one is the mama?

cat and meghan
we went to this place called modesto, which was a tapas restaurant and it was so delicious!!  i love love tapas and wish louisville had something like that!  yum!

true love blue 

oh right!  did i mention we had a limo?  with a driver named randy.
funny story #2:  we were in the limo on the way to wild country (yup, i'm serious) and i casually said "i gotta pee" ... the next thing we know, we are going over the rubble on the side of the highway and the door immediately opens with randy standing there with a roll of toilet paper and so gentlemanly escorts us to do our business on the side of the highway. 
i have pictures but since i respect the privacy of the brides toosh, i have decided not to include them.  however, if you'd like to see, email me and i'd gladly email them to everyone in the world.  i'm a nice friend like that. thank you.

yup. mary jane. cats madre. 

does your best friend do that? mine does!

funny story #3-17: i bought the cards in the upper left corner which are games to play while at the bar.  and by games, i clearly mean dares. they included, and pictures to go with them: get a guy to show you his hairy chest (done!), get a guys autograph (done!...and apparently he's related to anheuser busch...), take a blow job shot (done!), take a drink from between a guys thighs (done!), take a picture of a urinal (done!), and tons more that i didn't get pictures of.  quite hilarious though.  if you're a part of a bachelorette party anytime soon, these are a must have!

oh right.  who does wear a thong on the outside of their jeans??

and since it's only appropriate to end such a post with something well, appropriate, here ya go.  superbowl sunday was spent relaxing with friends, drinking wine (not sure how i managed that), and watching commercials the game. i heart aaron.

so there ya have it?  are you still reading? huh? are you? good, great, grand!

how was your weekend?? and sorry that i'm a slacker and just getting to this on tuesday... this weekend kicked my butt!

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