alive and kickin...

...with not much to say!
however - i need your help with something!  i'm so so impatient and i just don't want to wait until the end to find out and i have too much work to do to spend time internet surfing!
so - who wins the bachelor?! 
first things first - michelle is CRAZY!!!  that girl has some serious issues and she gives me a yucky feeling in my stomach whenever she talks! 
also, y'all are just too sweet to me with the comments and emails and tweets i've received!  thank you for putting up with me while i bitch discuss my current busy little life!
if i could, i'd invite all of y'all to this here perfect house and pool and we could all hang with the beautiful weather!  even though its disgusting here today with rain and supposed freezing rain later. ewwie.  
but of course we would totally wear sunscreen because looking like this would be gross.   

are y'all obsessed with the bachelor too?
who do you want to win?!

have a great tuesday!! 


Natasha said...

are you sure you want to know??? i read reality steve and so i know--of course just like every other woman in america, my vote is for Emily, but I'm not telling ;) (unless you email me and really want to know-HA!)

Adorably Distracted... said...

I want Emily deep down, but honestly, I think she's too good and sweet for him. I dont think it would last long. I also wanted Ashely S but she went home last night. I honestly think he might end up with one of the Chantel's?

Valerie said...

I haven't watched last night's episode yet (it's recorded on my dvr and I'll watch it tonight) but I'm totally obsessed with it this season (and basically every season with a few exceptions). Michelle scares me and so does one of the Ashley's. I really like Lisa but they don't show her much. She seems cute and normal.


Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh that last picture is scary! I haven't been watching the Bachelor so I am not help!

Kerr said...

oh lord that old lady is heinous! and I was just thinking I really need some color. tan towels, here I come

Ashley said...

oh my gosh that old woman is SO gross! haha. i'm definitely packing the sunscreen this summer! im loving the bachelor - i really like emily but i have a bad feeling he won't pick her :( boo!

hope your week is slowing down some! happy wednesday jayme!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Der, I love Emily! I also really like the Chantal/ Shawtel gals... hmm, really anyone except Michelle Crazy (Black) Eye!

Miss ya! I'm back to work on Tuesday. Sadspice. I may email you to find out what I've missed. I'm SURE there was something crucial at SOME meeting. (Sense my sarcasm?!)

ps. I can't believe it's just a few more short monts until Colton is here! Squeeeeee!

Kristen said...

I loooove the Bachelor, I told myself I wasn't going to watch it this year just because it's so silly, but I didn't listen!
I really like Emily, she's just a sweetie!

Laura said...

I am totally with you on Michelle. She is crazy, and I just hope Brad realizes it. Although I believe people pick who they deserve- and if he likes that kind of crazy than that's probably what he deserves. Her motives are definitely not pure. On the other hand, I love Emily- but think she is probably too good for him anyway. I just hope he doesn't lead her on and break her heart.

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