can ya believe it?

i never thought the day would come!  but it's friday and i wish i could celebrate!
but after work today, i'll be in class until 10 and then work tomorrow morning again.

saturday night, i have a baby shower for my most precious nephew. and hopefully some relaxing in the mix.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  
also... have y'all seen the movie life as we know it?  well, if the cast wasn't so beautiful, i would declare it the worst movie in the world for the simple fact that i haven't cried that much in a long long time!  oh my word, that movie is so sad!! 

in other news, i've had the most amazing date nights this week with my love.  wine, fire, movies, bonefish, jersey shore, desserts.  i'm a lucky girl and thought those date nights definitely deserved some blog lovin.  i love that guy.

also, i feel like i should apologize for my lack in blogworld.  there are a lot of life changes going on for me right now: ie, quitting my job, more on that later but i miss y'all!

what are your weekend plans??


Kerr said...

I have a bday celebration and hopefully a boat cruise. Fingers crossed.

hope the job situation is ok!

CCH said...

YAY you are back! i laughed out loud at your comment... you naughty thing, you know us so well! hehe Anyways this weekend is my boyfriends LAST weekend in Atlanta before he leaves for spring training then baseball starts up. He will be gone til September. What the HELL am i going to talk about in my blog? oh and can we be real life friends. i feel like i know you.

ok thanks!

Lindsay said...

Happy Friday :)

Ashley said...

you should totally apologize for not blogging more - who's going to entertain me?! ha - totally kidding! you sound like you've been quite busy! can't wait to hear about all the new changes. have an awesome time at that bambino shower! happy weekend lady!

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